Anti-Muslim violence spreads

posted by: Nick Lowles | on: Wednesday, 16 September 2009, 08:00

Anti-Muslim violence appears to be rise as racists, hooligans and thugs become inspired by the antics of the English Defence League. While the media's focus was on Harrow, West London, last Friday night violence erupted in Swansea.

According to a news report four white men began hurling abuse at a mosque during Friday prayers before one ran in and began a fight. Before long 60 people were involved in a pitched battle in the street. Chairs and bottles were taken out of a local nightclub and used as weapons.

We have also learnt of the formation of the Scottish Defence League – based around football hooligans and well-known fascists in the Glasgow area. They have announced their intention to march in the city in November.

As police chiefs gather tomorrow to discuss the EDL this is just further evidence of how trouble can spread and spiral out of control across Britain until the authorities nip the problem in the bud now.

For more on the Swansea incident:

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