BNP in European Parliament

The British National Party won two seats in the most recent European Elections of June 2009.

Nick Griffin, the party leader, was elected in the North West with 8% of the vote and

Andrew Brons took a seat in Yorkshire and The Humber with 9.8%.

The BNP vote in those regions was lower than in 2004 but the Labour vote dropped far more substantially allowing the BNP to make electoral gains.

In Yorkshire and The Humber, the Labour vote fell from 413,213 in 2004 to 230,009. In the North West Labourís vote went down from 576,388 to 336,831. Griffin just sneaked in.

In the North West only 2,500 more votes for the UK Independence Party or slightly over 5,000 more for the Greens would have deprived Griffin of a seat.

Andrew Brons MEP and Nick Griffin MEP
Andrew Brons MEP and Nick Griffin MEP