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Of poisonous ink and lies

posted by: Nick Lowles | on: Saturday, 30 April 2011, 19:09

Firth: Not learning much at University?

Firth: Not learning much at University?

How many people can there be who still believe the old lie that the BNP is not a racist and Nazi party? No matter how many cheap suits they slip on, the hatred remains strong beneath.

Last week we wrote about Darren Lumb, the Hemsworth organiser and Wakefield Council candidate who was part of a group of drunken BNP officials and candidates exposing their backsides while posing with toy guns during a violent St Georges Day celebration in Rotherham. ( http://www.hopenothate.org.uk/news/article/1876/gunning-for-st-george )

Of course, the BNP has made absolutely no comment about and taken no action against these people and their actions despite claiming that they would expel people “who bring the organisation into disrepute”. Lumb is of course a hardened racist, so I can only assume that does not bring the party into disrepute, either.

Lumb is another one of the BNP whose social network pages are full of vile racist comments, most too disgusting or crude to show here. One that does stand out is: “I’ve been a rebel since 1985 nothing will change me, anti-etablishment (sic) Aryanism, wish I was in London I’d give the law grief”.

And then, despite BNP press officer Simon Darby waxing lyrical on his blog-cum cooking page about the Royal wedding and all the lovely white faces on display, Lumb does not appear to share Darby’s joy. Indeed, in one posting Lumb writes: “F*** the queen (sic) and her facist regime “

But there is something even more sinister about Lumb. Tattooed on his right arm is the Nazi SS-style "tree of life" tattoo. Often called the "life rune", this was also the symbol of the SS's Lebensborn project. To white supremacists, it signifies the future of the white race. The ancient runic symbol was adopted in the 1930s by the SS's Lebensborn project, which encouraged SS troopers to have children out of wedlock with "Aryan" mothers and even kidnapped children of supposed “Aryan” appearance from the countries occupied by Nazis, to be raised as Germans. The neo-Nazi National Alliance in the United States also adopted this symbol as their logo.

Another one of the drunken “gun club” and one of Lumbs close friends is the Kirklees organiser Rachel Firth. Firth, who is a mature student at Huddersfield University and also a BNP candidate standing in the Denby Dale ward of Kirklees also flirts with extreme racism on her Facebook page. In one comment she threatens to take a poisoned cake down to her local Mosque while describing one Asian person “Like head lice in the hair of society”.

And it seems Firth has the same taste in tattoos as her friend Darren Lumb, as tattooed on the top of her back is the word “Aryan”

Of course, this will not make a blind bit of difference to the shrinking fortunes of the BNP. Their leader Nick Griffin made a tanned return to the party today helping their underfire candidates in Northern Ireland put up a few cheap and tatty election posters, something like a month later than the other parties did. And to be honest, when they were not photographing themselves doing it, they weren’t really that into it either. The people on Newtonards Road were less than impressed to see the English racist there with his bodyguard and his racist, sectarian, rape-joking, boneheaded candidate. He didn’t hang around too long either, as there are a few people in east Belfast who would like a word with Griffin about some unpaid bills. Still, it was finally nice to see their candidate Steven Moore come out of hiding after a difficult week. What his racist comrades will think of him when they pick up a copy of tomorrow’s Sunday World remains to be seen. What they’ll think of the north east regional organiser’s pro-Irish republican protestations of late, remains to be seen too.

They can lie and say that they’ve been hacked, they’ve been naive or that they’re misunderstood, but we know the truth and there is no disguising it. In most cases, the vile morons have it tattooed on their bodies.

Hardly great minds, but they probably think alike!

Hardly great minds, but they probably think alike!

Poisonous: From the mind of a racist

Poisonous: From the mind of a racist

All done: Cheryl has no love for the BNP's Loyalism

All done: Cheryl has no love for the BNP's Loyalism

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More expulsions expected

posted by: Nick Lowles | on: Friday, 29 April 2011, 21:36

Shirt: Jokes about rape and domestic violence

Shirt: Jokes about rape and domestic violence

In fact, we should demand them! BNP press officer Simon Darby has in his own words begun a night of "sustained alcohol abuse". I can't say I really blame him. Having been deserted by his band of political psychopaths, racists and criminals, Darby has spent a large part of the last few days trying to convince the media that there is a mass conspiracy of BNP members having their email and facebook accounts hacked and random acts of vicious and racist remarks left on their social network pages.

Just to ensure that the BNP has a safety clause however, I read on one BNP site this afternoon that: 'BNP Central Office has indicated that people who bring the organisation into disrepute by idiocy will be expelled and remarked that idiocy is not free speech, but sheer stupidity'.

So, let's get the ball rolling with three of the BNP's candidates for Barnsley. Most of their thoughts and comments cannot be repeated. They are so extreme and in places sickening in their vile, racist rants, taking a sick group pleasure attacking ordinary members of the community for their skin colour or their religon.

One candidate, Danny Cooke, makes excessive claims and boasts about carrying out illegal and sickening acts with an animal while egged on by his party colleagues. In other posts, he asks other BNP members to remove pictures of former Barnsley BNP by-election candidate Enis Dalton from their profiles, stating "I'm sick of seeing the bitch".

Then there's Raymond Hinchcliffe, standing in Barnsley Dearne South, who claims that when he sees black people he is reminded to eat a banana, or tells Asians to "F*** O** YOU SMELLEY (sic) B*******" which is also pretty much the way he views and writes about Turkish people.

Finally, Peter Shirt the candidate for Rockingham Ward. Shirt likes to make jokes about the Holocaust, where millions of people were murdered by Nazis. Not only does he make jokes about it, it would seems he positively encourages it. As he does it would seem, violence against women too.

As well as lots of jokes about beating his wife up, he then makes a sickening reference to Peter Sutcliffe who was known as the Yorkshire Ripper, a rapist and a serial murderer who terrorised the north of England, murdering thirteen women.

Why do so many men in the BNP make jokes about beating women and rape? Is it Freudian? Or is it further indication about how very little respect and how much pure hatred these people have for women? I believe it is all.

Shirt also describes Muslims as "f****** revolting".

Over to you, who ever is left running the BNP.

Sick: Peter Shirt's idea of humour?

Sick: Peter Shirt's idea of humour?

Hinchliffe: Vile racism

Hinchliffe: Vile racism

Cooke: Party spokesman?

Cooke: Party spokesman?

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The falling out continues

posted by: Nick Lowles | on: Friday, 29 April 2011, 16:35

Cheryl Dunn: Another vanishing Griffin supporter?

Cheryl Dunn: Another vanishing Griffin supporter?

As I predicted, with the BNP in meltdown and a number of activists' going missing or into hiding, the BNP's press officer Simon Darby prefers to offer us on his blog pictures of his dinner instead of giving us a response as to the absolute mess the BNP is in internally.

My colleague Matthew tells me that all being well there should be another story about the BNP in the Northern Irish press this weekend, one that I admit has had us all highly amused. So good it is, that Simon Darby may well end up photographing himself stuffing a chicken before jumping into the oven with it!

Elsewhere, the BNP's North East regional organiser Cheryl Dunn who was arrested last week, is threatening to quit the party having "had enough" of the internal bickering and infighting, much of which it seems is being directed at her and her partner, the BNP's Youth Leader Kieren Trent. Most of this stems from the picture of her boyfriend giving the Nazi salute that leaked out last week. While she is bitterly defending him her former partner is languishing in prison allegedly as a result of an assault on Trent. Is it any wonder the party has done such little campaigning over the last week or so?

Trent, who we have written about here http://www.searchlightmagazine.com/index.php?link=template&story=347 was originally regarded as a future leader of the BNP, but to say his head has been turned of late would be an understatement. Cheryl seems to be taking a lot of the flack for not just that, but also her former partner's current predicament. If Dunn does keep her promise to quit that would be another huge headache for Griffin as she was just about the last Griffinite left in the region. He won't want to lose Dunn because as she writes, she wants the "white race to be preserved not inbred and ran by jews" (sic)

Not helping is that Trent has himself apparently announced that "Resistance" the BNP youth wing that he heads, is no longer aligned to any Nationalist party. As well as giving Nazi salutes, it looks like he is quite happy to pose in front of any old flag or poster. For someone so young, the "Young, Angry & White" Mr Trent has been in something like five different organisations’ already, including the National Front, British Movement and English National Resistance.

We are being sent so many pics and stories by disgruntled and fed up BNP members that our in boxes are overflowing. Some of these pictures are not fit for publication, such is the ire of scorned Nazis these days.

The fall out from the BNP's antics in Yorkshire on St George's day also continues. Former corrupt police officer Simon Goodricke who is supposed to be the regional organiser for Yorkshire is getting most of the criticism for the behaviour of his underlings. Being photographed with his trousers at his ankles while a number of the party's candidates posed with fake firearms has not endeared him to party leaders at all.

We're still working away here and will continue to do so right up until the polls close next week. Help us to keep the BNP out.


Goodricke: In trouble for silly photographs

Goodricke: In trouble for silly photographs

Trent: On the move?

Trent: On the move?

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Holocaust denier launches bid for leadership

posted by: Nick Lowles | on: Thursday, 28 April 2011, 12:44

Richard Edmonds: Not a fan of Jews or Nick Griffin

Richard Edmonds: Not a fan of Jews or Nick Griffin

With a large number of its activists either in hiding or on some kind of police bail, one of the party's founding members has decided that he has had enough of Nick Griffin's leadership and has indicated that he will stand for party leader later in the year.This is another distraction that the BNP's leadership could well do without.

Nearly seventy years of age, Richard Edmonds used to be a powerful and controversial orator when he was the warm up act for the party's hard-line Nazi founder John Tyndall, who formed the party in 1982. A rabid antisemite, Edmonds used to own and run the BNP's headquarters in Welling, south London at a time when it was common for the BNP to march around the country handing out copies of the newspaper Holocaust News, a newspaper that denied that the Holocaust had ever happened.

Not that Nick Griffin should mind Edmonds’s views on the Holocaust too much, he's had plenty to say on the subject himself too when it has suited him. The once hugely popular Edmonds is sure to be firing plenty of his notorious vitriol at Nick Griffin at a meeting tonight in Mottingham, south London, where party rebels are meeting to hear Edmonds launch his campaign when they really and probably should all be out elsehwere around the country handing out leaflets.

The meeting, which is for members only, is being held by the party's Reform Group who have decided they do not even want to wait until after next week's election before declaring open warfare. With Adam Walker, the party's chief purging officer apparently still missing in action, someone else from the party's head office will have to be at Mottingham train station at 7.00 tonight to hand out the suspension and expulsion notices that normally follow once people have attended anti-Griffin meetings.

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Missing in action?

posted by: Nick Lowles | on: Thursday, 28 April 2011, 09:36

The BNP: Party of good order and discipline?

The BNP: Party of good order and discipline?

News finally broke last night that the BNP's party manager Adam Walker, aka the "Pied Piper of Spennymoor", had been arrested following a party function on St George's Day. This follows the brawling that followed a "guns and beer" St George's Day celebration by his colleagues in Yorkshire. The BNP had quite a weekend it would appear.

A number of news organisations have been in touch with us, trying to contact both Walker and the BNP's Northern Ireland organiser, Steven Moore. Neither seems to want to speak to the press at the moment which must put even more pressure on the BNP's Simon Darby who seems to be running their entire show at the moment. Party leader, Nick Griffin, seems to have vanished somewhere in Southend after a poorly attended meeting there the other night.

Simon will no doubt respond to another bad day for the BNP with a blog about one of the party's MEP's having a shave or worse still, about the latest supermarket bargain he picked up on his way home. Thoughts of the band playing on while the Titanic was sinking spring to mind.

So, if you do happen to spot either Adam Walker (second left) or Steven Moore (far right), photographed here in happier times (for them), let them know their party desperately needs them. Their countries most certainly do not..

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A dog of a day for the BNP?

posted by: Nick Lowles | on: Wednesday, 27 April 2011, 17:53

caption:The BNP's election supremo

caption:The BNP's election supremo

It's very busy here in our office as our dynamic young team of staff and volunteers are putting the finishing touches on our mail out to voters in key BNP wards around the country.

Not such good news for the BNP's mail however. Their former Deputy leader Simon Darby is reporting that "several hundred" of their leaflets for the Welsh Assembly elections have been returned to one of their candidates, by way of someone dumping them in their front garden, undelivered!

The BNP shouldn't complain too hard however, that will mean there will probably less evidence for the electoral commission to look at as it appears that quite a few BNP leaflets have gone out without the printer and publisher's imprint on! That being said, it is quite a regular mistake for the BNP and one of their most costly and constant mishaps.

Our press and research teams have been hard at it too and it would seem that local and national newspapers around the country will be full up tomorrow with stories exposing the truth about the BNP and their candidates.

My colleague Matthew Collins has been in busy in Belfast putting the finishing touches on our anti-BNP work there but he may well be thinking of retiring to his favourite watering hole now as the BNP team seems to have vanished. The local organiser and Assembly Candidate for the BNP there is seemingly impossible to track down and answer allegations that he made some kind of veiled threat to the Celtic Football Club manager, Neil Lennon. While the organiser's absence is causing some minor irritation to journalists that want to interview him, word on the wire is that the BNP's Simon Darby didn't disappoint them with what may turn out to be some newsworthy comments of his own.

Staying with Matthew and Belfast for the moment, it looks as if the BNP may have failed to comply with a Belfast Employment Tribunal last week also. We're following this up so instead of the watering hole, Matthew is looking into case number 772/11IT which involves two former employees of the party in Belfast and no doubt, some further irritation to Simon Darby who seems to be filling in for the strangely absent Nick Griffin.

Back to the north of England, and word is reaching us that there has been a high profile arrest of a very senior BNP figure. I'm not able to go into great detail, but Fleet Street are definitely on the case and a very interesting, disturbing and damaging case for the BNP it could well be.

Elsewhere, civil war rages in the BNP as former colleagues turn against each other over the large number of exclusives we have been pushing out. They certainly don't like being scrutinised, do they? And to be honest, we haven't even begun to unravel what really happened on St George's Day in West Yorkshire when members of the BNP's security team turned on one another so violently that they were ejected from the campsite they were at! At least the youngsters from Yorkshire BNP had a happier time, this time BNP youth leader Kieren Trent was not Nazi saluting as he went canvassing for the rival English Democrats with other young party members elsewhere in Yorkshire.

Next week's elections promise to be a real indication of how damaged the BNP have been since their high hopes began disintegrating way back in June last year, when they promised their members the world (well, Barking at least). We're doing our bit as have hundreds of you around the country to ensure that we nail the BNP and their lies, their racism and their violence at every opportunity. Nothing is guaranteed so we will not let up until every last BNP councillor and MEP is defeated, the same for the other fascist splinter groups and satellites.

We continue to value your support and ask that you keep fighting, keep the faith and help us ensure that we live in a land of Hope, not Hate. But please, don't wake up the BNP's election officer Clive Jefferson, we like him just the way he is.

To donate, visit here: https://donate.hopenothate.org.uk/page/contribute/donate-for-hope

No Nazi salutes this time

No Nazi salutes this time

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Targeting women

posted by: Nick Lowles | on: Tuesday, 26 April 2011, 22:34

It's been a busy day on the campaign trail as our team have been preparing letters and leaflets to go out to women in dozens of our key wards around the country.

Our main focus is on women, who research shows are much less likely to vote BNP than men.

With a late Easter and the long weekend coming up it's not been the easiest to organise but Sam, Ben and the rest of the team have done a sterling job.

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News from the twilight zone

posted by: Nick Lowles | on: Thursday, 21 April 2011, 20:21

One would have thought the BNP leader would have had more pressing things to think about than electoral reform. In the middle of an election campaign that is embarrassingly awful and beset by internal feuds and defections – to say nothing of pending financial ruin – Griffin finds time to attack the AV campaign.

According to the ever increasingly delusionary Griffin, "Alternative Voting is not aimed at improving democracy in Britain. Rather, Mr Cameron and Mr Clegg’s sudden conversion to AV is an indication that they have now fully comprehended the meaning of the British National Party’s recent surge in vote totals – and are desperate to undermine democracy even further."

For Griffin to think that the Government is in the slightest bit interested in what this crank and his ever-decreasing band of 24 (out of more than 12,000) councillors think shows his illusions of grandeur and general daftness.

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More leaflets ordered

posted by: Nick Lowles | on: Thursday, 21 April 2011, 14:16

Trying to order more leaflets on the eve of a long holiday season is not easy, as I'm finding out today. We've run out of our original order of 250,000 leaflets and 150,000 newspapers that we had printed up in the last couple of weeks so we are now having to get some more.

I'm not complaining of course. It's a good position to be in. Far better to have run out of leaflets then to have thousands left over at the end of the campaign.

We are organising another Day of Action on Sunday 1 May, details of which will be published shortly. If anyone wants to organise an activity in their area please drop me a line (nick@hopenothate.org.uk) by Sunday evening.

Our appeal is going really well by the way. We are currently just a few pounds short of £4,000 so we are over halfway to our target.

If you would like to donate then you can do so here:


Don't forget, for every pound you put in Unison will match it

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New target reached

posted by: Nick Lowles | on: Wednesday, 20 April 2011, 06:48

We have now raised £2,790 from our latest appeal to print and distribute leaflets specifically target women.

You can now donate here:


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Off to a flyer

posted by: Nick Lowles | on: Tuesday, 19 April 2011, 16:00

About an hour ago we launched an appeal to help us produce and deliver a leaflet to encourage women to vote in next month's local elections. All the research shows that women are much less likely to vote for the BNP than men so the more women we get out the harder it will be for the BNP to win.

Unison have agreed to match all donations made.

I'm really pleased to announce that we have just passed £1,000 already.

You can donate here:


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Local Knowledge Is A Good Thing...

posted by: Nick Lowles | on: Tuesday, 19 April 2011, 15:28

Not only do we have English BNP members standing in Scotland and Wales (from the comfort of their own homes over the borders as it were) we have here in Belfast the return of the good old fashioned spray can. Other modes of getting one's naughty, nutty, nazi message across include burning crosses, throwing bricks, racist attacks, intimidation and, in the case of the far right in certain areas of Belfast, arson. So I guess the good folks of South Belfast got off lightly this time.

They're getting off even lighter, safe in the knowledge that the BNP are not even standing in South Belfast.

Thanks to Slugger O'Toole for the pic.

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HOPE not hate weekend of action

posted by: Nick Lowles | on: Monday, 18 April 2011, 09:52

Over the weekend of 16-17 April the HOPE not hate campaign took to the streets in our key target areas of the country in a weekend of action sponsored by the National Union of Teachers. Here is a report from some of the activities.

Stoke on Trent

Over 70 people came out in Stoke-on-Trent to campaign in the area where the BNP represents the biggest threat in this year’s elections. Three wards were covered with our newspaper, including Bentilee and Ubberley, Meir North and Meir South.

The vast majority of participants were local and many of them had joined the campaign for the first time. There were also activists from Sandwell, Wolverhampton, Birmingham, Stockport and Manchester.

A large contingent of Unison activists came and their double-decker bus proved a great hit with local people and campaigners alike.


Over 20 people helped deliver 7,000 special HOPE not hate election newspapers across three wards in Burnley. As well as in our key target ward Hapton with Park, the newspapers also went out in Rosegrove with Lowerhouse and Gannow.

Local activists were joined by HOPE not hate supporters from Manchester, Stockport, Trafford and Hyndburn.

Over the following few days two further teams, including activists from the Fire Brigades Union, delivered the newspaper to two more wards.


The BNP-held ward of Queensbury was the focus of the Yorkshire Day of Action. Almost 40 people took part, including 15 who had never been involved in the HOPE not hate campaign before.

The entire ward was covered, including some of the outlying areas that had been ignored in previous leafleting sessions.

Local HOPE not hate organiser Paul Meszaros told Searchlight: “It was great to see so many new people. Most were from Bradford and got involved because of the way we brought the city together against the EDL last August.”


Over a dozen people leafleted Newcastle’s Fenside ward. Several new activists took part and there was also a really positive response from the local community.

Local activists are already planning to cover further parts of the city for our next Day of Action on Sunday 1 May.


A second ward in Charnwood was completed by a small team of activists, following the leafleting of the East Goscote ward a couple of weeks before.

Further leafleting is planned across Charnwood in the final week of the campaign.


The Thurrock HOPE not hate day of action saw over 60 activists go out across Thurrock in key target wards, delivering our excellent community tabloid. Four entire wards – over 12,000 homes – were covered.

The day started on a troubled note when nearly 50 thugs from the English Defence League’s Berkshire, Colchester and Essex divisions shut down Grays station as they ambushed HOPE not hate activists. About 25 activists were on board the train and they, and local people, particularly those of black or Asian ethnicity, faced a torrent of racist abuse from EDL members as they were shoved and jostled before police arrived.

Despite this intimidation only a handful of HOPE not hate campaigners were forced to turn back. The rest safely reached the local HOPE not hate teams in Grays. In fact, the EDL action spurred on the rest of us to complete the wards where the BNP had polled most strongly in recent elections, including both of the Grays wards.

Essex police inspectors later stopped by to discuss the earlier events and took details of the forthcoming Searchlight conference on tackling the violent extremism of the EDL. So, all in all, the EDL’s best efforts to stop an anti-BNP campaign day taking place were utterly foiled. HOPE won over hate yet again.


Thirty-five activists from Luton United – the local HOPE not hate and Unite Against Fascism grouping – joined councillors and community activists at Farley Hill community centre in Luton on a sunny April day to deliver the Searchlight tabloid to all 4,000 homes on the estate.

In a real show of solidarity after the English Defence League’s recent Luton protest, HOPE not hate activists were later joined by another ten campaigners, some of whom had been in Thurrock the previous day, to go and blitz Caddington Parish Council ward as well.

The BNP were also out but they soon scuttled off demoralised at the large numbers and upbeat enthusiasm of HOPE not hate activists covering every home across the two wards.

A well-deserved pint in the sunshine afterwards in Caddington provided a welcome chance to reflect on a good day’s work. HOPE once again shone through in Luton.

North Wales

Over 3,000 newspapers were distributed in Park Wrexham, an area of Wrexham where there was the race riots in 2004. This followed earlier leafleting sessions which covered Shotton in Alyn and Deeside where the Islamic centre was burnt down and the setting for an EDL protest on 21 May.

Additionally, several local trade union branches have taken newspapers to cover Connahs Quay in Deeside and shop stewards at Airbus took a few bundles to distribute on the shop floor.

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Afternoon roundup

posted by: Nick Lowles | on: Wednesday, 6 April 2011, 16:11

Simon Deacon now of the English Dems with saluting friend

Simon Deacon now of the English Dems with saluting friend

We’ve spent quite a bit of time mocking Clive Jefferson’s inept efforts as national elections officer.

However, if anything serves as a reminder of the seriousness with which the BNP and its hateful politics should be treated one need look no further than the fact that the BNP has succeeded in fielding 19 candidates in Barnsley, 2 off a full slate. If nothing else this should serve to convince people that the BNP might be down but it’s certainly not out. Adding to that are 13 BNP candidates in Coventry.

On the bright side the BNP has managed only 5 candidates in Manchester, 5 in Salford and none in Trafford. In the North East there is 1 candidate in Middlesbrough (and no candidate for the mayoral election, despite initial promises that the BNP would contest it), no candidates in Ashfield in the East Midlands; there is a solitary candidate in Medway in the South East and no candidates in Dacorum in Eastern region, though Simon Deacon is standing as a candidate there for the English Democrats Party.

Deacon has moved to the English Democrats from the BNP, which comes as no surprise given that Searchlight spotted him at the EDP Annual General Meeting in Feltham earlier this year. Deacon, English Democrats members might wish to recall, was a BNP parish councillor in Markyate, northwest Hertfordshire, who defected from the National Front (NF), Britain’s old fascist party of which he was a member for many years.

Elsewhere: one BNP candidate in Medway, none in Lancaster, none in Craven, one in Cannock Chase and one in North Tyneside along with two NF candidates. Bracknell Forest is also lucky to escape the attentions of the BNP. There will also be three BNP candidates in Sefton. The party will not be trying to win back the seat in Sevenoaks, Kent either by the looks of it. The seat was vacated by former party employee Paul Golding earlier this year. Dover and Thanet are joining Sevenoaks as areas of Kent where the BNP has vanished.

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NF imitating the BNP?

posted by: Nick Lowles | on: Wednesday, 6 April 2011, 15:02

Tom Linden: Clueless as to where the NF candidates have gone

Tom Linden: Clueless as to where the NF candidates have gone

Much to our amusement the wheels also appear to have come off the National Front election campaign this morning.

We reported yesterday that the NF had announced it would stand candidates across England and Scotland. The NF was very pleased with itself. Not for long, however.

Following the close of nominations it quickly became apparent that the NF had actually failed to get its nomination papers into Birmingham council in time and was therefore ineligible to stand any candidates in the city. This is the first time that anyone at Searchlight can remember the NF not standing in Birmingham.

Only the day before, the NF website had announced six candidates in Birmingham, in Kingstanding, New Oscott, Quinton, Shard End, Sheldon and South Yardley. The website was hastily amended in an attempt to hide the truth of the party’s incompetence.

Whoever runs it does not appear to have told the NF’s press officer Tom Linden. When Searchlight phoned him earlier, Linden had absolutely no knowledge that Birmingham NF had fumbled the ball. Indeed he thought Birmingham NF was standing nine candidates not six. The left hand clearly does not know what the right hand is doing. When we rang back for further comment Linden had turned his phone off.

It would seem that it is not just BNP candidates who are doing a disappearing act.

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The new beasts of Bolsover?

posted by: Nick Lowles | on: Tuesday, 5 April 2011, 21:44

Eight BNP candidates have been nominated for Bolsover and three for East Staffs.

However there are surprisingly none in Bath and North East Somerset and also none in Blackpool, the former centre of some of the BNP's sleaziest annual conferences.

One candidate in Blaby, Leicestershire. None in Basingstoke and Deane.

Aylesbury Vale, no candidates and none in Babergh, Suffolk, either.

Five candidates in Arun.

After months of campaigning in Milton Keynes, not one BNP candidate has been nominated. Perhaps the group there has something else on their minds?

Ex-BNP member Malcolm Moore has decided to stand as an independent in Short Heath, Walsall.

Just one lonely BNP candidate for Braintree in Essex, too.

The BNP's Simon Darby has described it as "another good day" over on his blog!

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Clever Clive finds reason to be cheerful

posted by: Nick Lowles | on: Tuesday, 5 April 2011, 17:09

Clive Jefferson, the BNP’s hapless national elections officer, appears completely unaware of the existential concept of shame.

So far, every indication is that the BNP is plummeting headlong towards its poorest showing in almost a decade in terms of the number of candidates it is has been able to muster for this year’s local elections. Egged on by Eddy Butler, Jefferson’s suspended then sacked predecessor, many BNP members are abstaining from standing for their party in protest at Nick Griffin’s divisive leadership. Others have simply thrown in the towel and walked away.

In the midst of this debacle Jefferson has used the BNP website to claim that everything is going just fine. In fact, he announces, the BNP has just had two parish councillors elected unopposed in Burnley. Electoral triumph must therefore be on hand, hallelujah! Not quite. Not close. Even the most slavishly sycophantic Griffinite must recognise this thinly disguised sleight of hand for what it is: Jefferson fiddling while Rome burns. He does not mention Mole Valley or Fylde for instance, where news has just reached us that the BNP has failed to put forward any candidates for election this year.

But then again, Clive also failed to mention Sunderland, Oldham, Epping Forest etc, etc, etc.

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From heroes to zeros

posted by: Nick Lowles | on: Tuesday, 5 April 2011, 15:10

No sooner had the pub landlord come to the rescue of Griffin, then Barrow came in with a big fat let down. With apologies to fans of the late, great Tommy Cooper, we've put Griffin in a fez, because although Griffin is making things and people disappear, Cooper was not really much of a magician and was better known for messing things up, confusion and mistakes. Barrow was an area where the BNP polled reasonably well in 2007 but this time around has no candidates on offer at all.

In 2007, John Ranleigh and Sue Grimshaw both polled over 20%, Grimshaw in fact getting 30% of the vote in Shadsworth and Whitebrik. Where have they gone? Vanished. Eden in Cumbria has thrown up just the one candidate for the BNP, Ian Holt. Clive Jefferson, the BNP national elections officer, had been promising another thirty in Cumbria. We'll have to wait and see about that. There do not seem to be many people in the BNP with much in the way of confidence in his organisational abilities.

I seem to have upset Kevin Scott, the former regional organiser for North East BNP. Having quoted his friend Ken Booth last night describing his party as a "Shambles", Scott, who likes to write warmly of Irish clerical fascists who have attempted to commit murders in Northern Ireland, reckons that the exceptionally low number of candidates could be down to the fact that the whole lot – the missing minions – want to "make the BNP campaign in the West End of Newcastle a priority". Yes, of course it is that.

Scott also claims that not only will this cheese me off, it will also "cheese off" party leader Nick Griffin.

The candidate count so far is: 96 in England, 32 in Scotland and 27 in Wales (down three from my earlier figure). We're having a little bet in the office on how many they will end up with this time. The party stood 878 candidates in the 2007 elections.

There's been an increase from four to twelve in Northants based on 2007 figures, but I have just seen that they have zero in Leicester too. Rumours are that they may manage very few candidates in Leicestershire, though they have had two defections of members who will stand as independents. In Charnwood they are down to three candidates, having stood 12 there in 2007.

In Rotherham, the party are down to six candidates, four in Doncaster. In Tameside the party's five candidates are ten fewer than in 2007.

Simon Darby, the BNP's press officer, blogged that yesterday was a "good news day" for the BNP. He'll be earning his money in the coming weeks no doubt.

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Pub landlord serves Griffin rare treat

posted by: Nick Lowles | on: Tuesday, 5 April 2011, 14:17

Alwyn Deacon, the BNP West Midlands organiser and despatch manager, is set to contest Nuneaton’s Barpool ward, no doubt in the hope that he can join fellow BNP councillor Martyn Findley, a driving instructor, who currently sits as a councillor in the ward.

The BNP once had two councillors in the town. However, in 2009, Deacon was parachuted in to defend a seat in Camp Hill ward whose councillor, Darren Haywood, had deserted the seat shortly after his election. The electorate were unforgiving and Deacon failed to secure election. He had also failed when standing in previous by-elections in Bede (8 February 2007), Slough (28 June 2007) and Abbey (20 September 2007). Always the bridesmaid, never the bride?

Deacon, a former publican, once owned Elliot’s Bistro, a bar frequented by the sort of clientele that would raise eyebrows anywhere. Here's a pic of some of that clientele giving the good old fashioned Nazi salute outside the premises. If you look closely enough, you'll see that one of those clients is Mike Heaton, who was jailed a couple of years ago for using threatening and abusive words likely to stir up racial hatred.

Heaton had written: "Jews will also be scum, and must be destroyed, I would encourage any race who wants to destroy the Jews, I hate them with a passion."

Of course, this won't take the shine off it for Griffin. It's probably just a conspiracy or indeed a coincidence in the BNP's shrinking world.

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Griffin the magician (he makes people disappear!)

posted by: Nick Lowles | on: Tuesday, 5 April 2011, 13:21

No BNP candidates this time around in Gateshead. Looks like the North East of the BNP is as tired as the rest of the country with Griffin's leadership. They had 13 candidates there last time, including one getting a respectable 14.6%. It looks as if Griffin the magician has made them vanish too.

The BNP have overall 30 candidates across Wales including the Assembly elections. It also looks as if they will have some individuals standing in Wales, England and Scotland simultaneously! Such is the stunning work of Griffin the Magician.

There are five BNP candidates standing in the Amber Valley but a surprisingly low two BNP candidates for Sheffield. This is after the BNP sent Adam Walker, the prince of party purges, to sit in his jeep in a pub car park there last week to cheer the local branch up. Still, Jordan Pont was clearly pleased to see Adam. The youthful post office worker is allegedly up for a promotion, so I'm sure the Communication Workers Union will be pleased to see the fresh faced local Führer standing for a party that has its own fake trade union.

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Their silence is deafening..

posted by: Nick Lowles | on: Tuesday, 5 April 2011, 12:35

I've just been asked how the BNP's election preparations are going. My answer was: not well.

As I said last night, the BNP is standing only nine candidates in Stoke-on-Trent, a further indication of its decline in fortunes in the town. The England First Party (EFP) in comparison is standing six candidates, most of whom are disgruntled BNP members who have left the party in the past year or so. The BNP and particularly its local leader Michael Coleman has probably given a huge sigh of relief to learn that none of the EFP candidates are (conveniently) standing in the same wards as he and his beleaguered BNP colleagues

Michael Coleman’s motley crew is facing a challenge in two wards by Alby Walker, the former BNP group leader, and his wife, Ellie, who are standing for the Community Voice group in Meir Park and Abbey Hulton and Townsend ward, where Ellie Walker’s candidacy could make things difficult for the BNP. You may recall that in last year's general election, Walker stood as an independent against Simon Darby, then the BNP’s deputy leader , who was imposed on the Stoke branch. There was, of course, a similar story in Barking, where Nick Griffin imposed himself on Richard Barnbrook's plan to stand in Barking for the party. Barnbrook appears still to be sulking.

In Broadway and Longton East ward the EFP candidate Nicholas Mcveigh is standing against Tony Simmonds, a former BNP councillor who is standing as an independent.

In total the EFP is standing ten candidates. Outside of Stoke, the party is standing a handful of candidates across the North West and North East. EFP chairman Mark Cotterill is standing in Preston (Ribbleton), Ian Hague, the EFP treasurer is standing in Wigan (Ince) and in Darlington the EFP is standing another defector from the BNP, convicted football hooligan Paul Thompson who served 6 months in prison for a violent disorder. He also has a previous conviction for criminal damage after hurling stones through the shop window of a left-wing bookshop. Thompson stood for the BNP in a by-election in Darlington only last year. David Geddes, the Pendle EFP organise is standing in the town’s Bradley ward.

In Broxbourne, once a great hope for the Eastern region BNP where Ramon Johns was elected a BNP councillor in 2003 though he failed to gain election in 2007, there are no BNP candidates at all. This might be explained by the fact that the entire group, including Johns, has defected to the English Democrats Party (EDP). Interestingly, Stephen McCole, their main local organiser and is standing for the EDP in Rosedale ward. His uncle (Ron McCole) is standing for the Labour Party in Cheshunt Central ward.

Similar woes appertain for the BNP in Boston where its sole councillor David Owens has defected to the English Democrats. Do you think it would be worth us waiting for the English Democrats to offer some explanation why there appear to be so many former BNP councillors and members on their list?

In Hartlepool, the BNP has only managed to muster one candidate, Ronnie Bage, a perennial losing candidate in the town. More surprisingly, Cheryl Dunn, the BNP North Eastern regional organiser, has failed to put in any nomination papers at all, despite being one of the town’s principal activists. Her partner Peter King has also failed to stand as a candidate. Perhaps they had other things on their minds.

In Burnley, once the apple of Griffin’s one good eye following his party’s initial breakthrough in the town almost a decade ago now, the BNP is standing a mere seven candidates: Angela Vanns (Coalclough with Deerplay), David Shapcott (Gannow), Paul Robinson (Gawthorpe), Derek Dawson (Hapton with Park), Paul McDevitt (Rosegrove with Lowerhouse), Christopher Vanns (Rosehill with Burnley Wood) and Chris Vanns (Trinity ward).

There is also a complete dearth of BNP candidates in areas such as Thanet, Rochford, North East Lincolnshire, Torbay, Hambleton, East Hertfordshire, Ribble Valley, Huntingdonshire, West Berkshire, Bassetlaw, Rochford and South Norfolk.

And there is no BNP candidate nominated for Epping Forest in Essex! None, not one. I guess far more BNP members in the south East and Eastern regions of the party have listened to the rebel former party officer Eddy Butler than the party cares to admit. Butler, who is employed by the BNP's Yorkshire MEP Andrew Brons, has been telling people who support him and his rebel alliance to not stand. It seems they have listened!

Although this may make our job easier in some places, it does not mean we have no job to do. This Friday is 'Union Friday'; are you signed up?

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Morning has broken..

posted by: Nick Lowles | on: Tuesday, 5 April 2011, 11:04

Just working on something a little more substantial, but early indications are that the BNP's plans to cash in on the rise of the EDL in Luton have fallen flat. Despite their big talk and promises, the BNP has only the one candidate standing in Farley Hill, the EDL's home base. No evidence as yet as to whether certain EDLmembers have signed the BNP's nomination papers as they have done before.

There will be three BNP candidates in Wigan, sixteen fewer than stood last time.

The BNP are still very quiet about defections and the noteable absentees from their list. I'm sure that will all come out in the wash or perhaps more likely during the next set of party purges. Rumour has it that one BNP organiser arrived too late or just simply forgot to put their nomination in.

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Bed time

posted by: Nick Lowles | on: Tuesday, 5 April 2011, 00:19

I've just heard that the BNP will have nine candidates in Stoke. Stoke will be one of the key battlegrounds this year. We may be enjoying watching the BNP shrinking, infighting and imploding, and that is certainly the case with the BNP in Stoke, but we must not be complacent . The BNP and its cheap imitators, those parties that have allowed former BNP members to stand for them without recanting their fascist beliefs, will still be trying to cash in on the misery of cuts to services and job losses across Britain and Northern Ireland.

That is why we have launched our campaign to bowl the BNP out. It is up to all of us to put another nail in the coffin of the BNP, following on from our success last year when we sent Griffin and his cronies home from places such as Barking and Dagenham with their tails between their legs. Not to continue the job or to take our eyes off the ball just for one moment would be a disastrous and arrogant mistake. Defeating fascists is hard work, so it really is important to make sure that, if you can, you sign up for one of our days of action, starting with Union Friday, this Friday. Everyone has their part to play. Nick Griffin has certainly done his bit, but it is up to every one of us to remain vigilant and not to rest until every fascist candidate is defeated and every BNP councillor is voted out.

The hard work continues!

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Is Nick Griffin a magician?

posted by: Nick Lowles | on: Monday, 4 April 2011, 22:30

Ken Booth

Ken Booth

Former BNP regional organiser Ken Booth, the Newcastle based father of ten, has stated that the BNP's election campaign is already a shambles. Commenting on his Facebook page the anti-Griffinite who is down to stand for the party this May commented that the BNP is "… the shambles party still …"

I have to say we'll not be disagreeing with that assessment. Former BNP candidates around the country seem to have vanished into thin air or gone off to stand for other far-right parties. Still there is not a word from the party leadership over the disappearing former candidates, rather like there has been no word about vanishing members, vanishing party funds, vanishing regional organisers and we hope, come 5 May, vanishing electoral support.

There are three BNP candidates for Pendle, plus nine including Booth for Newcastle. We should have all of these up on a nice graphic for you tomorrow on our website, we'll probably even do a comparison with the 2007 elections. Off the top of my head, however, their 15 candidates in Birmingham is 22 less than last time they stood.

Mr Griffin certainly has the magic touch.

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No candidates for Oldham BNP

posted by: Nick Lowles | on: Monday, 4 April 2011, 20:07

Oldham BNP looks to have finally died. There was a time when it was another one of the party's great hopes. What few local activists they had boycotted the recent parliamentary by-election in anger at the BNP imposing a candidate on them, until here we are today with no BNP candidates at all.

I understand that BNP leader Nick Griffin and his press spokesman Simon Darby are reading this for updates from their hideout in Europe, none too happy at their demise.

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Kirklees the lost jewel

posted by: Nick Lowles | on: Monday, 4 April 2011, 19:19

Rachel Firth

Rachel Firth

Kirklees BNP Organiser Rachel Firth blamed the dissident Eddy Butler’s influence on her party colleagues for her failure to find any candidates to stand in North Kirklees.

Kirklees, once described as the BNP’s jewel in the crown, has in the past fielded a full slate of 23 candidates. However it was announced today that the BNP will only be standing four candidates there.

Traditionally the BNP have always been far stronger in North Kirklees than in the more rural South. At its peak North Kirklees was a branch in its own right and had three BNP councillors.

Yet when nominations closed today it was revealed there wasn’t a single BNP candidate in North Kirklees, which is rather strange as a Kirklees resident can stand for election anywhere in the district.

When questioned by disconsolate BNP members on the Kirklees BNP Facebook page, Firth replied: “North Kirklees appears to have fallen under the spell of Edward Butler”.

PS. I am also pleased to announce that no nazis have crawled out of the wood in Crawley, Sussex.

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Newsflash - National Front announces candidates

posted by: Nick Lowles | on: Monday, 4 April 2011, 19:15

The National Front (NF), Britain’s longest standing racist and fascist party, has announced that it is standing 30 candidates throughout England and Scotland.

In particular the NF is targeting Hull, where it is standing five candidates, Birmingham, where it has six, and Scotland with another six. It is also fielding several candidates in Dudley, Sandwell and North Tyneside.

The most interesting thing about the NF list is the number of recent refugees from the British National Party. They include Chris Jackson, a former BNP North West regional organiser who is standing in Stansfield ward of Todmorden Town Council; Kevin Bryan, the former Rossendale BNP organiser who is standing in Irwell ward, Rossendale; Nick Walsh, the former Hull BNP organiser who is standing in the town’s Myton ward; Ken Griffiths, the former Dudley BNP organiser who is standing in Gornal ward; Trisha Scott, the former Scarborough BNP organiser who is standing in the town’s Central ward; and Bernadette Jaggers, one of Griffin’s former bodyguards who has obviously decided that Griffin was not worth saving and has thrown in her lot with the NF for whom she is standing in Southend’s Victoria ward.

Rather than reflecting the health and vitality of the NF, this new injection of former BNP members into its fetid ranks reflects the currently perilous state of the BNP.

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Filling in the gaps...

posted by: Nick Lowles | on: Monday, 4 April 2011, 18:17

There do seem to be quite a few ex-BNP members standing for the English Democrats this year. Should we await an explanation from them?

Other than Chris Beverley, a quite high proifile defector from the BNP to the English Democrats, we have the following:

Broxbourne Borough Council

Bury Green Ward – Chris Francis

Chestnut Central Ward – Ramon Paul Johns

Rosedale Ward – Steve McCole

Wormley and Turdford Ward – William James Dewick

Liverpool Council

Central Ward – Steve Greenhalgh

Old Swan Ward – Steve McEllenborough

Pendle Council

Earby Ward – James Jackman

Solihull Council

Elmdon Ward – Robert Lassen

Knowle Ward – Frank O'Brien

And just to fill in a few other BNP candidates that are coming in, in case you though we'd missed them:

Staffordshire Moorlands has plenty of independents standing but no BNP nominations.

Phil Spencer is the one and only BNP candidate in Telford and Wrekin; he's standing in Woodside Ward. Northampton has the dubious pleasure of three BNP candidates: Mark Andrew Plowman for Delapre & Briar Hill, Ray Beasley for Kingsthorpe and Stephen Osborne for Westone.

Elsewhere in Northamptonshire, three BNP candidates are standing in Wellinborough, three in Rushden, two in Corby, and one in Kettering.

We also know that there are no BNP candidates in Bournemouth, Wycombe, or Castle Point.

Information keeps coming in, so watch this space for more updates.

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EFP Newsflash

posted by: Nick Lowles | on: Monday, 4 April 2011, 17:30

Mark Cotterill with Nick Griffin

Mark Cotterill with Nick Griffin

The England First Party (EFP), a small far right sect led by Mark Cotterill, the former leader of the American Friends of the BNP, has announced, ahead of the close of nominations, that it will stand candidates in Stoke-on-Trent, Preston, Wigan, Pendle and Darlington.

The announcement that the EFP is to stand candidates in Stoke-on-Trent, something it did last year, will no doubt add to the woes of the British National Party whose remaining five councillors are all up for re-election.

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BNP draws a blank in Sunderland

posted by: Nick Lowles | on: Monday, 4 April 2011, 16:36

Having stood 27 candidates in Sunderland in 2007 – one of whom, Ian Leadbitter, managed a reasonably impressive 26.1% of the vote – the BNP has failed to put forward any candidates this year.

This is further evidence of the declining stature of the party.

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2011 Council elections: BNP and other far-right candidates

posted by: Nick Lowles | on: Monday, 4 April 2011, 16:06

Today is the deadline for nominations of candidates for this year’s council elections, which will take place on 5 May. HOPE not hate will be reporting on BNP and other far-right candidates as they are announced.

Here’s what we’ve heard so far.

The BNP has four candidates in Calderdale (in the Yorkshire & Humber region): Paul Leslie Steven in Wadsworth, Simon Michael Gill in Northowram & Shelf (where Ann Jackson got 515 votes, 14.6%, for the BNP in 2007), Emma Louise Haldenby in the Sowerby Bridge ward (where Tom Bates managed 539 votes, an 18.3% share, in 2007) and Katie Jane Gill in Ovenden, a ward where the BNP has done relatively well in the past – Chris Godridge managed to get 29.7% of the vote in 2007.

The far-right British People’s Party is also standing in Calderdale, in Todmorden ward, with David Jones as the candidate for the second year running (he scraped 4.9% of the vote in 2007).

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Newsflash Chris Beverley defects to the English Democrats

posted by: Nick Lowles | on: Monday, 4 April 2011, 15:11

Chris Beverley, a Leeds BNP stalwart and personal assistant to Andrew Brons, the BNP MEP for Yorkshire and the Humber has defected to the English Democrats Party (EDP) and is standing for them as a candidate in the forthcoming local elections in Leeds.

Beverley, who is also Brons Constituency Officer manager and the BNP’s long term link-man with the openly neo-Nazi National Democratic Party (NPD) in Germany is standing for the EDP in Morley South on 5 May. Beverley was also responsible for posting photographs of anti-BNP campaigners to Redwatch together with his then sidekick Mark Collett whose pronouncements on the virtues of the Hitler and the Third Reich became widely known as a result of the undercover television documentary Young, Nazi and Proud.

The move comes after Beverley, who is well liked and respected within the BNP, was recently suspended by the party chairman Nick Griffin as part of his on-going war on internal dissent within the party which has become increasingly vocal in its criticism of his lacklustre leadership.

Beverely who describes his decision to defect to the EDP as “huge” has promised to reveal his reasons to for defecting from the BNP tomorrow morning. “I am very excited about the coming campaign,” said Beverley, “and am proud to have been selected as a candidate for the English Democrats”.

Quite how EDP members themselves will react when news filters down that the party leadership have allowed a hard line fascist to join their ranks will be of interest.

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Chris Beverley

posted by: Nick Lowles | on: Monday, 4 April 2011, 14:45

Massive News ....

Chris Beverley is standing for the English Democrats in Morley South, Leeds Council

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Terry Jones is right

posted by: Nick Lowles | on: Friday, 1 April 2011, 18:40

Pastor Terry Jones

Pastor Terry Jones

Pastor Terry Jones is right to call for action to be taken following the murder of 12 people after a protest against his burning of the Koran. The action should be taken against him for wilful incitement.

His actions prove that we were right to block him from coming to the UK to address the EDL demo in Luton in February.

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