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posted by: Nick Lowles | on: Wednesday, 29 June 2011, 14:40

Griffin: Bloated by hatred

Griffin: Bloated by hatred

The BNP leader Nick Griffin has tweeted how he hopes a visitor to the House of Commons tonight blows himself up in what would presumably be, some sort of suicide bombing.

A controversial Muslim cleric is due to address a meeting at the House of Commons this evening. Griffin wrote: "..they've invited a banned Islamist to speak in House of Commons this evening. Hope he blows himself up there! "

Griffin, who has failed in a number of attempts to get elected to the house himself, shows his bitter and vile disregard not just to the democratic institution itself, but to the loss of innocent lives that would follow such an outrage.

Time and time again we warn people about the vulgar, true nature of the BNP and having as good as smashed his tiny Nazi party to pieces by his own vulgar egotism, the truth about Griffin, his policies and his hatreds is becoming more and more obvious to everyone.

Who on earth would want to benefit for instance, from a suicide bombing at the House of Commons or indeed anywhere in a country that they purport to love so much?

After the dreadful 7th July suicide bombings in central London back in 2005, the BNP took images of the carnage and distress and turned them into a vile leaflet which the BNP delivered three days later in Barking and Dagenham during a council by election there. The candidate standing against the BNP was a Muslim, something that the BNP tried to make a great deal of. The BNP were hammered by the electorate, who were rightly disgusted.

This disgusting party will be trying to get itself elected back on to the Greater London Assembly (GLA) again next year. The people of London have long memories. We will make sure they do not forget the BNP leader’s vulgar cynicism and hatred.

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Comment 1 | From: Andy | Date: 29 June 2011, 17:03

Nice to see that Griffin has respect for England's national heritage and the elected representatives sitting in the UK Parliament. The only time I can see that place being deserted like a bomb site is if Griffin visits it himself.

Comment 2 | From: Paul Birkin | Date: 30 June 2011, 14:30

Can't believe even he would say something as vile as that. Griffin is a self-serving, egocentric animal if this is his view.

Comment 3 | From: Georgina | Date: 2 July 2011, 21:51

Says it all really; they feel innocent lives need to be lost and terrorism allowed to flourish so that they can usher in a movement of misguided discrimination.

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