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Council rejects march bid by National Front

The Herald | Wednesday, 28 March 2012 | Click here for original article

Dave MacDonald
Dave MacDonald

A COUNCIL has rejected a plan by the National Front to march through a city centre on the anniversary of Hitler's birthday.

Grampian Police had objected to the planned procession by the National Front Scotland, which was to have been held at 6pm on April 20 from Union Street to Union Terrace Gardens in Aberdeen.

Procession organiser Dave MacDonald said the event was taking place to protest against the Scottish National Party, but Aberdeen City Council's licensing committee rejected the proposal unanimously after hearing concerns about public safety from police.

The committee said: "The committee prohibits the procession on the grounds of public safety, public order, damage to property and disruption to the life of the community.

"The committee considered the presentations from the organiser and the police. The organiser's failure to acknowledge the risks as highlighted by the police are of particular concern when the safe operation of the event relies on co-operation between them ."

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