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Barking Demo Report

posted by: Nick Lowles | on: Saturday, 14 January 2012, 16:55

The EDL's roadshow of hate made an unwelcome return visit to Barking and Dagenham today. There were considerably fewer in number than the last march in Dagenham, Chadwell Heath, when EDL members brutally assault two asian youths in front of journalists.

Only around 100 EDL turned up and very few from the local Divisions in the borough. There were plenty from East Anglia and Essex including the Essex Infidels, and a few from the so called EDL 'angels'.

The focus of this demonstration was Barking Town Centre. There was a huge police presence and despite efforts to reassure local residents and traders by Councillors the majority of Barking market stalls closed. Nevertheless the area was still packed with local shoppers, many who stopped to watch the parade of degenerate hate pass through. Many were appalled and others were equally baffled as to what exactly the EDL rabble were protesting against.

About ten local Councillors turned out to speak to local residents and voice their disgust at the EDL. The UAF arrived for a small but vocal counter demonstration of about 40 people. Later outside the town hall the voices of opposition were greatly swelled as many local residents and shoppers joined together to shout back at the EDL.

Kevin Carroll gave a short but incoherent speech, and the usual EDL jeers, chants, and faux intimidation ensued outside the town hall.

There were a few minor scuffles but the day will be remembered by the distinct lack of support for the EDL from locals.

Police have confirmed that there has been five arrests so far for public order offences.

 Posted: 14 Jan 2012 | There are 1 comments


Comment 1 | From: Mal Ferguson | Date: 14 January 2012, 18:14

That flag says "Extremists off our streets." The lack of self-awareness is staggering!

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