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New appeal launched

posted by: Nick Lowles | on: Monday, 30 November 2015, 09:59

HOPE not hate is today launching a new appeal to raise £50,000 to offset a likely drop-off in funding from more traditional sources.

The Trade Union Bill, which is currently going through Parliament, is an existential threat to trade unions and by implication us. The Bill, if it is passed in its current form, is likely to greatly reduce the amount of money some unions have to spend on political campaigning. And this will impact on their ability to financially support campaign groups.

The ending of trade union donations could cost HOPE not hate as much as £125,000 a year. While we hope to still receive some donations from unions, we are aware that others will stop. We have already been told by two trade unions who have traditionally supported our work that there will be no donation in 2016.

This will have a severe impact on our ability to campaign. While the proportion of our finding which comes from trade unions has decreased over the last five years, partly due to our own funding diversification and because unions have focused more on cuts and job losses, it remains a vital part of our campaign budget. Without this money we simply would not be able to run many of the campaigns we have done in recent years.

As a result we are launching an appeal to raise an additional £50,000 to make up at least some of the expected reduction in financial support and there are several ways people can help:

People can make a monthly donation:


Or people can make a one-off donation:


At a time when we are experiencing a rise in fear and hate, our message of HOPE and our local organising is needed more than ever. Please support us if you can.

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The terrorists win if we abandon our values

posted by: Nick Lowles | on: Sunday, 15 November 2015, 10:53

I watched the unfolding events in Paris on Friday night with growing sense of concern, despair, helplessness and anger. By the end of the night I was outraged and wanted revenge. Just how could a small group of people cause so much carnage. I wanted someone to pay. I wanted ISIS to be wiped off the map.

My anger quickly subsided as rational thought kicked in. I still hate ISIS and all they stand for, but I also know that acting on my anger is what these terrorists want.

And I have no intention of giving them what they want, because if I do then they win.

The attack on Paris was an attack on all of us. It was an attack on our values and the way we live. The attackers want us to respond, retaliate, strike back. They want us to curtail our freedoms, increase our bombings and turn on our neighbours.

The news that one of the killers appears to have come to Europe as a refugee is likely to be used as a reason to close the borders. But let us not forgot that the vast majority of those fleeing Syria and Iraq are fleeing ISIS and its murderous ways.

We all have a role in defeating this Islamist extremism. We need the police and security services to do their job, and we, in our local communities need to come together and drive out the extremists. But we also defeat terrorism by re-asserting our values - the very values these terrorists despise.

The French Republic was built upon three values - liberté * egalite * fraternite. I would add a fourth - tolerance.

So let us best ISIS by standing up for our values. Abandoning those would be allowing the terrorists to win.

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We Stand Together

posted by: Nick Lowles | on: Saturday, 14 November 2015, 10:39

We wake up this morning to the terrible and heart-breaking news of the horrendous terrorist attacks in Paris. Over 120 people dead and 200 injured. People whose only crime was going out on a Friday night in one of the world's great cities. Words cannot describe our shock, outrage and disgust at Europe's latest terrorist attack.

As with all terror attacks it had a clear goal, to increase fear, hate and even encourage even more violence. We cannot let those who peddle this vile extremism win. We must stand together.

While more facts about the Paris attacks and the motives of the perpetrators undoubtedly will unfold throughout the day, for now our thoughts are with all those directly affected by these murderous attacks.

For all of us there is little we can do from afar except show our support and solidarity for the people of Paris. So we have created a simple graphic which we are asking our supporters to share on social media.


Our message is simple: We Stand Together, United in HOPE not hate.

If you agree with this sentiment, then please share it with your family and friends.


The terrorists who carried out these attacks wanted to cause maximum carnage but also create a climate of fear and anger in French, and indeed European, societies. Unfortunately, they will likely be assisted in their efforts by extremists of every persuasion, as there will be many on the far right who will be only too willing to spread the fear and anger themselves.

These are dangerous times but it is at moments like this that ordinary people need to stand up and be counted. We need to stand together against the Islamist extremism that appears to have been behind the attacks in Paris. And we also have to stand together to ensure that there is no right wing backlash that splits communities further and targets ordinary Muslims who had nothing to do with these attacks.

We Stand Together, United in HOPE not hate.



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European crackdown on Jihadist network

posted by: Nick Lowles | on: Thursday, 12 November 2015, 13:36

Choudary (left) with Karkuky (right), outside the Egyptian embassy in July 2013

Choudary (left) with Karkuky (right), outside the Egyptian embassy in July 2013

Police forces in several European countries have arrested supporters of the Islamist terror group, Ansar al-Islam. Some have been arrested for planning terror attacks, while others have been picked for allegedly plotting to free the group's leader Mullah Krekar from prison in Norway.

Among the 17 people arrested are four based in Britain.

The BBC carries more on the story.

More detailed background on Ansar al-Islam can be found in our Gateway to Terror report. This includes details of the group's links to Anjem Choudary. Our report includes photographs of Choudary with Ansar al-Islam leaders.

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Signing up voters in London

posted by: Nick Lowles | on: Wednesday, 4 November 2015, 07:42

The Electoral Commission has just said that there are 1.2m adults eligible to be on the electoral register in London who are currently not registered. This is in addition to the 415,000 who could drop off when the new Voter Registration rules come into force on 1 December.

That means that within a few weeks there will be as many as 1.6m people in London who will not be on the electoral register. This equates to over 27% of all eligible adults.

This is both astonishing and alarming. And if you agree, then help us do something about it.

Next Thursday, on 12 November, we are organising the leafleting of all train and tube stations across London.

What’s great about a Transport day is that we only need two or three people to cover each station at morning and evening rush hour. It’s also a great way to put out at least 500,000 Voter Registration postcards.

Sign up to cover your local station and we will put you in touch with other HOPE not hate supporters in your area


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