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Danish Defence League organises for European rally

With thanks to | Thursday, 16 February 2012

The right-wing extremist Danish Defence League (DDL) is going ahead with plans to stage an international racist demonstration in Aarhus, Denmark’s second biggest city. Islamophobic so-called “Defence Leagues” from all over Europe are expected to attend, among them the violent English Defence League (EDL).

The DDL is one of the newest organisations on the extreme right in Denmark, having been founded in the autumn of 2010 but not hitting the streets until a year later after an internal leadership conflict. On 11 September last year, the DDL staged its first demonstration – with a miserable turnout of about 20 participants – in front of the US Embassy in Copenhagen to commemorate the 9/11 terrorist attacks. Three months later, the same mob marched in Herning, about 80 km west of Aarhus, to protest against the rape of a 10-year-old local girl; a case in which the suspected rapist was of Somalian origin.

The DDL is trying to squeeze into the gap between the right-wing populist Danish People Party and the militant nazi scene but is a small group and, if the DDL fails to exclude nazis, it will not be long before it is marked as a fascist group instead of “just” an anti-Islamist group. At the start of February, the DDL’s organiser and mouthpiece, Kasper Mortensen, was arrested for malicious assault on a nightclub bouncer and is being held in police custody. In his absence, the organisation of the Aarhus event has been taken over by Danmarks Nationale Front nazi Philip Trauelsen from Copenhagen.

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