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I was in the back of Jason Douglas’s cab the other day and I heard

| Saturday, 8 March 2008 Source: Searchlight

It’s nice to see the BNP offering some hospitality instead of hostility for a change. If you are passing the Valentine pub just off Gants Hill roundabout in Redbridge on Sunday 9 March at 6.45pm, you might pop in to claim the free pint that we hear the BNP are offering as inducement to get people to attend their by-election meeting later that night in Gooshays ward in Havering. This is where Mark Logan is campaigning to hang onto the seat from which BNP councillor Alan Bailey resigned in February.

The drinks will be handed out by the well known football yob, black-cab driver and Logan’s political errand boy Jason Douglas.

As an extra incentive Logan’s ever decreasing band of supporters will be treated to a talk from the sinister South African spook and nazi-admirer Arthur Kemp at a venue in Gooshays Drive.

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