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Britain United

posted by: Nick Lowles | on: Monday, 6 August 2012, 11:23

There's a brilliant editorial in today's Sun newspaper. I'm reproducing it in full:

Britain United

IN the crucible of the Olympic cauldron, a new Great Britain is being forged.

Proud. Confident. Successful. And above all, inclusive.

There are moments in a nation’s lifetime when in a few days giant and lasting strides can be made.

This is such a time.

And how wonderful, how incredible, that it has taken a three thousand-year-old event to provide the glue that is finally binding Modern Britain together.

When the Olympic Games were founded in Greece around 800BC, the aim was to create a spirit of harmony through the shared comradeship of sport.

Today, that noble aim is as relevant at London 2012 as it was in the dust of ancient Athens.

In those scenes of celebration on our TVs that are coming almost too fast to count, we see how our nation is changing — and for the better.

Danny Boyle got it right on opening night. We’ve become a human kaleidoscope of a country where those of every race, faith and background are a part of a huge and mostly happy family united by being proudly British.

Let’s not go overboard. It is exactly a year ago that Britain was burning as young rioters rampaged through our towns.

But we knew then that such criminality was not a true reflection of the state of Britain, particularly younger Britain. And so it has proved.

Like those representing Team GB on the track in the Olympic Stadium on Super Saturday, the 80,000 in the stands presented the genuine, multicultural face of these lands: Decent, sporting, tolerant, fair-minded and free of bigotry or racism.

That is why the far Right are wasting their time. They have lost.

No one makes this clearer than 10,000 metres hero Mo Farah, who came here as a refugee from the murderous violence of Mogadishu.

Asked if he would have rather won his gold for Somalia, he snapped back: “Look mate, this is my country.”

Mo, Jessica Ennis with her Jamaican dad and a host of other Team GB athletes have backgrounds that reflect Modern Britain, where at long last it is becoming a case of what you achieve that matters in life — rather than where you come from.

That should give us extra reason to cheer as we salute Andy Murray’s vanquishing of Roger Federer and Ben Ainslie’s coronation as best Olympic sailor of all time.

And when the Games are over and the flames of the Olympic cauldron flicker and die, let’s make sure we carry the torch of hope forward into a better future.

 Posted: 6 Aug 2012 | There are 4 comments


Comment 1 | From: Paul rutland | Date: 6 August 2012, 13:30 The Sun 'newspaper' may do this type of thing occasionally but this does not make up for the racist anti-working class crap that it prints all the year round and whatever it is saying today I do not believe that it has any place on the Hope Not hate website.

Comment 2 | From: B31 Antifascist | Date: 6 August 2012, 13:37 It is worth mentioning here in the interests of balance that 'The Sun' and it's proprietor Rupert Murdoch are hardly bastions of inclusivity and unity in their FOX operations in the USA. That said, I am 99.9% certain The Sun certainly would not be running such an editorial without wishing to push the 'Tories fixing Broken Britain, vote for them' message, deflecting any attention from the hardships their regime of vicious spending cuts they have inflicted upon the vulnerable working classes. I also guess they may be trying to score some of their own political points over its rival Daily Mirror, and it's own collaberation with HOPE not hate in celebration of our country's diverse peoples.

Comment 3 | From: Lastofthesteeplemen | Date: 6 August 2012, 23:53

Its the un newspaper its a bit like Nick Griffon announcing he likes puppies. They are every bit as guilty of spreading fear and bigotry as the Daily Mail

Comment 4 | From: Richard Maynard | Date: 7 August 2012, 08:45 Yes, the Sun is right on this, but they would also be right if they said Tuesday followed Monday - they are just stating the bleeding obvious. I agree that the Sun as no place here. Ask the people of Liverpool what they think of the Sun's editorial policies. "Scousers never buy the Sun..."

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