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Still breaking the law, still making money

posted by: Sarah Archibald | on: Sunday, 18 December 2016, 14:53

Sad news this morning that the Mosque in Cumbernauld, Scotland, has been vandalised by some kind of idiot or idiots who think of themselves as Christian Crusaders.

This comes only a few days after Paul Golding, the leader of Britain First, was sent to prison for continued harassment of Muslims and their places of worship.

Last year, Golding's gang tried to hold a rally in the town but were driven away by locals who blocked their path. No doubt that group still exists in town. The police are, "investigating." Indeed. We'll be following up to make sure they are. The news also comes on the day that the Daily Telegraph reveals Muslims in Britain have donated ten tonnes of goods for the homeless at Christmas. That's exactly ten tonnes more than Britain First has collected and distributed to the poor.

The only thing Britain First are collecting for at this time of year are the exact people they collect for all year round; themselves.

What Britain First do not tell you is that, the constant videos on their Facebook page are already collecting them money by being monetized- every time some clicks on the website Britain First displays- they get paid.

Click for murder- Golding gets paid

Click for murder- Golding gets paid

And what do Britain First want people to click on so they can earn their filthy lucre? Why, yes, pictures and videos of people getting tortured or having their head cut off. Nice eh? Britain First describes the videos they show as "barbaric", we agree. Possibly only slightly more barabaric than actusally making money by spreading videos of the act, surely?

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Comment 1 | From: Pat | Date: 18 December 2016, 19:39

Good point re: Muslims donating food to largely non-muslim homeless. It should also be noted that some of those benefiting will be homeless veterans of recent Middle Eastern wars.

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