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Queen fury at BNP

News of the World by Robert Jobson | Sunday, 25 October 2009 | Click here for original article

THE QUEEN has declared WAR on the BNP.

She's furious at the party for using Winston Churchill to promote its racist image and has ORDERED all the royals to join forces with her to unite Britain against hated BNP leader Nick Griffin. A senior royal aide told us: "The Queen thinks it is a disgrace that the name of such a courageous leader in our hour of need has been hijacked in this way.

"She believes it is important the royal family redoubles its efforts to stem the tide of this division. It is unhealthy and not British."

The Queen erupted when the BNP were allowed to use Churchill's image - including archive footage from World War II - in a party election broadcast.

Her anger was further fuelled when Griffin quoted the wartime leader's famous "blood, toil, tears and sweat" in his party's manifesto.

And the last straw came during his controversial appearance on Question Time last week when he claimed Churchill hated Muslims and would have been a BNP member.

The high-ranking courtier said: "Her Majesty is a symbol of what is good about our nation.

"We are a country that has always prided itself on the tolerance and common sense of its people. She is and always will be above party politics. But she is appalled that Churchill's name should be used to spread division."

A Buckingham Palace spokesman said he could not comment on private conversations of the Queen and members of the royal family.

But yesterday Prince Charles' former Press Secretary Colleen Harris - the only black person to become a member of the Royal Household - backed Her Majesty's decision. She said: "I am not surprised the Queen is taking such a clear stance. One of the royal family's key roles is to put the united back into the United Kingdom. The Queen has been performing that unifying role impeccably for years, always rising above issues of colour, religion and race. She is absolutely right to galvanise every member of the royal family to play their part in uniting the country at this time."

The Queen has always held the deepest respect for her old friend Churchill. He was her first Prime Minister when he returned to office for a second term in 1951.

After he died in 1965 she decreed that he should have a state funeral - the first for a non-royal family member since 1914.

When she opened the Cabinet War Rooms museum in his honour in 2005 she said: "It was the unique quality of his leadership that so inspired the British nation and free peoples throughout the world, as well as those suffering under Nazi occupation. That quality continues to inspire us today and should forever do so."

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