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Doncaster fails residents

Sonia Gable | Saturday, 13 January 2007 Source: Searchlight

Claire Doncaster has come under attack from residents of her ward. She and Bob Bailey, the other BNP councillor in Alibon, failed to turn up to the Reede Road Tenants and Residents Association (TRA) meeting in November 2006 and she has not been to a single meeting since being elected.

Darren Rodwell, chair of the TRA, said, "That young lady is doing a disservice to our community, she was elected by residents of this ward to work within this ward. After six months she should have at least had the grace to come and meet the people she represents."

In August 2006 Doncaster was forced to leave her council flat after she ran up rent arrears of more than 2,170.34. Jumping before she was pushed, Doncaster handed in her keys voluntarily after a court order for her eviction was obtained.

She was one of three newly elected BNP councillors in the borough who were well behind with their rent.

"This makes a mockery of their defence of council tenants," a leading Labour councillor told Searchlight. "They go on about council waste but their refusal to pay their rent simply transfers their costs onto other local people."

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