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BNP dip in Birmingham

posted by: Nick Lowles | on: Friday, 2 May 2008, 15:41

Just doing a bit more number crunching and it seems that the BNP averaged 7.5% in Birmingham. This is down from 8.1% last year and 11.3% in 2006.

A further sign that the BNP vote is declining

 Posted: 2 May 2008 | There are 4 comments


Comment 1 | From: geschuddz | Date: 2 May 2008, 15:46

More good news. Brum is the best city in the UK, and there's room for all there, white, black, Asian, English, Irish, Christian, Muslim, Jew..but absolutely no room for the racist.



Comment 2 | From: Matthew | Date: 2 May 2008, 15:53 "Best city in the UK..."?? I didn't know they'de moved Selhurst Park there ! ;)

Comment 3 | From: geschuddz | Date: 2 May 2008, 16:08 Not though you're biased, of course Matthew! Incidentally Mre.Geschuddz informs me that London is the best city in the UK because Upton Park is there...

Comment 4 | From: b.k.thomas | Date: 2 May 2008, 23:17 you're all brilliant!

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