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posted by: Nick Lowles | on: Friday, 16 April 2010, 20:51

Sam and I put the finishing touches to our campaign plans

Sam and I put the finishing touches to our campaign plans

It's now just gone 8.30pm and we are putting the final touches to our campaign centre in preparation for our Day of Action tomorrow. An incredible 82,000 newspapers have been bagged up in anticipation for what we hope will be several hundred activists coming out in Barking & Dagenham tomorrow. That includes 67 who have signed up for the double decker bus from Hackney and the 50-60 people who are likely to catch the 10.35am train from Fenchurch Street to Dagenham Dock.

I've no idea about idea about numbers but I'm hoping that we will easily beat the 221 we managed in Sandwell in 2007. This time, however, we've had to rely on networks outside the political parties as they are obviously quite busy with their own work at the moment.

We've organised a sweepstake in the office about the turnout. I'm the most optimistic with a prediction of 340 people. Ben is the most pessimistic with just 240. The others are in between.

I'm hearing good reports about turnouts in other areas of the country. The Yorkshire HOPE not hate team are hoping for 50 people in Morley, while in Burnley and Stoke we hope to get out 40 in each.

Tomorrow is going to be an early start but we're all up for it. The weather forecast is good and I'm obviously hoping that I'll be the winner of the sweepstake.

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