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Don't let them drown

posted by: Nick Lowles | on: Thursday, 30 October 2014, 17:18

The Government’s decision to withdraw support for rescue missions of migrants in the Mediterranean is both inhumane and unacceptable for a modern civilised country. Worse still, it will only lead to more deaths.

Ministers have claimed that rescuing sinking boats acts as a “pull factor” and only encourages further immigration. In truth, this is a desperate attempt to head off support to UKIP. As such it is even more disgraceful.

HOPE not hate is launching a petition calling on the Government to reverse this decision. Please add your name.

The government’s position is reminiscent of former BNP leader Nick Griffin, when he said that the EU should sink boats to stop them getting to the European shores. He too talked about “swamping”. At least Griffin said that the authorities should “throw them a life raft” - the Home Office is not even saying that.

Speaking in the Commons today, Home Office Minister James Brokenshire said that missions to rescue drowning migrants "need to end at the earliest opportunity".

In a modern civilised society, this is totally wrong. It is even more reprehensible given that we are the fourth wealthiest country in the world and the Government is doing this out of fear of UKIP.

Let Brokenshire know what you think

Britain has a long and proud history of helping people in need. Only this week Sir Nicholas Winton was awarded the Czech Republic's highest state honour for saving the lives of 669 children, most of them Jews, from the Nazis. In presenting Sir Nicholas the award, the Czech President said: "I thank the British people for making room for them."

Sir Nicholas, and others like him, did not think about the economic consequences of their action, they simply helped people in need. And this is what we should continue to do.

The Government’s decision to leave people to drown in order to win back support from UKIP is unacceptable and has to be reversed.

Please co-sign my letter


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South Yorkshire PCC by-elections Vote today

posted by: Nick Lowles | on: Thursday, 30 October 2014, 11:35

It’s Election Day in South Yorkshire for who is to be the next Police and Crime Commissioner and we need you to vote. There is a real danger that because turnout will be so low UKIP’s Jack Clarkson could win and that would be a disaster for everything we stand for.

Here are five reasons why we need you and your friends to vote to stop UKIP winning:

  • UKIP divides communities with its racist scapegoating
  • UKIP is racialising and exploiting the awful grooming scandal for its own political gain
  • UKIP leader Nigel Farage says Margaret Thatcher is his political hero
  • Clarkson posts racist, sexist and pornographic material on his Facebook site
  • Clarkson refuses to support an inquiry into the Battle of Orgreave

The PCC elections might not normally interest you and perhaps you are not impressed with any of the political parties standing, but the stakes are so high we need you to vote today. A UKIP PCC would be an absolute disaster and his party’s racist and divisive policies would bring fear and hate to our communities.

We also need you to urge all of your family and friends to vote. We have created two simple images that we would love you to share on Facebook and Twitter.

Jack Clarkson unfit for office

Jack Clarkson unfit for office

I’m voting HOPE today to stop UKIP intolerance

I’m voting HOPE today to stop UKIP intolerance

Jack Clarkson boasts of being a former South Yorkshire policeman. Let us not forget that during his time in service we had the miners’ strike, the Hillsborough disaster and police failures over child sexual exploitation scandals. He is simply not the man for the job.

With the stakes so high and turnout expected to be under 10%, every vote counts and so your vote could make the difference. Polls close at 10pm tonight.

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My enemy's enemy is my friend

posted by: Nick Lowles | on: Wednesday, 29 October 2014, 09:17

On Monday I wrote a blog condemning the Labour Party leadership for an apparent desire to see UKIP win the Rochester and Strood by-election because of the knock on impact a UKIP victory would have on David Cameron's leadership.

Well, it seems as if Labour is not the only party to be playing with fire. According to reports coming out of South Yorkshire, the Conservative candidate in the Police and Crime Commissioner election has recommended that Tory voters give their second preferences to UKIP.

Given the damage that UKIP is doing to the Conservative Party nationally, and that the Rochester and Strood by-election is only a few weeks away, this seems a particularly bad position to hold. But then, as we are evidently seeing, too many politicians from across the political are viewing ‘my enemy’s enemy is my friend’.

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Playing with fire

posted by: Nick Lowles | on: Monday, 27 October 2014, 14:26

According to the Daily Mirror's Kevin Maguire, the Labour Party leadership is hoping for a UKIP win in the forthcoming Rochester and Strood by-election because of the damage it would do to Cameron. “The Conservative Party will go into total meltdown if Cameron loses again,” he quotes one of Ed Miliband’s close advisers. “We recognise the long-term threat of inflating Farage, of course we do.

“But if you ask me what result helps Labour in May it is, undoubtedly, a UKIP win.”

The Labour Party believes that a UKIP victory will result in further Conservative defections and open up a civil war within the party, which in turn will help Labour win the General Election.

This approach is both morally and politically wrong and reflects an overall failure in how Labour has dealt with the threat from UKIP. For too long Labour has vacillated between ignoring UKIP altogether, name-calling and toughening up its own immigration policy in order to prevent its voters switching. Worse still, many Labour politicians, at a local and national level, have even welcomed UKIP’s advance, believing that it takes more votes off the Conservatives than Labour.

It has been reported to us that Labour pollsterhave found that UKIP was taking twice as many votes off the Conservatives than it was off Labour. It is because of this evidence that the leadership now would welcome a UKIP win in Rochester and Strood.

This is short-sighted in so many ways. While UKIP might currently take more Conservative voters than Labour, the baseline for this is the 2010 General election, Labour’s second worst result in hundred years. Secondly, if Labour hopes to win next May then it needs to dramatically increase the number of people who votes for them, a situation made harder if several million vote UKIP. Thirdly, even if Labour do win next May, the threat from UKIP will only grow for Labour as UKIP will be the main opposition party in many traditional Labour areas and likely to benefit as incumbency hits the governing party.

Moreover, a UKIP victory in Rochester and Strood, possibly following success in this week’s South Yorkshire Police and Crime Commissioner election, will only add further fuel to the UKIP juggernaut, generate further political defections, huge media headlines and undoubtedly many more members. To believe this won’t have an impact in Labour areas or its fortunes in May’s General election is naive to say the least, especially if UKIP win the South Yorks PCC election.

More importantly, however, wishing UKIP win is morally wrong. While UKIP is not the BNP, it is a party that is deliberately whipping up fear and hatred of immigrants with its exaggerated claims and inciteful propaganda. A further rise in UKIP stock will lead to unedifying race to the right by the main political parties.

Labour’s position now reminds me of how some Tories were happy to secretly assist BNP victories because of its detrimental impact on Labour. Eric Pickles, then Tory Chairman, courageously even threatened to close down one Conservative Association in Essex if they carried its plan to not stand candidates in BNP target wards. It would be good to see Labour take the same principled stand.

Short term political gain comes at a long term price. UKIP is a beast that can just as easily engulf Labour as the Conservatives, toxify the political debate and turn Britain into a country where racism and bigotry is mainstreamed. Labour needs to win the next election on offering a better future for the people of Britain and not rely on the narrow-minded bigots of UKIP.

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Loathe Thy Neighbour

posted by: Nick Lowles | on: Monday, 20 October 2014, 19:49

While in Tennessee over the weekend I had the pleasure of meeting Rodwan Saleh, a Muslim leader from Texas. He recounted a battle he had with local people when they bought some land for an Islamic Center.

The resulting outcry led to the story being carried on The Daily Politics show. I would recomment everyone to watch it:


Rodwan Saleh told me that since then the neighbour has come to accept their presence and no longer organises pig races to annoy his Muslim neighbours.

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HOPE shines in Thurrock

posted by: Nick Lowles | on: Friday, 17 October 2014, 12:23

UKIP's bandwagon in Essex was halted yesterday after the party failed to win a key council by-election in Thurrock, an area that many pollsters believe will fall to UKIP at the next General Election.

Labour retained the West Thurrock and South Stifford ward by 260 votes, showing little change from May's local elections.

Thurrock will be a key parliamentary seat to watch. Labour have to win it if it is to have even any chance of forming the next Government, but the polls suggest that UKIP are in the lead by some margin.

The result is particularly heartening to the HOPE not hate team as we have spent a lot of time on the ground there over the last couple of months. In August, we held our HOPE boot camp in the town, and canvassed the best part of 1,000 houses in the ward. Last weekend, we had teams out on both days distributing a leaflet encouraging people to vote.

Well done to everyone involved and this result does show that when the hard work in done then UKIP can be defeated.

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Speaking out against Anjem Choudary

posted by: Nick Lowles | on: Tuesday, 14 October 2014, 12:01

Here's my interview for the Washington Post on Anjem Choudary. The video was accompanied by a long article in the newspaper at the weekend

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Say NO to hate against the old and new “Other”

posted by: Guest blog by Elisabeth Pop | on: Tuesday, 14 October 2014, 09:46

This week marks the Hate Crime Awareness Week 2014.

Campaigning organisations and charities are putting together a series of events that will encourage the reporting of hate crimes, but will also promote local support services and raise awareness of resources already available for victims.

Events are due to take place up and down the country, so please check the full list here. They will culminate on 18th October, the International Day of Hope and Remembrance for those affected by Hate Crime.

And confronting Hate with HOPE is exactly what we need, after records show a rise in hate towards old and new communities of “others” alike, those whose only "fault" is that they do not look, sound or dress like “us”.

The infographics below tell two stories:

1. How there is a correlation between increased levels of antisemitic and anti-Muslim hate crimes and international events

  • The CST has recorded over 200 antisemitic incidents for July 2014, making it the second worst month since their records began in 1984 (the worst was January 2009, when 288 incidents were recorded).
  • According to TellMAMA, the North London boroughs of Enfield, Haringey, Barnet, Camden, and Hackney have seen sharp increases of anti-Muslim hate crime year-over-year, and these increases are dramatic despite modest decreases in some areas including the Southeast London boroughs and Waltham Forest.

2. And how the British media, tabloid and mainstream alike, remains a driver of Fear and Hate. In August this year, the Migration Observatory at Oxford University proved what we all suspected: that, for the past year, the vast majority of UK national newspapers depicted Romanians, all Romanians, as “Gypsies, Tramps and Thieves”.

As HOPE not hate celebrates 10 years of offering an antidote to fear and hate, we ask our supporters to join us in offering an alternative to those who seek to divide our diverse communities.

We know that some people are angry with the state of the country and the political system, and we also know that new communities feel vulnerable and voiceless. But we believe that by working together we are more likely to overcome HATE, more likely to bring back HOPE and bring communities TOGETHER, more likely to make our modern, inclusive Britain a HOME for us ALL.

If you agree with us, then please get in touch at together@hopenothate.org.uk

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Getting ready in South Yorkshire

posted by: Nick Lowles | on: Wednesday, 8 October 2014, 08:07

HOPE not hate is gearing up for the South Yorks PPC elections. We have produced 60,000 copies of a tabloid newspaper, focusing largely on the issue of on-street grooming by gangs, and are producing more targeted leaflets for students, former mining communities, women and Muslim communities.

If you live in Yorkshire and want to get involved, then please sign up here:


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Unfit to lead

posted by: Nick Lowles | on: Friday, 3 October 2014, 18:32

At 4pm this afternoon, I sent this email out to our supporters in South Yorkshire. For those of you who live in South Yorkshire please do sign up and pass it on to your friends:

A few minutes ago the nominations closed for the election of the next South Yorkshire Police and Crime Commissioner, a contest that has been caused by the resignation of Shaun Wright following the Rotherham child sex abuse scandal.

Worryingly, it is a contest that UKIP believe it can win.

The election will be dominated by the Rotherham abuse scandal and UKIP has lost no time in trying to racialise the issue for its own political ends. The party has never cared about Grooming before but it is now talking up the issue by claiming that it is the consequence of Labour's "love affair with immigration".

This is both factually wrong but also designed to whip up an anti-immigrant mood amongst local people and is the reason why HOPE not hate feels the need to intervene in these elections.

Will you help us?


We also believe that UKIP candidate Jack Clarkson is unfit to lead. He posts pornographic, sexist and racist jokes on Facebook site, such a picture of a over-loaded bus in Sahara desert, which he remarks is the new No57 bus from Stocksbridge to Sheffield.

This is not the sort of behaviour that we expect from a Police and Crime Commissioner. If you agree, then sign up to help our campaign


The election will understandably be dominated by the Rotherham grooming scandal so we're putting together an eight-page newspaper that will counter the racists lies peddled by UKIP, the BNP and Britain First, but, even more importantly, will offer real solutions to prevent these sorts of scandals from happening again in the future.

The Police and Crime Commissioner needs to be someone who will put the interests of the entire community first. A candidate who makes racist and sexist jokes and deliberately seeks to use the grooming scandal to whip up hatred of foreigners and Yorkshire's Muslim communities is clearly unfit to lead.

Help us stop Clarkson getting elected

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The nazi bus driver

posted by: Nick Lowles | on: Friday, 3 October 2014, 10:07

Lay, left, marching alongside veteran nazi and Holocaust denier Richard Edmonds on last year's National Front Remembrance Sunday demonstration

Lay, left, marching alongside veteran nazi and Holocaust denier Richard Edmonds on last year's National Front Remembrance Sunday demonstration

HOPE not hate can exclusively reveal that a London nazi with a criminal record is a bus driver for Abellio.

Westley Lay, from West London, is a veteran nazi who has been active in the British far right for over 15 years with links to Combat 18, the National Front, BNP and, more recently, the British wing of Golden Dawn. For his day job, Lay drives London buses for Abellio in North West London.

Lay is obsessed with the notorious white power band Skrewdriver and its deceased lead singer Ian Stuart Donaldson. So infatuated, in fact, that he is turning a room in his house into a Skrewdriver shrine.

One item that might not being going on display is a pair of cherry red Doctor Marten boots he bought from a German skingirl after being told they once

belonged to Donaldson. Lay paid £200 for the worn boots, only to find out that they belonged to former C18 man Del O’Connor.

Lay’s older brother, George, is also a regular at nazi events and both are well known to be habitual shoplifters. A few years ago, Lay was imprisoned for threatening and intimidating an old man, who had earlier been attacked by George, after bumping into him on a bus. Despite his conviction, Lay is now driving a London bus.

He has recently gone to war against Combat 18, which he dubs “Compost 18” and its leader, Will Browning, “Brownpants”. Lay has accused the C18 leader of promoting the Cockney Rejects and instructing his supporters, at an east London club where they control the door, to assault a man who gave a Nazi salute at a gig during a Rejects performance.

He boasts to his nazi mates that he is a Unite shop steward, but this is strenuously denied by Unite who say that he is not even a member.

If Lay’s attendance at openly nazi events wasn’t enough, perhaps his employers might also be concerned to read a recent Facebook page where he hopes that a former C18 comrade of his is hanged for turning his back on the organisation.

Last November, whilst on the National Front’s Remembrance Sunday march, he made threats to shoot a HOPE not hate photographer.

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The nazi law man

posted by: Nick Lowles | on: Wednesday, 1 October 2014, 11:17

By day, Piers Mellor is a Business Development Manager at Expert Law, which is “a leading online legal services provider, across a number of areas of law”, including human rights and immigration law. Outside working hours, the London-based Australian is one of Britain’s most promiscuous nazis.

In the last few years, Mellor has been an active member of the uniform-wearing New British Union; has attended National Front meetings; marched with the English Defence League, English Volunteer Force and the South East Alliance; attended lectures by the infamous Holocaust denier David Irving and happily wears T-shirts of he National Socialist black metal band Der Stürmer (named after Julius Streicher’s infamous Nazi Party tabloid newspaper). He is also a leading member of the laughably small New Dawn which heroworships Golden Dawn, the Greek nazi party.

Firm friends with long time nazi and C18-affiliate Eddy Stampton, Mellor supplements his pay from Expert Law by selling violently antisemitic and nazi merchandise such as badges and flags. One has to ask what any law firm, especially one that deals with human rights and immigration, is doing employing a man like Piers Mellor.

Piers with Holocaust denier David Irving

Piers with Holocaust denier David Irving

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