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EDL on the move this weekend

posted by: Matthew Collins | on: Friday, 3 August 2012, 11:12

Docherty: His big moment tomorrow?

Docherty: His big moment tomorrow?

Stephen Lennon and his cousin Kevin Carroll are off to Sweden with their new boss Paul Weston this weekend for another one of their infamous trips to visit other members of the elite in world Islamaphobic conspiracy theories. The question is, would Weston allow Stephen and Kevin sit up front in business class with him?

For such a tiny group, they do seem to spend a lot of time out of the country these days. EDL/British Freedom Party overseas jaunts are almost as unsuccesful as their domestic jaunts, and we're sure a not-so warm wlecome will await for them in Sweden as it did in the Netherlands and Denmark previously.

In West Yorkshire, the EDL are still planning to go ahead with their Keighley demonstration ignoring the potential legal problem that comes with most of them not being allowed near each other because of their bail conditions.

Tomorrow could be a big day then, for Kevin Docherty the leader of the Bradford EDL. Thankfully he has managed to arrange a secret meeting point for the lads and lasses to get suitably sozzled before heading there.

Whether Weston, Lennon or Carroll will be bothered to ask for updates from Keighley is questionable. One thinks that just lately they do not really give much of a toss either way.

Job done: secret meeting place arranged

Job done: secret meeting place arranged

Weston: All read for a boys' weekend?

Weston: All read for a boys' weekend?

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