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Organising in Golders Green

posted by: Nick Lowles | on: Saturday, 30 May 2015, 08:24

Yesterday, a few of us from HOPE not hate met up with representatives of several Jewish organisations to formulate a coordinated strategy to counter the nazi demo planned for Golders Green in early July.

There is clear and understandable anger at the attempts to wind up, vilify and attack the Jewish community in north London, but also a clear determination that their intimidatory tactics cannot be allowed to succeed.

While discussions are still on-going, a plan is coming together which will allow those who want to show their opposition the chance to do so but also to ensure that life for locals continues as normal and the community is reassured.

As usual with a HOPE not hate approach to these sorts of nazi provocations, we aim to use this threat as an opportunity to bring the people of Golders Green together and reassert their pride in their community and highlight the shared identities amongst the whole community.

There will be lots of ways for everyone to get involved, from kids in local schools, faith leaders standing together in solidarity and local residents and shopkeepers proudly displaying their pride in their community.

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Glasgow punch up

posted by: Nick Lowles | on: Thursday, 28 May 2015, 08:01

John Henderson (left) and Andy Nolan (right)

John Henderson (left) and Andy Nolan (right)

There could be trouble in Glasgow this weekend as Blood and Honour and Combat 18 heavies square up to one another at a supposedly non-political Oi gig in the city.

There has been no love lost two the two nazi groups since the Blood and Honour movement split in the late 1990s. B&H was then tightly controlled by Combat 18 but it's confrontational style, largely directed at others in the movement, eventually led to a walkout and the formation of a non-C18 Blood and Honour.

While the two groups have been vocal in the hatred of one another this has largely been contained to exchanging abuse on the Internet and the usual claims that the others are police spies.

However, things have heated up in recent months, not least when C18 began repeating the claim that Gail Dutton, the Australian wife of B&H leader Simon Dutton, had previously been an 'active red'. Yet despite threats of retribution nothing materialised - until now.

It seems that significant contingents from both factions are making their way to Glasgow this Saturday for an Oi gig organised by Vicky Pearson. One of the bands performing is IC1, whose front man is C18 supporter Andy Nolan and leading the C18 crew from London is John 'Slaz' Henderson.

Blood and Honour has heard the rumours about this and are organising themselves too.

Pearson has told friends that this will be the last gig she organises in Scotland. If the two groups clash on Saturday then perhaps she might have wished she had packed it in earlier.

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Sunderland South

posted by: Nick Lowles | on: Thursday, 7 May 2015, 22:54

UKIP come second with 22% of the vote. Still a long way behind Labour but it pushes the Conservatives down into third place.

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HOPE not hate’s #NotVotingUKIP hashtag hits no.1!

posted by: Nick Lowles | on: Tuesday, 5 May 2015, 07:04

This evening, our #NotVotingUKIP hashtag hit number 1 on Twitter in the UK. That’s an amazing outcome.

When we created our original #NotVotingUKIP Thunderclap we hoped it would be seen – but nothing like this scale.

Earlier this evening some 6.5 million people saw the message:

I’m #NotVotingUKIP because I’m choosing HOPE over fear this Thursday #hopenothate #GE2015.

Since then the meme has taken off in a spectacular fashion. In fact, we’re the biggest Thunderclap of the election. And it’s all thanks to our supporters: a massive, massive thank you.

Of course, UKIP tried a few dirty tricks. They launched a counter-Thunderclap against ours, even 'altering' their original goal downwards, to artificially ‘boost’ their trending status. But they couldn’t stop us. They’ve now had to launch a second Thunderclap, but I guarantee it’ll still end in defeat.

The truth is we left them in the dust. And we want to do the same again on Thursday, when it comes to the ballot box. So why not keep up that momentum and tell all your friends why you’re #NotVotingUKIP?

Let’s keep that hashtag trending in these final days and hours of the campaign: remember to include @hopenothate or #hopenothate in your messages on Facebook and Twitter.

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UKIP has thrown down the gauntlet to us

posted by: Nick Lowles | on: Friday, 1 May 2015, 07:18

UKIP has thrown down the gauntlet to us. A couple of days ago I wrote to you announcing our plans to set up a Thunderclap next Tuesday to spread our anti-UKIP message on social media. Over 1,800 people have signed up, with a combined social media reach to almost 1,000,000 people.

Now, last night, I learnt that UKIP has responded by setting up its own Thunderclap to go out a few minutes after ours.

We have chosen #NotVotingUKIP. UKIP has chosen #VoteUKIP.

So the gauntlet has been thrown down. Sign up to our Thunderclap to ensure our message of HOPE dominates social media next Tuesday

Sign up here http://thndr.it/1bQNY6G

The purpose of our Thunderclap is to encourage the silent majority - who reject UKIP's anti-immigrant agenda - to speak out. We want to get thousands of people telling millions of their friends that they will not be supporting UKIP.

Our mission has become even more important now UKIP is openly challenging us. Next Tuesday, at 5.30pm, there will be a social media battle between HOPE and fear. If you want HOPE to win then sign up now:


It just takes 30 seconds to sign up

Let's not let UKIP beat us

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