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Exclusive!! EDL's paedophile pictured with Nazi paramilitaries

posted by: Matthew Collins | on: Tuesday, 22 May 2012, 23:22

Woodward (Left): Another Nazi Paedophile

Woodward (Left): Another Nazi Paedophile

After revealing over the weekend about another paedophile in the ranks of the English Defence League, our message box was predictably full of abuse, threats and denials from the EDL and their friends.

One EDL member even complained that we had no evidence that Matthew Woodward had been an EDL member. We were apparently, "deflecting" from other stories concerning the vile practice of grooming and raping young women.

As you will be aware, not only has the EDL been incredibly silent on the issue of another in a long list of child abusers in their ranks, Nick Griffin has desperately been trying to promote the EDL's rivals, the "Infidels", and of course, the loony brigade that go by the name "Combined ex-Forces".

Here is said paedophile Matthew Woodward in the uniform of the Combined ex-Forces, where until recently he was leader of their Deeside Division.

The CxF never said a word about his quiet departure. It's believed that Woodward was even to address one of their meetings about the dangers of paedophiles in society, 'Muslim' paedophiles of course!

Paedophilia is disgusting. So is trying to profit from the misery it causes. So is covering it up. The far-right in this country are experts at both.

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