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Loyal White Knights of the KKK in crisis

posted by: Joe Mulhall | on: Tuesday, 13 December 2016, 16:50

America’s largest and most notorious KKK group, the Loyal White Knights (LWK), has been thrown into bloody crisis and infighting just weeks after its inner workings and activist base was exposed following a 15-month infiltration by HOPE not hate.

A recent article by the Southern Poverty Law Centre (SPLC), a leading civil rights organisation based in Alabama, USA, shows how in the months following our exposé the Loyal White Knights has been ‘falling apart at the seams’ due to an ‘ongoing pattern of leadership difficulties and dissension in the ranks that have plagued LWK for months.’

The tension and mistrust spilt over into violence last week, with Richard Dillon, a member from Indiana, stabbed multiple times and William Hagen, LWK leader in California, left with two black eyes and cuts to his face. Hagen was arrested and charged with assault with a deadly weapon with intent to kill, while the group’s leader, Chris Barker, was charged with aiding and abetting assault with a deadly weapon with intent to kill inflicting serious injury.

This has all come in the wake of our explosive report that exposed the LWK plot to ignite a race war in America. The group has an extreme culture which supports violence against gays and ethnic minorities. We acquired the group’s membership list which The Guardian/Observer confirmed included a serving police officer.

Initial Fall Out

In advance of our investigation being made public by The Observer, we emailed all supporters of the LWK KKK informing them of our plans to publish. While some responded to our email with vile racist slurs, others began denying their links to the KKK.

However, the responses on the closed members’ forum were much more panicked as members tried to work out the scale and source of the leak. Before long they realised that hundreds of supporters had received emails and the finger pointing began.

Ironically, just hours before our email to supporters Chris Barker, the leader of the LWK, had sent out a message calling for a relaxation of the vetting process for new members, a process both he and his wife had waived for our infiltrator. He wrote: ‘Stop being so ruff [sic] unless we know they are nigger lovers’.

Soon after, fully aware that it was their fault for letting HOPE not hate in, Barker and his wife Amanda began to deflect blame. Instead of admitting they were responsible they claimed the whole thing was a fake, dreamt up by two disaffected ex-members, ‘Chris and Jacqueline from Georgia’ (who had been thrown out the Klan for using methamphetamine).

Amanda wrote on the closed forum: ‘They are trying to scare people. Don’t let them get to you. As for both of them will be banished and harshly dealt with.’ The Grand Dragon for Georgia joined in and ‘confirmed’ it was the ex-members.

Of course, Barker and Amanda knew the truth and were lying to their membership to save their own skins.

While telling members it was embittered meth addicts Barker had identified the real infiltrator and emailed him saying: ‘FUCK YOU Commie Scum’. Barker and Amanda were clearly desperate to make sure the membership didn’t realise it was their fault and were happy to lay the blame, and any possible repercussions, on two innocent ex-members.

Of course, once we and The Guardian/Observer published our exposé we circulated the articles to all members making it clear that Barker was at fault.

As the SPLC article shows, the LWK KKK is currently in crisis and being torn asunder by infighting and mistrust. There are other numerous underlying reasons for the current crisis, some of which go back years, but HOPE not hate is proud to have played a role in fostering this crisis.

 Posted: 13 Dec 2016 | There are 5 comments


Comment 1 | From: Jesse miller | Date: 13 December 2016, 18:19

You truly are full of shit.The LWKS are growing and stronger than ever and one day when the truth is exposed to your little "source" we will deal with that person. We grow in numbers daily and we allow you to think we're failing for a reason. That will come to light soon enough. We suggest you stop with these bullshit post before it's sooner than later.

Comment 2 | From: John Bull | Date: 13 December 2016, 20:45

Ha ha ha ha! Grown men in pillowcases calling each other 'Wizard' and 'Grand Dragon'. It's tragic really.

Comment 3 | From: Big Dan | Date: 13 December 2016, 23:37

Hope not hate is a fucking JOKE!!! The LOYAL WHITE KNIGHTS OF THE KU KLUX KLAN are growing by leaps and bounds every day and yall fucking know it so you try to spread lies and rumors in an attempt to belittle the LWK KKK but I assure you the Klan will continue to rise in power despite your pathetic attempts at dismantling it ! Long live the invisible empire and the Loyal White Knights of the KU KLUX KLAN

Comment 4 | From: Robert Jones | Date: 14 December 2016, 00:48

It sounds like Jesse Miller is living in a pipe dream and obviously has never heard of cyber bullying as that comment sounds definitely like a threat! No membership can grow when the leadership tries to kill its own members. I'm not even sure who wears the pants in that wanna be klan called the LWK. I'm not even sure which leader wears the pants in that group Chris's wife is clearly built more manly than her husband and she has a better mustache for sure than her husband also she is such a heavy smoker that her teeth are so brown it looks like she ate a turd

Comment 5 | From: Emma | Date: 14 December 2016, 08:48

Hmm Jesse Miller threatening behaviour may be ok in Alabama but is a crime in the UK. Hope you're forwarding to the right authorities HnH

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