Photograph by Christ Bolin
Rebel, Rebel, your site is a mess

Within the past week Canadian-based, international far-right alternative media platform Rebel Media has had a “tough week”, as Rebel Media founder and self-proclaimed ‘Rebel Commander’…

18/08/2017 - Simon Murdoch
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HOPE not hate makes formal complaint about dangerous Defend Europe ship

Following a period of suspicious inactivity off the Tunisian coast, the C-Star vessel of the “Defend Europe” mission has come back into the spotlight. The…

11/08/2017 - Simon Murdoch
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Dangerous Defend Europe limps across the start line

After weeks of costly delays, Defend Europe activists have finally managed to board the C-Star and begin their anti-refugee ‘mission’ in the Mediterranean. Having spent…

31/07/2017 - Simon Murdoch
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Owner and crew of Defend Europe ship arrested over “people smuggling”

The credibility of the Defend Europe mission was in tatters today, as it emerged that the ship chartered by far-right extremists to stop refugees entering…

27/07/2017 - Simon Murdoch
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