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Foreign nazis are arriving

posted by: Nick Lowles | on: Saturday, 5 February 2011, 10:28

Foreign nazis are arriving in Luton looking for trouble. Far right activists from Sweden have been here for a couple of days and Norwegian and Dutch extremists are arriving shortly. Our spotters have also just seen a carload of German Blood & Honour supporters, wearing Combat 18 shirts, driving through the town.

We are also expecting hardliners from Vérité, Valeurs & Démocratie (VVD), a front organization of Bloc identitaire from France.

 Posted: 5 Feb 2011 | There are 2 comments


Comment 1 | From: bugger !. PLEASE STAY SAFE EVERYONE ! | Date: 5 February 2011, 10:56

These guys need to be braught to the attention of the police too, they have the capability to incite mass problems !

Comment 2 | From: Sophie Scholl Appreciation Society. | Date: 5 February 2011, 11:26

An alliance of Nazis led by thugs waving English and British flags..This nation gave everything in the fight against the Nazi filth .How dare these fascists claim to speak for Britain,whilst promoting the ideology that led to the holocaust.

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