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MP: 'I won't debate with racist BNP'

| Friday, 3 November 2006 Source: Cheshunt and Waltham Mercury

BROXBOURNE MP Charles Walker says he categorically WILL NOT waste his precious time debating "loathsome policies" with the BNP - after being challenged to a face to face meeting with leaders of the far right party.

A war of words between the Tory MP and members of the British National Party (BNP) has erupted following a recent article in the Mercury where Mr Walker laid into the BNP's controversial policies.

The story, featured two weeks ago, told of Mr Walker's fury that BNP canvassers were door-stepping teenagers in the borough of Broxbourne on their 18th birthday in a bid to sign them up as party members.

Mr Walker, who openly slates the party's policies as "racist lies and filth" was contacted by Dr Phill Edwards, national press officer for the BNP, shortly after the article was published, challenging him to a debate.

The Mercury has gained a copy of the email transcripts between Mr Walker and Mr Edwards, who threatens to "expose" Mr Walker if he does not agree to take part in a debate.

"I take exception to your intemperate and rude description of BNP members and voters and so, challenge you to a public debate where you will be free to substantiate your claims that the BNP spread 'falsehood and innuendo' and have loathsome policies," Mr Edwards says in his message to Mr Walker.

"It should be easy for you to defeat my arguments if they are so weak and you are so smart."

And he adds: "If you refuse to debate I will expose your disingenuous attitude and intemperate language not only to the Broxbourne electorate (of whom many you will have offended and perhaps will not vote for you again) but also to the rest of the world via the internet."

But Mr Walker's tough email response to Mr Edwards makes his feelings for the BNP crystal clear: "I can assure you that I have no intention of wasting my precious time debating the BNP's loathsome policies," he says.

"Having campaigned against the BNP over the past two years in Broxbourne I have seen BNP activists up close and it is hard to imagine a more dangerously comical bunch of political misfits."

"Whilst I have no intention of having any fireside chats with representatives of the BNP I would be absolutely delighted for you to broadcast to the widest possible audience my deep dislike of your political party.

"Indeed I would view this as a great act of public service on behalf of the BNP."

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