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Le Pen says French Jews will have to give up Israeli citizenship

Source: European Jewish Congress | Friday, 10 February 2017 | Click here for original article

In a France ruled by the far-right Marine Le Pen, Jewish citizens would be forced to give up their Israeli citizenship, the far-right’s Front National party leader said on Thursday.

Le Pen, a leading contender in the upcoming French presidential contest, told France 2 TV that if elected, she will not allow French citizens to hold on to any citizenship in a non-European country.

When asked specifically about Israel and Jews, who form a large community in France, the Front National party leader responded: "Israel isn't a member of the European Union, and doesn't consider itself as such," and therefore a dual French-Israeli citizenship will not be allowed.

Le Pen said that the ban will also apply to citizens of the US and North African countries, but that dual citizens of the EU and of Russia, which she termed part of the "Europe of nations," will be exempted.

Last week, Le Pen said French Jews should give up the wearing of yarmulkes as part of the country’s struggle to defeat radical Islam.

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