BNP supporter caught smuggling illegal immigrants

| Monday, 25 July 2005

A BRITISH NATIONAL Party supporter has been caught smuggling illegal immigrants into Britain. Ben Boylan was stopped at Dover by immigration staff trying to pass off an Albanian woman as his wife, the Sunday Mirror has reported. When officials opened the boot of his small Peugeot car they found two children. Boylan said he had no idea how they got there.... Read more

BNP last in Walsall

| Saturday, 23 July 2005

The BNP came last again at a council by-election in Walsall's Willenhall South ward. Clearly the nazi party's attempt to win support by whipping up Islamophobia in the wake of the London bombings is failing. Walsall council, Willenhall South, 21 July 2005 Result Candidate Party Votes % Carl Creaney Labour 862 45.4 Keir Pedley Conservative 486... Read more

A national disgrace

| Thursday, 21 July 2005

Both the British National Party and the National Front are planning to spread their message of hate-filled threats this weekend, 23-24 July. The BNP will be distributing a double-sided leaflet, probably illegal, as it incites violence against all Muslims with the slogan "Don't Get Angry Get Even". This filth has already been handed out in several places around the country and their... Read more

BNP leader denies race hate charges

| Thursday, 21 July 2005

BNP leader Nick Griffin has pleaded not guilty to four race hate charges arising out of an undercover documentary about the party. Griffin appeared at Leeds Crown Court alongside party activist Mark Collett, who denies eight similar charges. Both men were charged following a police investigation stemming from the broadcast of the BBC Secret Agent programme which featured a number of BNP... Read more

John Hutchyns Tyndall - A text book study in personal and political failure

By Gerry Gable | Wednesday, 20 July 2005

John Tyndall (left) poses with fellow Spearhead members in the Notting Hill headquarters of Colin Jordan's National Socialist Movement in 1962 Few people will mourn the passing of John Tyndall, founder of the British National Party, apart from a few thousand far-right extremists. John Tyndall, lifelong national socialist, died on 19 July aged 71. His life was... Read more

BNP props up poll in Leicester

| Friday, 15 July 2005

Fascist involvement in Beaumont Leys goes back to the 1970s when the National Front was very active there and set up various front organisations on the estate. But fascists have never polled well in elections there and scored another failure yesterday when the BNP took less than 10% in a council by-election. Leicester City Council, Beaumont Leys ward by-election 14... Read more

Letter to the Jewish Chronicle

| Friday, 15 July 2005

Dear Sir Your report "Unite Against Fascism borders 'on anti-Semitism'" is erroneous in stating that Searchlight severed links with Unite Against Fascism because remarks from leading figures in the organisation had "bordered on anti-Semitism" (JC 15 July 2005). You also misquote the editor of Searchlight, Steve Silver, that there is a hard core of antisemitism on the left. What Mr Silver... Read more

BNP fans flames with ‘sick’ by-election leaflet

Tom Baldwin | Thursday, 14 July 2005

Far-Right seen as real threat as voters go to polls in London SEVEN days ago Jeff Porter led a thousand passengers to safety after the Tube train he was driving into Edgware Road station was rocked by an explosion, engulfing his cab in smoke and dust. On Saturday he left home for the first time since the attack to do some... Read more

BNP thrashed in Becontree

| Thursday, 14 July 2005

The nazi British National Party thought it could benefit from stirring up racism and Islamophobia after the London bombings with a disgusting official election leaflet showing a picture of the wrecked bus, and an illegal hate sticker that used the local council's logo. The voters of Becontree saw through them and voted overwhelmingly against the BNP. From day one of the... Read more

Becontree, Dagenham by-election 14 July 2005

| Friday, 8 July 2005

Join Barking and Dagenham Together to distribute a new leaflet that exposes the BNP's links with bombers and terrorists. Following the recapture of Goresbrook from the Nazi BNP, the Together groups, Searchlight, the trade union movement, Labour, Liberal Democrats and Green Party are now working towards defeating the BNP in Becontree. It should not be forgotten that before Thursday the bomber... Read more

No to fascist terror

| Thursday, 7 July 2005

Thursday 7 July 2005 will be a day that no decent resident of London or the UK will forget. Less than 24 hours after we were awarded the 2012 Olympics, a decision made partly because London is such a multicultural and tolerant city, the heart of our capital has been ripped apart by four bombs. It seems likely that the bombings... Read more

BNP fails in Lancashire by-election

| Wednesday, 6 July 2005

The BNP made little impact in a council by-election in Great Harwood, East Lancashire on 30 June. Although the town is near Burnley, where the nazi party still has six councillors, Carrie Cassidy, a care worker from Accrington, only managed to poll 11.7%. Cassidy, 31, had not set her sights high. Interviewed by the Accrington Observer, she expressed satisfaction that "no... Read more

NF given platform on Tyne Tees - please complain

| Monday, 4 July 2005

Tyne Tees will broadcast a special report tonight (Monday 4th) and tomorrow into the 'rise of the far right' in the North East. They will be interviewing NF North East organiser 'Paul Hayes', aka Simon Biggs. Biggs is a recidivist shoplifter, violent criminal and associate of football hooligans and neo-Nazis. Tyne Tees seems to be taking his wild exaggerations about... Read more

Saddest birthday present a mother could get her son ... but this is still a great day

Mark Irvine (slightly abridged) | Monday, 4 July 2005

THE mother of murder victim Kriss Donald held a birthday party for her dead son just hours after she was told three suspects had been arrested. On what would have been Kriss's 17th birthday, Angela Donald gathered family and friends for a tribute and picnic at the cemetery where he is buried. And as she unveiled a headstone in her son's... Read more