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posted by: Nick Lowles | on: Thursday, 11 August 2011, 08:41

The father of one of the killed men calls for peace between communities

The father of one of the killed men calls for peace between communities

The Guardian have done a good article about the racial dimensions of these disturbances. I'll be writing more about this shortly but in the meantime this is worth a read:

I'm also pleased to announced that over 4,000 people have signed our petition to get the EDL march in Tower Hamlets banned since yesterday lunchtime. We now have over almost 13,500 names in total. With our target of getting 5,000 from local residents in Tower Halmets over the weekend we are now upping our target to 20,000.

It is vital we get this march of hate banned. The EDL want to march past East London mosque in what is a clear attempt to intimidate and incite violence. We cannot let this happen.

You can add your name here:

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Comment 1 | From: Birmingham citizen | Date: 12 August 2011, 11:55

Can I just say I went down to the scene on Dudley Road yesterday morning and, amongst all of the press, paparazzi etc. I lay some red roses at the site and paid my respects. I travelled way across town to do this. However, I was really shocked at some of the racist and ignorant callers to BBC Radio WM offering ill-informed knee jerk reactions to the events in our city - and on most occasions completely unchallenged by the presenters. One such call was from somebody named Martin who said that rioters should be deported, well exactly how do you 'deport' a British citizen, which is what the overwhelming majority of the offenders would actually be, despite their obvious criminality and loutish tendencies. In this part of the UK, BBC Radio WM is a very popular radio station, supposedly catering to our most racially and culturally diverse city but it is no secret that the overwhelming majority of its listeners are white OAP's with highly ignorant closed minded and blinkered views (if you're anywhere in the Midlands, have a listen on 95.6 FM and you'll see what I mean). These situations where racist views are allowed to be aired totally unchallenged at such a sensitive time for every single UK citizen, particularly us Brummies - and I will certainly be taking this up with the BBC Head of Local Radio in London when things have calmed down and the dust has settled.

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