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posted by: Nick Lowles | on: Sunday, 17 January 2010, 22:45

EDL using Nottingham Castle as a toilet

EDL using Nottingham Castle as a toilet

It seems that we have the English Defence League rattled. They've just issued a statement this evening about an article in the latest issue of Searchlight in which we revealed some of the divisions that are beginning to tear the organisation apart.

My only response to the EDL is, if you are bothered now just wait until the next issue!!

Anyway, here is the EDL statement:

In immediate response to HOPE NOT HATE, SEARCHLIGHT, NICK LOWLES, GERRY GABLE, and anyone that helps this organization print and spout the lies that you produce!

As it says on your website Searchlight was founded in 1962, does this mean that you have been spouting lies for a total of 48 years now?

In reaction to your feature “English Defence League cracks begin to show”: You have on numerous occasions accused us for looking for trouble and looking to cause trouble, but in this feature you release the hometowns, places of education, names and pictures. That in its self is trying to stir and cause violence. Hypocritical we would say.

“Kaplan revealed that Brookes and her colleagues threatened to attack him if he turned up at the Nottingham EDL event on 5 December.” Brookes had no colleagues to attack him with, so there are more lies coming from a supposedly “Anti-Fascist” group.

“Brookes has declared that she doesn’t trust him and accused him of working for the police.” Well that would not matter anyway as we are open and full co-operative with the police. So no detailed work has been put into finding the truth on this one from Nick, Gerry and his cronies working down at Searchlight.

Ladies and gentlemen working down at the old Searchlight office, is there much point spending all that money on publishing lies and stories that must of the time have not been researched or even looked at?


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