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Don’t do it

| Tuesday, 2 May 2006 Source: The Sun

MANY grumpy ex-Labour voters will stay at home on Thursday or vote for another party in protest.

They have plenty of choice at the local elections the Tories, Lib Dems, Greens and independents.

Or the British National Party.

We have a word of warning about the BNP. Don't be tempted by this sinister gathering of racists who have changed their National Front spots to masquerade as a vehicle for law and order.

As we reveal in The Sun newspaper today, too many BNP candidates and hangers-on have shocking criminal records "overlooked" by party bosses.

Neo-Nazi thugs wrap themselves in the national flag and trade on working class fury over the Government's abysmal record.

The Government has fanned their blatant appeal to the worst prejudices in human nature by surrendering control of our borders.

For some, the BNP seems an attractive protest over the shambolic "loss" of hundreds of convicted foreign rapists and killers.

Or the freeing of criminals early and the failure to keep tabs on those who threaten us with violence.

Labour may well deserve a bloody nose in this week's elections.

But inviting the hobnailed boot of the BNP to sort it out would be like calling in Mafia protection gangs instead of police when you are robbed.

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