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National Action ban: HOPE not hate statement

by HOPE not hate | Monday, 12 December 2016

HOPE not hate welcomes the Home Secretary’s ban against the neo-Nazi group National Action (NA).

National Action will be added to the Government’s official list of proscribed terrorist organisations.

However, National Action supporters have already broken many existing laws [including incitement to racial hatred, threats to kill and violence] and we feel these existing laws should be better enforced before options such as a ban are considered.

Given our country’s past experience attempting to ban the various networks run by the hate preacher Anjem Choudary, for example, it’s clear that such an action can be a relatively weak sanction unless it is strongly enforced.

Matthew Collins, Director of Research at HOPE not hate, said:

We cautiously welcome this ban, but we feel the authorities could have dealt with National Action sooner and quicker under existing laws.”

“HOPE not hate has long-warned about the danger posed by far-right extremists such as this group, seeking to sow discord and enticing others to violent action.

“National Action’s leadership has praised Hitler, attacked Jews, referred to itself as ‘white jihadis’ and courted notoriety online, often staging very small actions which are then blown out of all proportion by a gullible media. Many of these stunts would be laughable, were it not for those prepared to act on NA’s violent message.

“Garron Helm, a National Action member, sent thousands of abusive tweets to Jewish Labour MP Luciana Berger, being lauded by many of his comrades and showing little remorse despite serving a short prison sentence.

“Zack Davies, who followed National Action on the internet, carried out this message to its ultimate conclusion when he attempted to murder a Sikh dentist in north Wales with a machete, nearly severing his hand.”

“It has been clear to us and other observers that in the last 18-24 months this group has been preparing to step up its campaign, which we feel would have tragic and violent consequences.

“Its recent activity in Darlington appears to have been little more than a violent threat to the state.”


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National Action child abuser


Zack Davies


Photos are available upon request.

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