Some strange returns and culinary confusion...

posted by: Nick Lowles | on: Tuesday, 13 September 2011, 21:00

Stamton: Shaven headed (as usual) but minus his usual tag.

Stamton: Shaven headed (as usual) but minus his usual tag.

I’m sure by now everyone is aware of the disgraceful scenes played out by the EDL and their equally vile half cousins MAC (Muslims against crusades) while people were remembering the near 3,000 victims of the September 11 terror attacks ten years ago on Sunday.

In an equal display of disrespect a group of beer fuelled EDL supporters attempted to mount a counter protest, chanting racist songs as they normally do.

In this photo from the day we can see Paul Prodromou, aka Paul Pitt the Essex organiser, laughing at the whole shameful affair. But who is the bald chap admiringly looking into Paul’s eyes?

Why it’s none other than hardline neo-Nazi Eddie Stamton.

Stamton, who has also gone by the names of Stampton and Stanton during a long and positively criminal lifetime, has been involved with far-right politics since he was a teenager. As well as the hardline, Hitler worshipping British Movement and the now geriatric Combat 18, Eddie was also once the National Activities Organiser and London organiser with the miniscule British People’s Party (BPP) which turned out a plethora of paedophiles and wannabe terrorists when they were not updating their pathetic “Redwatch” website.

Now that Eddie has surfaced with the apparent non-Nazi, Israel loving EDL I guess we’ll no longer be seeing him down Brick Lane in east London with a swastika flag like he did in the good old days?

The EDL's other serious 'non-Nazi', their leader and former BNP member Stephen Yaxley-Lennon, has apparently returned to Luton after his bout at Her Majesty's pleasure and a dubious hunger strike.

According to the local paper in Luton, Lennon headed straight for Nandos, the world famous up market chicken eatery. Lennon was reportedly very hungry having allegedly refused all food while being kept on remand for alleged bail breaches.

One of the reasons he gave for his supposed hunger strike was that some prisons serve halal meat and Lennon, rather than allow himself a vegetarian diet, decided to make a martyr of himself.

Well I am pleased to report that Nandos in Luton sells Halal chicken. And halal chicken only:

Stamton: Not surprised to see him on an EDL demo..

Stamton: Not surprised to see him on an EDL demo..

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