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MP Soames “appalled” at BNP use of Churchill image

East Grinstead Courier and Observer | Thursday, 19 March 2009 | Click here for original article

WINSTON Churchill's grandson has spoken of his outrage over the use of his grandfather's image in right-wing propaganda.

Mid Sussex MP Nicholas Soames reacted angrily after discovering a picture was being used as part of the British National Party's Battle For Britain election campaign.

BNP leader Nick Griffin visited Crawley Down's Haven Centre on Thursday last week to make a speech to local party supporters.

During his visit he posed next to a poster of Sir Winston.

A furious Mr Soames told the Courier and Observer: "I am outraged and appalled by the use of the picture by the BNP.

"They have no right to use my grandfather's name, who would have thought them a vile bunch.

"I am taking what steps I can and so is my family to see what can be done to prevent the name being used."

"I deplore the BNP action. It is a disgrace and I hope that anyone who looks at the adverts will find them repulsive."

Searchlight comments:

The BNP's attempt to exploit Winston Churchill's reputation for its own ends is callous and hypocritical, considering that only a few years ago the BNP national elections officer at the time described Churchill as a "drunken warmongering slob".

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