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To celebrate our 10th Anniversary, we're looking back at how far we've come and the achievements we've had along way, as well as the challenges we'll face over the next 10 years in bringing #HopeForBritain.

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NICKS’S BLOG | Thursday, 24 July 2014

Time to stand in solidarity with Britain’s Jewish community

Last summer HOPE not hate launched the #WeAreTheMany initiative to give people the opportunity to show solidarity with Britain’s Muslim communities, who at the time were suffering a violent backlash following the murder of Lee Rigby. Mosques had been firebombed, woman wearing the niqab attacked and there had been an  read more

INSIDER’S BLOG | Friday, 25 July 2014

Coat tails:
Plenty to hide

Great to see Adam Walker's brother Mark Walker hoping people do not help those digging up dirt on his brother. I wonder what Mark would not want shouted from the rooftops? Like Adam, Mark no longer teaches, either.  read more

PURPLE RAIN BLOG | Friday, 25 July 2014

UKIP Parliamentary Candidate Steps Down Following Fraud Charges.

The UKIP prospective parliamentary candidate for the Great Yarmouth constituency in the next general election has been forced to step down after he was charged with a number of electoral fraud charges. Matthew Smith appeared at Norwich Crown Court today and denied all charges against him. Smith, who is the Norfolk county  read more