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Competition: Let's re-brand the BNP

posted by: Nick Lowles | on: Tuesday, 28 September 2010, 13:30

The HOPE not hate campaign is reaching across the political divide to assist the BNP in its hour of need. The BNP has recently announced that it is seeking to rebrand itself with a new logo and look following its disastrous May election campaign.

After a discussion amongst the HOPE not hate team we decided that we would be only too willing to help out.

We would like our supporters to send in their ideas for a new BNP logo and look.

Please send your ideas to

While some uncharitable souls will say that rather than a new lick of paint the BNP's problem is its racist and fascist views we should take the BNP proposal at face value and help them with their rebrand. So, get drawing, designing, reinventing.

We will give a free 2011 Searchlight calendar to the best five ideas and we will be putting as many up as possible on our website and Facebook site.

The BNP needs your help!

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