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Barnsley Central by-election - help needed

posted by: Nick Lowles | on: Sunday, 30 January 2011, 08:08

In a few weeks’ time the British National Party has the chance to revive its faltering operation. They are contesting the Barnsley Central by-election like their lives depended on it. They know that a good result here will set them up for real gains in May’s local elections.

After six months of internal feuds and financial difficulties this is the opportunity the BNP has been waiting for. Barnsley is now their strongest area in Yorkshire and there are four wards where they have polled over 25% of the vote. All these wards are in Barnsley Central.

We are organising a Day of Action in Barnsley next Saturday. We are meeting up at 12pm, at the Unison offices, 9 Regent Street, Barnsley S70 2EG.

If anyone in Yorkshire is free then it will be great to see you.

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Pam Geller spreads the lies

posted by: Nick Lowles | on: Friday, 28 January 2011, 15:01

Geller is all smiles but the truth is nowhere to be seen

Geller is all smiles but the truth is nowhere to be seen

A few minutes ago I blogged about how the Kevin Carroll ‘shooting’ incident was not quite what it seems, but the truth doesn’t seem to concern that arch-Islamophobe Pam Geller. The woman behind the protest against the Ground Zero Islamic centre, has not only parrotted the English Defence League line but taken it a stage further.

Even after Bedfordshire police concluded that no shots had actually been fired, were unsure of the ethnicity of the assailant and even questioned whether there had been a gun in the first place, Geller blogged with the headline: “Muslim in Full Islamic Garb Attempts to Shoot and Kill EDL leader”.

Geller has a problem with the truth. In fact, she is a complete nutter. Geller, like many Tea Partiers, expresses her racism as a “birther” – the racist conspiracy theory that claims president Obama is ineligible to be president, casting him as a non-white “other” and a non-American. In addition to claiming that Obama’s birth certificate is a “forgery”, she has called president Obama a “third worlder and a coward” who’s “appeas[ing] his Islamic overlords”.

Geller has perpetuated the lie that President Obama is Muslim. She has referred to Obama as “the Muslim president”. Media Matters for America documented that Geller’s blog contains 267 posts tagged, “Muslim in the White House?” She’s gone as far as seriously to make the argument that Barack Obama is the illegitimate child of Malcolm X.

In addition to supporting the EDL, she has defended Eugene Terre’Blanche, a founder of the white supremacist Afrikaner Weerstandsbeweging (AWB).

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Itís not all what it appears

posted by: Nick Lowles | on: Friday, 28 January 2011, 14:38

A strange night in Luton last night. Not long after midnight word came that joint EDL leader Kevin Carroll had been the victim of a gun attack on his family home. According to the EDL's facebook administrator, Carroll had been shot at several times by Muslim gunmen and armed police were sealing off the area.

Twenty minutes later, "straight from the horses mouth" it was reported that Carroll's window had been broken and that Kevin Carroll had chased the assailant/assassin in his van and then on his return home was shot at by a man (no longer Asian?) and Kevin suffered a broken toe.

Not to be left out, and not for the first time, Tommy Robinson (Stephen Yaxley Lennon) then reported that armed police were at his house (again) and that the Luton demo would still go ahead "even if one of us was killed." Indeed, as relayed by Wigan EDL, "it's Fucking on!"

By the time the BBC were reporting the event this morning, Carroll had merely gone to "investigate (his broken window) and saw a man who appeared to be holding a shotgun. No shots were fired."

Of course, the truth has come too late as for hours and hours now and as far away as America, it is being reported that Muslims have tried to assassinate an EDL leader. The vile outpouring of anger and threats from those who have swallowed the false story of an assassination attempt is a real cause for concern.

Still on the EDL facebook page they're reporting "that Kevin Carroll lead the gunman away from his family thru gardens & expected to die when landed poorly. His ok and said nothing has changed for Luton... A true soldier & joint leader to the cause!"

And of course, there is a reminder that there still remain a few tickets left for the trip to Luton. They write that "After the events of last night I hope the people that werent (sic)going to Luton are changing their mind." And for those unsure, the £20 they charge for the trip gets you there (Luton) "and back!"

Draw your own conclusions as to how and why things have gone bump in the night.

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Never Again

posted by: Nick Lowles | on: Thursday, 27 January 2011, 15:13

Today is Holocaust Memorial Day, when Britain remembers the millions of Jews, Gypsies, trade unionists, members of the LGBT community, Socialists, Communists and others murdered by the Nazi regime.

We do not forget these people, some of whom will forever remain only as numbers of ghostly figures from greying photographs as they were sent to their deaths, because we believe to do so would allow the very same thing to happen again. And yet still today, brutal people continue to suppress and murder their political opponents or those whose faith, ethnicity, religion or sexuality they dislike. Genocide continues.

The post war antifascist movement in this country was built on the slogan "Never Again" much in the same way that the British postwar fascist movement was built around the idea that defeating the memory and understanding of the Holocaust and besmirching the memory of those millions of innocent people would go some way to disarming the basic human and humane opposition that we all have to racism and fascism.

The BNP was founded on Holocaust denial, founded in the belief that Hitler was right and his methods of insane brutality would somehow make this country a better place.

Time and time again when we fight the BNP we keep in our minds and our hearts the knowledge and understanding and the tremendous strength and courage of those who survived to inform, warn and educate us against racism and fascists.

Time and age will eventually rob us of those men and women who helped shape the antifascist movement in this country and around the world. We must never allow those heirs of the Nazis who crawl like maggots from the gutters, to reshape or steal a march or one single memory from us. Those very, very foolish and very few members of the Jewish community in this country who find reason to march alongside the likes of the English Defence League or sit on councils on behalf of the BNP should remember themselves what "Never Again" actually means.

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Billy Bragg and Briana Corrigan play for HOPE

posted by: Nick Lowles | on: Wednesday, 26 January 2011, 09:52

Briana Corrigan

Briana Corrigan

Billy Bragg is a national treasure. You don't need to ask your mum that, either. Armed only with a chicken biryani, and a side order of passion and talent, he convinced legendary radio DJ John Peel to play his first recording. From there on it was up to his guitar, his considerable pluck and some rather catchy songs to climb the long and esteemed list of great British songwriters and performers.

You can therefore imagine our delight that, like last year on the eve of the 2010 campaign, Billy has once more agreed to raise funds for the fight against the far right with another fundraising gig. This time we'll be in Manchester on 12 March at the 02 Academy.

Joining Billy is Briana Corrigan, the former singer with the Beautiful South, who sang on their classic number one "A Little Time". Briana's been back home in Ireland for the past few years, writing and recording new songs. We're really excited that she has decided to kick off her English tour by gracing us with a rare performance, all for HOPE not hate.

Unison North West are also behind the gig, and if it's anything like Billy's last outing for HOPE not hate, it's going to be a loud and brilliant night in aid of the fight against the far right.

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The time for games is over

posted by: Nick Lowles | on: Saturday, 22 January 2011, 18:39

Paul and Lynda Cromie

Paul and Lynda Cromie

Several councillors and media outlets in Bradford have recently received an email from Paul and Lynda Cromie, the two BNP councillors from Queensbury ward, alerting them to a planned National Front activity in Bradford on 20 April, the anniversary of Adolf Hitler's birth.

Pulled up on their own political allegiance the two councillors claimed that they are not currently BNP members.

Have they finally changed their views or simply not got round to renewing their membership? I guess only they can tell us.

You'll forgive me for being slightly sceptical of the Cromies' real motives. Over the past three years there have been a number of occasions when Paul and Lynda looked like they were going to ditch the BNP, only for them to scurry back into the fascists' nest.

I, for one, have had enough of their games. It's time they dropped the BNP publicly or Lynda, who is up for re-election in May, will face a national HOPE not hate campaign to oust her.

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It's D-day for the BNP

posted by: Nick Lowles | on: Tuesday, 18 January 2011, 10:37

Today is the deadline for the BNP to pay £45,000 into court as a result of having to withdraw a court case against four former employees: Steve Blake, Kenny Smith, Ian Dawson, and Nicholla Smith.

It is believed that the total cost of losing the case could be as much as £115,000.

Even if the BNP does find the money its problems are not over. Waiting in the wings are several other individuals and companies who are also owed money.

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BNP lose deposit

posted by: Nick Lowles | on: Friday, 14 January 2011, 02:05

The BNP polled 1,560 votes (4.46%). They have lost their deposit. This is lower than what they achieved in last year's General Election and way off the 11% they received in 2001.

The BNP were well beaten by UKIP.

This is a humiliation for Nick Griffin. They boasted so much on the internet but this was not reflected in the reality on the ground.

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Have UKIP beaten the BNP?

posted by: Nick Lowles | on: Friday, 14 January 2011, 00:24

Rumours are circulating that UKIP have not only well beaten the BNP but might have even overtaken the Conservative Party.

UKIP have put a lot into this election but if these rumours are true then that is bad news for the BNP and a further humiliation for Griffin.

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posted by: Nick Lowles | on: Thursday, 13 January 2011, 22:33

One of the features of the BNP campaign in the Oldham East and Saddleworth by-election has been the almost total absence of local BNP activists. The Oldham BNP branch has largely collapsed over the past few years and those who have remained appear to have gone on strike over the failure to select a local candidate.

Here’s a picture of the BNP out in Oldham today. Can anyone identify a local person amongst the group?

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Oldham East & Saddleworth by-election

posted by: Nick Lowles | on: Thursday, 13 January 2011, 22:20

The polls have closed but the final result will not be known until well after midnight. Despite opinion polls showing a strong Labour lead it seems that a low turnout is going to make the contest much closer.

The BNP have made much of this campaign on their website but they have been invisible on the ground. Given the hype they’ve made about this election you would imagine that they would easily surpass their 2010 vote of 5.7% but I guess we’ll have to wait and see. There have been some reports of BNP intimidation today, more on that later.

UKIP and the English Democrats have both run strong and expensive campaigns but whether this is translated into votes remains to be seen.

Anyway, I’ll blog until the results are known.

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Tommy Robinson defends a convicted paedophile

posted by: Nick Lowles | on: Wednesday, 5 January 2011, 09:54

Convicted paedophile Richard Price

Convicted paedophile Richard Price

It’s been a rather turbulent 24 hours for the EDL and its leadership following the revelations in The Times that one of its founding fathers, Richard Price, is a convicted paedophile.

Last night a hastily cobbled together statement was released by the EDL informing its members that Price was arrested by West Midlands police back in October 2009. Police seized his computer along with various other items and following analysis it was discovered Price had a number of indecent images of children held on his computer.

The EDL claims Price had no idea how these images appeared on his PC and that the police told Price that if he pleaded guilty to possessing the images he would be quietly put on the sex offenders register without public knowledge. If however he pleaded not guilty a public trial would take place complete with media coverage.

The EDL tries to convince us (badly) that following legal advice and despite his claims of innocence Price had no choice but to plead guilty in June 2010 at Birmingham Crown Court of making four indecent images of children, and possessing cocaine and crack cocaine. He was banned from owning a computer for a year, given a three-year community supervision order and placed on the sex offenders register for five years. According to the EDL leadership the Price story is a leftwing conspiracy cooked up with The Times to stop the EDL from functioning.

It was also claimed that Price had never been part of the EDL leadership. More on that later.

Following the release of the statement on Facebook the majority of the EDL membership initially jumped to the defence of their paedophile comrade. However, a sizeable number were obviously not convinced. Comments were left doubting Price’s version of the story.

One person wrote: “I’m quitting the EDL, it’s sad but a great street movement now has a paedo in its leadership ranks. The leadership think he is innocent but he pleaded guilty if [sic] kids in sexual poses and being a crackhead … I will not be a member of an organisation that defends a guy who pleaded guilty himself to downloading kiddie sex pics.”

As the number of comments attacking Price and the leadership grew, the EDL admins began to delete the growing number of comments that were not on message.

Following constant criticism the EDL removed its initial statement and said that an investigation was being launched into Price’s conviction and a further statement would be released. However this too was deleted and there is currently no reference to Price and his conviction at all on the EDL Facebook page.

As for the claims that Price was never part of the EDL leadership, Stephen Yaxley-Lennon, aka Tommy Robinson, obviously has a short memory.

In a statement released by Yaxley-Lennon himself back in June 2010 he said: “The EDL have only this ‘Leadership’ just for the record … Myself, Trevor Kelway, Marshy, Jack Smith, Joel Titus and Richard Price, we are the earliest founding members”.

Can the EDL leadership dig itself out of this hole? Only time will tell.

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