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Less than two months to go

posted by: Nick Lowles | on: Sunday, 5 April 2009, 22:23

It's Sunday evening and another week is about to begin. I really can't believe there is less than two months to go to the election. With our campaign growing so fast it is sometimes difficult to keep on top of everything that needs to be done.

Matthew has been performing wonders these past few days. On Friday he was in Cardiff, where he got the comrades there to agree to a Wales day against the BNP. Then he travelled over to the Midlands, where first he hosted an East Midlands HOPE not hate Day School and then, today, he went to Leicester for the launch of a HOPE not hate group in the city. Eight curries in ten days he told me earlier - though he didn't seem to be complaining.

Leicester is just one of several new HOPE not hate groups that are in the process of being set up. I think that at the latest reckoning we are looking at almost 200 separate activities being planned for May. This includes about 50 Student Sunday activities, 100 Days of Action and almost 50 meetings, rallies and Transport Tuesday leafleting sessions on 2 June. And this figure will only grow as our campaign really gets into its full swing in the weeks ahead.

Our close working relationship with the Christian faith groups is now being replicated with other faith groups. In Sandwell, on Saturday, over 50 people from the large Sikh community attended a HOPE not hate event to discuss turning out the community in June, while the Jewish community has agreed to carry out HnH leafleting sessions in North Manchester and London on Sunday 17 May. Representatives from the Hindu Forum attended the meeting in Leicester earlier today.

Not everyone is religious but the faith groups can reach millions of people who are often ignored and in a turnout election this could be crucial. And, more crucially, they are the best messengers to reach their constituency.

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