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posted by: Simon Cressy | on: Saturday, 30 June 2012, 19:01

Just had this interesting photo sent to me of the EDL demo in Dewsbury taken at 2pm today.

Some of the more mathematically challenged members of the EDL and also one respectable member of the BBC claimed there was 1,000 EDL at todays event.

West Yorkshire Police claimed there was no more than 500, we claimed there was even fewer than that.

Have a look at this photo and judge for yourself.

 Posted: 30 Jun 2012 | There are 3 comments


Comment 1 | From: james green | Date: 30 June 2012, 19:15

EDL are as time goes by, less a threat but more of a joke. It seems as time passes, more of their followers see the light through the hate fuelled fasctist bull-chap! Pictures like this prove they are weakening and fooling less and less people :D

Comment 2 | From: Muhammad Aziz | Date: 30 June 2012, 22:27

1000! Yeah right more like 1000 bottles of cider or a can of lager rubbish. 500! I think the police mistakenly counted themselselves instead of the EDL. My guess would be between 100 and 180.

Comment 3 | From: Scott M78 | Date: 9 October 2012, 21:22

My mate went down to a one in Dundee to protest against them - pretty stupid really if no protesters turned up then the police would not. Then the EDL or what ever they are called would stop these stupid things as no one would show interest

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