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Farage throws agent under the bus

posted by: Nick Lowles | on: Thursday, 23 February 2017, 08:54

Chris Bruni-Lowe, right, out and about campaigning in Thanet with Nigel Farage

Chris Bruni-Lowe, right, out and about campaigning in Thanet with Nigel Farage

Former UKIP leader Nigel Farage has tried to distance himself from any wrongdoing in the election expenses scandal engulfing UKIP. Yesterday, HOPE not hate revealed that UKIP had not declared a minimum of £26,305 in the returns to the electoral commission for the South Thanet seat which Farage contested. We said the true figure could have actually been over £35,000.

Pressed for a comment from the BBC, which ran the story yesterday, Farage tried to absolve himself of any blame. "I didn't do the returns myself, but I was deeply conscious the whole way through that we had to be desperately careful."

He added: "I have no reason to think anything's wrong."

"I must have asked the question ten times 'are we absolutely sure we've got this right?' and I was absolutely assured that we had done this as thoroughly and as professionally as we could."

Some would suggest that his response indicates that he is worried that there is truth to our allegations. Rather than dismiss our claims out of hand, he prioritised extracting himself from any responsibility.

Whether his agent, Chris Bruni-Lowe, will be so happy to be thrown under the bus by his former boss remains to be seen.

HOPE not hate is pressing Kent Police to widen its current investigation into the alleged over-spending in South Thanet by the Conservative Party to include Nigel Farage's campaign too.

Read our investigation here: UKIP flout election law in campaign overspend

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