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UKIP leader Nigel Farage wants Britain to only accept Christian refugees from war-torn Syria

posted by: James Lyons | on: Tuesday, 31 December 2013, 13:16

Britain should only take Christians fleeing the bloody civil war in Syria, Nigel Farage suggested today.

The UK Independence Party leader said that everyone in the West had a responsibility to offer refugees sanctuary.

But after unhappiness from UKIP members Mr Farage suggested other countries should accept Muslims.

Speaking on BBC Radio 2’s Jeremy Vine Show, he said: “It’s bad enough for Sunni and Shia, at least there are neighbouring countries that will take them.

“Where on earth are the Christians going to go? Christians are now a seriously persecuted minority … they are under assault from all sides.”

In a statement on its website, UKIP said: “Christians are being increasingly persecuted across the Middle East and Syria as extreme Islamist elements seek to purge the region of Christianity.

“If we do not help these people then who will? We must as a nation help Christians who are fleeing Syria to escape death and torture by allowing some to come to the UK.”

The climbdown followed unhappiness among UKIP members over his plea for sanctuary.

But his remarks have sparked a split in Government.

Tory health minister Earl Howe said the coalition needed to look urgently at the issue of refugees and remember Britain’s position as a country that looks after people in distress.

“There are people in desperate need, we cannot accommodate them all,” he told BBC Radio 5 Live’s Breakfast.

“I think the European Union has a duty to look at what it can do, both on the ground for those refugees from Syria but also whether we can accommodate some of them.

“I certainly think we should look at this and we have in the past been a country that looks kindly on people in distress and are the victims of violence in their native countries and that should not change.”

But Grant Shapps, the Conservative party chairman, said letting in a few refugees would be “tokenistic” and the best way of helping Syrians was financial aid.

The Mirror

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Nigel Farage Insists 'I Have Never Said Britain Is Full'. Watch Him Say It On Video

posted by: Ned Simons | on: Tuesday, 31 December 2013, 12:18

Nigel Farage

Nigel Farage

"I've never ever said 'Britain is full'," Nigel Farage insisted on Monday. The Ukip leader denied using the phrase as he defended his call for government to offer refuge to Syrian Christians caught up in the country's brutal civil war.

Farage told BBC Radio 2 that there was a "very clear distinction" between being opposed to allowing economic migrants to move to the UK and letting in refugees fleeing a war zone. "That is not inconsistent with my position that says it's total madness, in two days time, to open up our borders to hundreds of thousands of people from Romania and Bulgaria."

Challenged on how that squared with his position that there was no room in the country, he said: "I've never ever said Britain is full, I've never ever used that term."

Lucky for him, then, there isn't a video clip of him using that exact same phrase as recently as September 2013. Oh, wait..

Farage also appeared to amend his earlier position on allowing in refugees by suggesting it should be limited to Syrian Christians - to the exclusion of Muslims. "10% of the Syrian population are Christian, they currently find themselves in a middle of a civil war," he said.

"It's bad enough for Sunni and Shia, at least there are neighbouring countries that will take them," he said. "Where on Earth are the Christians going to go? Christians are now a seriously persecuted minority ... they are under assault from all sides."

Farage's decision to argue in favour of letting in victims of the civil war prompted a harsh backlash on the Ukip Facebook page. With party members unhappy at the idea of allowing people into the country.

The Ukip added in a statement posted online: "Christians are being increasingly persecuted across the Middle East and Syria as extreme Islamist elements seek to purge the region of Christianity. If we do not help these people then who will? We must as a nation help Christians who are fleeing Syria to escape death and torture by allowing some to come to the UK.”

The Huffington Post

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Ukip's repellent Syria posturing shows Nigel Farage will say anything for attention

posted by: Graeme Archer | on: Tuesday, 31 December 2013, 12:05

Why did the Ukip chicken cross the road? To get to the other side, away from its fleck-mouthed activists, furious at its announcement about Syrian refugees. "I didn't mean any old refugees!" cried the chicken, trying to make its voice heard above the traffic. "Only Christian ones!"

But the activists couldn't hear: the chicken's voice was quite drowned out by the noise of the passing bandwagons.

From Ukip's website:

We must as a nation help Christians who are fleeing Syria to escape death and torture by allowing some to come to the UK.

Everything about why I refuse to give in to the Ukip temptation is contained in that short phrase. The opportunism, the identification of a group's political desires with "nation", the religious sectarianism – the idea that succour should be linked to a recipient's religion is – well, Ukip supporters pride themselves on their plain speaking, don't they? "On-the-one-hand-but-also-the-other" political Anglicanism is part of what they despise about the mainstream parties. So let's be plain, today, as an end-of-the-year resolution: an offer of help which is conditional on the faith of those suffering is repellent.

Paul Goodman wrote this morning a great piece about what may have motivated Nigel Farage to open the door to (some) refugees. There's an additional theory, which Paul might consider: that Mr Farage will say almost anything to ensure we pay attention to him; as you often see in Lib Dem literature, there's an almost heartbreaking demand to be taken seriously. Should we? Nationalism, whether English or Scottish, is rarely the completely satisfactory answer to the (real) problems which motivate its adherents, so it's tempting to ignore those whose answer to every question is always the same, whether "Break up the British Union" or "Leave the EU".

But perhaps it's time to confront Ukip, just as it's nearly time for the electoral reckoning with the SNP's own version of separatist politics. We should start with this sectarian approach to asylum. Will the BBC enquire of Mr Farage just how Christian an asylum seeker would have to be, prior to his or her gaining admission to the country, under his future Ukip government? The policy will apply only to "some" Christian asylum seekers, after all, so will a record of church attendance be needed? Is there any particular part of the Christian dogma which would score an applicant more points?

As the election approaches, Ukip's demands to be taken seriously will increasingly be met by the media. I hope the party is ready for the scrutiny, including that of its less prepossessing members (there are unsavoury people in every cross-section of society, of course, but that a small, new organisation should seem to contain such a disproportionate number of them will not continue to be written off as cosmic bad luck.) As Ed Miliband has already found, there's only so far that hatred of David Cameron's background, combined with giving the same answer to every question, can carry a political movement.

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You couldn't make it up.

posted by: Simon Cressy | on: Monday, 30 December 2013, 21:58

Denise Baykal

Denise Baykal

UKIP have chosen their candidate to fight the Cowdenbeath By-Election for the Scottish Parliament.

Nothing unusual about that I hear you cry, UKIP fight most by elections these days, including those north of the border where UKIP are about as popular as a rattlesnake in a lucky dip.

The lucky candidate selected is Perthshire solicitor Denise Baykal and this is where the fun begins.

According to the Central Fife Times Denise Baykal was born in Perth to a French father and a Scottish mother.

So she is the daughter of an immigrant.

When she was younger she was very close to her Polish uncle who had a strong influence on her early life.

So her favourite uncle was an immigrant from Eastern Europe.

Later, when she was older she worked for seven years in Athens where she learned to speak Greek.

So she was a foreign worker and immigrant in Greece.

And now Denise has decided to stand for UKIP, a xenophobic political party who have a particular antipathy towards immigrants, particularly those from Eastern Europe and especially foreign workers.

You couldn't make it up.

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UKIP bosses stand by decision to kick out former Lincolnshire leader

posted by: . | on: Monday, 30 December 2013, 21:04

UKIP party bosses have today revealed they will stand by their decision to kick out former Lincolnshire leader Chris Pain.

Coun Pain had appealed against the decision to kick him out of UKIP but the party chosen not to accept that following a hearing on December 16, which the councillor did not attend.

The appeal panel, which UKIP says was independently chaired by a Crown Court Recorder, held that one of the original reasons for the removal of Coun Pain’s membership was sufficient grounds to uphold the expulsion.

The party claims Coun Pain passed ‘information to a litigant against the party whilst a member of its board of directors’.

Party chairman Steve Crowther said: “I am satisfied that this matter has been fully and properly aired, according to the Party’s rules, by a panel composed of qualified lawyers and chaired by an independent senior QC with long experience sitting as a Recorder of the Crown Court.

“Much has been said and written about this case which is untrue. The facts are that Coun Pain was accused of posting inappropriate material, which he himself described as ‘sick’, on his Facebook site.

“In investigating this, the National Executive Committee was made aware of inappropriate material which had been present on Coun Pain’s Facebook page previously, but reserved judgement on his claim that the material highlighted by the Sunday Mirror was the result of his computer or Facebook page being hacked or tampered with.

“Coun Pain was suspended from the NEC following that discussion, because the Committee felt that he had misled it on a number of issues. He was subsequently reinstated, but then resigned.

“In the meantime he had recorded a conversation with another party member and circulated that recording without the other member’s consent. This led, along with his passing of confidential information to a litigant against the party, to my suspending his membership; the decision to suspend him from the Party was upheld first by the Disciplinary Panel which also took a decision to expel him from the party. Those sanctions have now been upheld by the Appeal Panel.

“Coun Pain has claimed repeatedly that he was ‘cleared’ of posting racially offensive material on his Facebook page. In fact, the Party reserved judgement on the Sunday Mirror’s allegations pending the outcome of Lincolnshire Police’s investigations into the alleged postings and Cllr Pain’s allegations that his account had been tampered with.

“Despite repeated requests, Coun Pain failed to provide the party with any details of Lincolnshire Police’s investigations, which he claimed had been passed to the Metropolitan Police. On September 9, he nonetheless publicised a statement from Lincolnshire Police stating that they were curtailing their investigation as it was impossible to prove the matter either way.

“We now hope that the disruption which has been caused to UKIP’s group on Lincolnshire County Council will be able to be put behind us, and we can return to holding the Conservative-controlled Council to account, without the constant distractions caused by Coun Pain and one or two of his colleagues.”

Coun Pain has indicated that he will issue a statement in response to the comments of Mr Crowther within the next 24 hours.

He remains a county councillor for the Wainfleet and Burgh ward but was replaced as UKIP’s Lincolnshire leader by Coun Colin Mair.

Boston Standard

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More UKIP Hatred

posted by: Simon Cressy | on: Friday, 27 December 2013, 00:13

Just the other day I reported a disgusting threat of vigilante violence directed at the Roma community.

You can read that here.

Here is the latest episode from Jon Archer, UKIP supporter.

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posted by: Simon Cressy | on: Tuesday, 24 December 2013, 20:11

Get ready for a lot more of this nonsense in 2014.

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UKIP Islamophobia Strikes Again

posted by: Simon Cressy | on: Monday, 23 December 2013, 12:28

Mick Greenhough

Mick Greenhough

I think we can safely say that this kind of nonsense is now endemic within the ranks of UKIP.

Once again UKIP use the actions of an individual and turn the story around to attack an entire religion.

Let's see if Mick Greenhough, A UKIP PPC for Orpington in Kent and author of UKIP policy on small businesses receives any rebuke from Nigel Farage.

In fact, Farage normally offers his full support to the various racists and bigots that are regularly exposed.

Mick Greenhough

Mick Greenhough

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Nigel Farage bites back at 'unhelpful' Godfrey Bloom as UKIP war of words rages

posted by: Robin De Peyer | on: Monday, 23 December 2013, 11:44

The UKIP leader launched a scathing attack on Mr Bloom, accusing him of turning the spotlight onto himself at the party's conference in September.

In an interview with the Guardian, the MEP for Yorkshire and the Humber - who now sits as an Independent in the European Parliament - said of Mr Farage's approach to policy: "He's not interested.

"He's not interested in the running of the party, or in making policy. He's Ukip's chief salesman, that's what Nigel is."

Mr Bloom caused controversy at the party's London conference by hitting Channel 4 News reporter Michael Crick over the head and calling women "sluts".

Writing in the Independent newspaper, Mr Farage said the gathering had been "all about policy" but was overshadowed by Mr Bloom's behaviour.

"At the very moment that the 'no-policy party' was unveiling new ideas and looking forward to hearing a speech by Lord (Digby) Jones, former UK trade minister, Godfrey turned attention away from policy and on to himself," Mr Farage wrote.

"Within minutes the political reporter Michael Crick had been bashed over the head with a conference programme, something that many politicians have wanted to do over the years, but it was unhelpful nonetheless for Bloom to do it."

He also hit back at criticism from Conservative Defence Minister Anna Soubry, who told the BBC's Andrew Marr show that Mr Farage looks "like somebody has put their finger up his bottom".

"This is a woman who proved to not even have a grip on her portfolio last month when on Question Time she showed she had absolutely no idea about the Royal Navy support ships being built in South Korea," he wrote.

"Her half-hearted apology after her rather anatomical description of me is clearly not genuine, and I look forward to standing a Ukip candidate in her constituency in 2015."

London Evening Standard

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Nigel Farage embroiled in row over lack of leadership

posted by: Jamie Doward | on: Monday, 23 December 2013, 11:02

Nigel Farage has become involved in a row over allegations that Ukip's leadership failed to act on serious matters of governance. Photograph: Gareth Fuller/PA

Nigel Farage has become involved in a row over allegations that Ukip's leadership failed to act on serious matters of governance. Photograph: Gareth Fuller/PA

Nigel Farage has become embroiled in a potentially damaging internal row over allegations that Ukip's leadership has failed to act on serious matters of governance, including taking steps to dissociate the party from a convicted paedophile.

The incendiary accusations have seen a former prospective Ukip MEP resign from the party and led to toxic claims that the party lacks a robust system for examining internal complaints.

But a Ukip spokeswoman has said the claims had no foundation, had been investigated, and were the views of a disgruntled member who had failed to get the party to back his candidacy.

In a letter to Farage, obtained by the Observer, David Gale, interim chief executive of Kids for Cash UK, a charity that campaigns against paedophiles, said he had no choice but to resign from the party after becoming frustrated that his fears about a registered sex offender and Ukip supporter were not being taken seriously. The issue was also raised by other members of Ukip, according to emails sent to its chairman, Steve Crowther, seen by the Observer.

"The party's response has been absolutely extraordinary," Gale said. "They've done nothing. This is another example of Ukip's structural weaknesses." Gale suggested the party had chosen to close ranks rather than examine his allegations. In claims fiercely denied by the party, Gale warns Farage: "There is a core faction associated with the party that is being used as a 'Black Ops' dirty tricks team against targets that include party members."

He tells Farage: "I believe that your own deep insecurity and paranoia have played a significant part in the party's Night of the Long Knives" – a reference to a recent purge when a number of party members were asked to leave Ukip.

Gale, who stood as a Ukip police and crime commissioner, claimed there was evidence social media were being manipulated by people close to the party.

"There is increasing evidence that points to Ukip members close to the party's headquarters being involved in the creation of cloned Facebook pages which have featured damaging fake posts falsely attributed to Ukip members," Gale writes. "Screen grabs of these posts have been fed to the press, third hand, in an attempt to smear the targeted individuals and as a precursor to removing them from the party. These are potentially criminal acts."

The accusations have been bandied back and forth in recent weeks, triggering an internal debate among Ukip's members about the party's direction. A number are concerned that Ukip has become too centralised under Farage and that Crowther has failed to act on serious allegations involving fraud, claims denied by the party.

"I have been raising the issue of the lack of scrutiny and governance within the party's management," Gale tells Farage. "One of the starkest examples of this lack of governance has been the tolerance of the party's continued association with a convicted paedophile who, whilst no longer being a member, has continued to attend party functions and provide strategic Ukip documentation from his personal website."

Gale said he had supplied evidence of the registered sex offender's continued involvement with Ukip to the party. The man, whose name is known to the Observer, has campaigned on its behalf and blogs on party issues. He was placed on the sex offenders register for life in 1999, having served a 30-month sentence for offences involving children.

Gale told Farage: "My efforts to raise the alarm have been ignored by the leadership, it being left to me to contact branches to alert them to potential risks to members and to have photographs of the paedophile campaigning for Ukip removed from branch websites."

A Ukip spokeswoman said Gale's complaints had been investigated fully. "These are entirely bogus allegations," she said. "They represent a deliberate attempt to cause trouble for the party by someone on his departure."

However, the row raises questions over Farage's leadership. Considered to be the party's greatest asset, there are questions among Ukip grassroots members about whether Farage is focused on gaining a seat in the House of Lords.

"It's no secret Farage is focused on a peerage," Gale said.

The Guardian

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Leading UKIP Members Join NF Linked Facebook Page

posted by: Simon Cressy | on: Sunday, 22 December 2013, 21:13

Only three days away from Christmas and those lovely people in UKIP have given us a smashing present for us to unwrap in time for the big day.

Cast your minds back to the days of the National Front and in particular the time when the NF began to tear itself apart.

The 1980's saw the Front break into two halves, one half contained the far right traditionalists such as Andrew Brons, Ian Anderson and Martin Wingfield The other half became The Political Soldiers and was supported by the likes of Nick Griffin, Patrick Harrington, Derek Holland and Graham Williamson.

The exploits of The Political Soldiers has been well documented in the past. In 1986 Griffin and two NF leaders including Patrick Harrington took a fundraising trip to Libya as guests of Colonel Gaddafi's regime. They also made contact with the Ayatollah Khomeini of Iran, the US black separatist leader Louis Farrakhan and both sides of the conflict in Ireland.

Harrington and Williamson were later to turn their backs on The Political Soldiers and went off to form their own political party The Third Way.

Other names involved with The NF's Political Soldiers movement were John Field, Brent Cheetham and David Kerr.

Field, from Northern Ireland was a member of the NF Directorate and organiser for Northern Ireland and was known to act as a conduit between the NF and paramilitaries in the UDA & UVF.

David Kerr is also from Northern Ireland and again was a former NF leader in the province. He was also editor of the far right publication "Ulster Nation".

Cheetham from Hertfordshire is a former NF activist and joined Patrick Harrington's far right party The Third Way and became a councillor for the tiny far right outfit in 2003.

Harrington was to turn his back on the party he spawned after he became a key advisor to BNP leader Nick Griffin and still works for the MEP today.Following Harrington's departure Third Way was to change its name to the National Liberals.

Yet, Harrington, Williamson and Kerr were to link up again and currently run the fake far right trade union Solidarity.

The National Liberals has a Facebook page with over 500 members and is run by Graham Williamson, Brent Cheetham and John Field amongst others.

It is populated by a whole collection of fascists such as Patrick Harrington and his estranged wife Mish, Kevin Scott, leader of the miniscule BDP and Charlotte Lewis, once of the BNP who was jailed for six months in 2001 after being found guilty of four charges of harassment as part of a concerted campaign against the staff of Huntingdon Life Sciences where she threatened to harm workers at the unit.

So with this long pedigree of hatred behind The National Liberals we have to ask why leading members of UKIP have aligned themselves to this Facebook page?

Arthur "Misty" Thackeray is currently in charge of UKIP Scotland following their bloody civil war that has torn the xenophobic party in two north of the border.

Alexander Balkan Is the National Grassroots officer for UKIP's youth wing Young Independence and is a leading member of UKIP in London.

Perhaps these three have found their real political home linking up with former members of The National Front ?

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Ealing councillor loses High Court appeal over 'inappropriate' comments

posted by: GetWestLondon | on: Sunday, 22 December 2013, 20:11

Ealing councillor Benjamin Dennehy

Ealing councillor Benjamin Dennehy

A UKIP councillor who made "inappropriate and provocative" comments about Southall's Indian community on his blog can have no complaint about Ealing Council's decision to discipline him, the High Court has ruled.

Benjamin Dennehy, of Hanger Hill Ward, refused to apologise after describing Southall as "largely an Indian community" that "harbours and exploits their own people in squalid third world living conditions" in a blogpost last year.

After being expelled from the Tory party, Mr Dennehy was found to have breached the local authority's code of conduct and asked not to repeat the conduct and apologise by the council's standards committee in May. A top judge at London's High Court has now rejected Mr Dennehy's bid for judicial review of that decision, saying claims the council disproportionately breached his human rights are "unarguable".

Judge Martin McKenna said the controversial comments were made by the then-Tory on his blog in March 2012, under the heading: "CLLR Benjamin Dennehy (Conservatives) putting Hanger Hill residents first".

It read: "It is a largely Indian community who say they deplore this behaviour but yet it is that very same community that harbours and exploits their own people in squalid third world living conditions."

Mr Dennehy's blog then questioned why there was what he called a "concentration" of gambling shops, prostitutes and drinking in Southall.

He went on: "The exploding population of illegal immigrants is a constant on the public purse. Illegal immigrants don't pay tax. The legitimate immigrants exploiting them in squalid bed sheds don't pay tax on their rental income."

Mr Dennehy was expelled from the Conservative Party in April 2012, but remained a councillor, later joining UKIP. A standards committee probe was triggered when Lib Dem councillor, Gary Malcolm, of Southfield ward, complained after he was contacted by members of the public, Judge McKenna explained.

The investigating officer, Jackie Adams, delivered a report in August, 2012, saying she was "satisfied that the tone, style and choice of wording in the post was written in such a way that it did cause offence to some residents".

In May, this year, the committee ruled that, "whilst the blog post raised a number of important and legitimate issues for debate, the tone and much of the content had been inappropriate and unnecessarily provocative". The committee said Mr Dennehy's post "represented unacceptable behaviour for a councillor" that should not be repeated and requested that he "issue an appropriate apology" in a letter to him on May 23.

At the High Court, Mr Dennehy's lawyers argued that the committee failed to give "adequate reasons" for its conclusion and that its sanctions breached his right to freedom of expression, under Article 10 of the European Convention on Human Rights. But Judge McKenna said today the committee's reasons were "plainly adequate" and that it "cannot be arguably said" otherwise.

The judge said that, while "on the face of it" the sanctions constituted a breach of his Article 10 rights, they were justified because the comments were an "unjustified personal and generic attack on a section of the public".

He said: "The subjects of the speech were not politicians but ordinary members of the public and, as such, the comments did not attract the higher level of protection applicable to political expressions. And the comments would plainly have undermined confidence in local government, the preservation of which is a recognised aim of the code [of conduct]."

The judge added that the committee's "interference" with Mr Dennehy's right to freedom of expression was "very limited" because he was "merely requested" to apologise - something he has chosen not to do.

"For all these reasons, I conclude that the council's decision, although engaging Article 10 of the Convention, was plainly a proportionate interference. It follows that this application for judicial review is unarguable and I refuse permission," he concluded.

Get West London

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UKIP's Godfrey Bloom: 'I just can't resist a punch-up'

posted by: Decca Aitkenhead | on: Saturday, 21 December 2013, 10:57

‘Nigel’s not interested in the running of the party, or making policy. He’s Ukip’s chief salesman' … Godfrey Bloom. Photograph: Christopher Thomond for the Guardian

‘Nigel’s not interested in the running of the party, or making policy. He’s Ukip’s chief salesman' … Godfrey Bloom. Photograph: Christopher Thomond for the Guardian

Godfrey Bloom's study in his Yorkshire home looks so exactly as one would expect that it could almost be a stage set. The walls are lined with military figurines, sporting trophies, photos of rugby teams and a ceremonial cricket bat, and the occupant plays the part of a blimpish ex-army caricature with terrific brio. He barks, "Bloom here. Hello my dear boy!" down the phone, refers to his wife as "Mrs Bloom", wears a tweed cap, drives an MG, and loves to get roaring drunk. He'd enjoyed a particularly satisfactory seven-hour drinking session in Brussels only two days earlier.

"Hit it hard. And the beer there is all five on the Richter scale. At the rugby club it's 3.5. I can drink 3.5 all day." His recent memoir is a lament for the 50s and the golden era of empire, the vernacular of "iffy" and "whizzo" and a cavalier approach to punctuation evidently all his own work, unless PG Wodehouse has taken up ghostwriting. Incorrigibly unbiddable and surprisingly camp, he reminds me of Giles Brandreth. Unlike most politicians, Bloom loves to be interviewed, because "I never have to worry about what I said last time, because I've never changed my views." About anything? "No. Never." His brain, he boasts, tapping a temple, is "hermetically sealed."

But beneath all the sergeant's mess cliches there seems to be a surprisingly thoughtful person. A former financial analyst, he likes to digress into little lessons on economic history, and obviously wishes people would see what an erudite intellectual he is. "Most people don't know how the government fiddles the numbers. I do." He's a dreadful show off, so there are constant references to political theorists, but he is genuinely interested in ideas, and certainly cleverer than most people probably imagine. Whether anyone could ever be as clever as he likes to see himself, I am not sure.

When I ask who the brain of Ukip is today he hoots, "There are no brains of the party." It used to be him? "Well, certainly one of the leading brains, yes." What about Nigel Farage – what's he like when it comes to policy? Bloom lets out a great snort. "He's not interested. He's not interested in the running of the party, or in making policy. He's Ukip's chief salesman, that's what Nigel is."

Bloom and Farage have been great friends ever since the early days of Ukip. They share a flat in Brussels, a near-identical sense of humour and a manner so alike that if I close my eyes it could be Farage in the room. But at Ukip's conference in September the leader withdrew the party whip from his friend in a fury, after Bloom risked an ill-advised joke about women being "sluts", and whacked the Channel 4 news reporter Michael Crick over the head with a rolled-up conference programme. Bloom refers to the ding-dong as "Crickgate", and is not unaware of its comic dimension.

I'm sure Bloom had resolved not to say anything unkind about Farage today – and on a personal level he mostly manages to be generous and warm. When it comes to politics, however, he cannot help himself. Farage, he despairs, can't take criticism, goes to pieces in a crisis, is really a conservative, and doesn't even want to lead the party. "He's not a team player, you see. He didn't play rugger. Plays golf!" Bloom accuses Ukip's leader of pursuing an "Ein Führer" leadership policy and a "No-policy" policy agenda, and claims Farage has already struck a secret election deal with the Tories in return for a seat in the Lords.

Relations had been breaking down since the spring, when Farage appeared to change his mind about flat tax in the middle of Question Time. Bloom asked what was going on, and "I got a quite hysterical text back: 'Your job is to get out there delivering leaflets instead of asking me about policy!' I thought, I'm your economics spokesman. You want me to deliver leaflets? Hysterical!" Things got worse in July after Bloom's infamous speech denouncing foreign aid to "Bongo bongo land". Unnerved by the media uproar, Farage told him to apologise. "I said, 'I don't do apologies. If you keep a cool head, you will find it swings my way.'" I don't know anyone who changed their mind and decided "Bongo bongo land" wasn't highly offensive after all – but Bloom insists: "We got more than 15,000 emails, only 47 against. I think we can deduce from that that I had massive public support." But that was when the real trouble set in.

Farage complained to him: "Whenever I'm interviewed now, people want to talk about you." Bloom thinks his friend became threatened by his media profile and public popularity, and that Crickgate had a lot to do with jealousy. "I'd taken the spotlight off his speech, that's what it was all about! It was toys out of the pram. Let's be brutally honest. He panicked." Farage should have simply said the matter was being investigated, the media were "trying to crack us, but we're going to stick together", and moved on. "And the whole audience would have cheered." He parodies the speech Farage did actually make, putting on a petulant, high-pitched wail and flapping his arms over his shoulders. "That's it! Conference is ruined! Oh the conference is ruined!' You know what one elderly Ukip lady said to me afterwards?" he can't resist adding, "'He gives girls a bad name'."

When Farage phoned him up, "He'd lost it badly. Oh, he was really in pieces. It was: 'Conference is over! No one's going to look at my speech now!'" But later that day the party secretary told Bloom not to worry, assuring him, "We'll smooth it all over. We can't afford to lose you, you're too popular." Bloom woke up the next day, "and there was Nigel Farage on the television, sacking me. I turn on and I'm being sacked on the telly! It was like seeing your father disinherit you on TV because you broke a casserole dish."

Bloom didn't think Crickgate had been that big a deal – "Nothing more than if I'd whacked a wasp in a pub garden". He doesn't see how his dismissal could have had anything to do with the sluts joke or the Crick wallop, because his name was removed from the party's MEP list less than 90 minutes later, before any investigation could have taken place. And he claims Ukip's success in the north is almost entirely down to him, adding: "I've put more money into this party than Paul Sykes has up here. £150 grand. Yeah. From my private savings.

"So why," he asks, "would they get rid of a huge electoral asset?" He feigns bafflement, before practically shouting: "Because I am diametrically opposed to any deal with the Conservative party! I would never have agreed to it, on a matter of a principle – so I had to go."

According to Bloom, Ukip is in the grip of an internal battle for its future. At HQ "they are all stabbing each other in the back", and the grassroots are being deliberately squeezed out. "They have been purged. This is 1933 Germany, night of the long knives. I'm waiting to be dragged out of the pub and butchered. This is New Ukip now. And they are looking for a deal with the Tories."

Officially, Ukip's politics are libertarian. But Bloom says Farage has always really been a Conservative, is "desperate to be a Conservative again", and would pack it all in if we would just get out of Europe and crack down on immigration. "But we're winning those arguments. We've broken through. Now we're in phase two. We've said what we don't want, and now we have to say what we do want."

Farage, apparently, disagrees. The party's radical libertarian ideas frighten him. More importantly, they would make an electoral pact with the Tories in 2015 much trickier. And so, says Bloom, he has been marginalising grassroots members, sacking troublesome rivals, and turning himself into "a professional politician, with a professional party, so he can be within some alliance with the Conservative party". Bloom had to be elbowed out before a pact could be agreed. "And," he says with confidence, "the deal has already now been done."

He's unclear on its precise details, but certain that Farage's reward for standing down Ukip candidates in key seats is a title and a seat in the House of Lords. Would he want that? Bloom chuckles knowingly – "Not for him, of course!" – and adopts a weaselly, ever-so-'umble voice. "'But should one be forced upon me, then for the good of the party, and if people felt I could better serve there, well then … ' Of course he would!"

Remarkably, Bloom and Farage are still friends. They met a few weeks after conference – in a pub, of course – and decided the disagreement was "strictly professional". But Bloom isn't going quietly. He says the whole business has been a blessing – his media profile has doubled, and he's showered in good will wherever he goes. "Now I don't have Ukip antichrist on my forehead, everybody's much friendlier! Really, it's a weight off my shoulders. Because now I'm not hamstrung by the no-policy policy, I can start to talk about policy."

Bloom would do away with the welfare state in its entirety, and "get back to the self-help we had in the 19th century. I'm a big believer in Friendly Societies." Income tax would be flat, all drug use would be decriminalised, and drivers could drink as much as they liked, as long as they could prove they were still fit to drive. ("I could drive perfectly well after four pints.") The NHS would no longer be free, and in fact it would be a crime to call any public provision "free". He's deviating a little here from libertarian principle, he admits. "But it's not free! We all have to pay for it."

We disagree about literally everything. But though I think his politics are wrong in every way, they aren't irrational, nor a ragbag of random prejudice. Every now and then he'll lapse into rugby club after-dinner speaker mode, which is hectoring and boring. But most of the time he is really thinking, and doesn't get defensive about flaws in his logic, but positively lights up. He says he wants strict, Canadian-style immigration controls, but surely, I suggest, once he's got rid of the welfare state he should open our borders to the world. The population would self-regulate by everyone competing on a level playing field, and indigenous Britons who didn't like it could move elsewhere. He looks faintly startled, but quickly thinks it through. "If we could get rid of the welfare state that would work, ye-es. There would be no need for controls. Subject to criminal and health checks, of course."

Followed through to its logical conclusion, Bloom's libertarianism leads him to problematic places. When he fails to justify opposing gay marriage on libertarian grounds, he admits, "Well, I do want to conserve some things." He wants to protect people like the Christian B&B owners who turned away a gay couple, arguing "they should be allowed to say exactly who comes in and out of their property". Presumably pub landlords then should be allowed to put signs in their window saying "No blacks"?

"Oh. Never really thought about it, actually." He swears he has never understood racism, doesn't even notice skin colour, and can't imagine why any publican would turn away customers. But after careful consideration he says, "Well, I do believe a publican should be allowed to say who he has in his establishment. So yes, his gaff, his rules." Given the hot water this should land him in, I find the loyalty to his own libertarian logic oddly touching.

I sincerely hope he's wrong in thinking most voters share his views. He has decided not to stand as an independent MEP next year – "I wouldn't have any trouble winning. But do I want to? Nah. Ten years of this game's enough." But he might run for Westminster in 2015.

"I just can't resist a punch-up, that's the trouble really. I just think it would be a bit of a lark, wouldn't it?"

The Guardian

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UKIP councillor facing calls to resign over 'hags' remark about Forest of Dean women

posted by: citizengibbon | on: Friday, 20 December 2013, 20:05

Allegedly calling a group of women ‘hags’ on Facebook has landed a UKIP county councillor in hot water and left him facing calls to resign.

Richard Leppington (Blakeney and Bream) is under investigation by the council’s monitoring officer following the aftermath of a community meeting held in Tutshill last month.

It was intended that UKIP members would explain policies and what their party stood for at the village’s War Memorial Hall when a small group of women gathered there to express their concerns about its stance on immigration.

Afterwards, Mr Leppington is accused of posting on his Facebook page: “Shame about the four hags who tried to picket the meeting.

“Well if they don't like us standing up for our own people then b......s !”

The women said they were simply “quietly talking to” attendees of the meeting who approached them and were handing out leaflets about the anti-racism group Hope not Hate.

A paper banner with the slogan ‘Calm down dear, it’s only immigration’ sparked Mr Leppington’s ire, they said.

Richard Leppington

Richard Leppington

Mr Leppington has apologised to the women, saying he never intended to cause offence.

But one of the women, who did not want to be named, said: “It’s a blatant slur. How you can call someone a hag without intending offence?

“Richard Leppington was belligerent before the meeting started, even though we were standing away from the entrance quietly talking to attendees who approached us.

“He took offence at a small paper banner and told us that immigrants were taking jobs away from ‘British working men’. We pointed out that, as women, we all work too.”

The women have called for Mr Leppington, who was elected in May, to step down.

Mr Leppington did not want to comment directly about the allegations while an investigation is running but said: “I don’t want to upset anybody in the course of doing my job.

“Hopefully I’m doing a good job for everybody, whether they voted for me or not. I just want to get on with it, to help people, without any distractions like these.

“I hope it’s brought to a swift resolution.”

Jane Burns, monitoring officer at Gloucestershire County Council, said: “I can confirm that we’ve received a complaint and that we’re currently investigating it through the appropriate channels. I’m unable to comment further at this time.”

Gloucester Citizen

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National Front past of UKIP star at centre of race row

posted by: Paul Calahan & Angella Johnson | on: Sunday, 15 December 2013, 01:38

Victoria Ayling

Victoria Ayling

The UKIP councillor at the centre of a racism row was a member of the far-Right National Front, it was claimed last night.

Victoria Ayling, a high-profile ‘trusted ally’ of UKIP leader Nigel Farage, joined the openly racist party and attended its rallies as a student, according to her former husband, a friend and even her own mother.

A Mail on Sunday investigation has also discovered Mrs Ayling is being investigated by police after allegedly making abusive comments about her former husband – who is a transvestite.

The revelations come a week after this newspaper unveiled video footage of Mrs Ayling saying that all immigrants to Britain should be sent back home.

Mrs Ayling, who in March defected from the Tories by ambushing David Cameron after his party conference speech, was heard saying in the video: ‘OK, I just want to send the lot back, but I can’t say that.’

Now her mother, Brenda Brooks, and a family friend claim that Mrs Ayling joined the National Front in 1977 and went to meetings above a pub in Croydon, South London.

The friend also alleges that Mrs Ayling – who is known as a 'Farage filly' by UKIP insiders – attended a meeting at the home of a National Front candidate who stood for a seat in the 1979 General Election.

Speaking about her daughter’s past for the first time, Mrs Brooks, an artist and property developer, said: 'Victoria was a member of the National Front and she went to marches and rallies.

'She didn’t hide the fact that she was going to meetings. I wasn’t sure what the National Front was, I wasn’t a political animal. She just went there and that is what she did. I’m not saying it was the Girl Guides, but I saw it as a phase, part of her growing up.'

Stephen Agar, 50, a friend of Mrs Ayling's who attended meetings with her as a teenager, added: 'Victoria was a card-carrying member [of the National Front].

'She didn’t just go along, she was engaged in it in a way that I was too for a while.

'I was 14 at the time, she would have been about 18. We used to meet at the South Croydon branch regularly. She was active and took me along. I went along with her for about two years.'

Last night, Mrs Ayling denied being a member or supporter of the National Front, an extremist organisation that advocates the compulsory repatriation of all ‘non-white’ immigrants.

However, she admitted attending party meetings, saying it was for research on a thesis when she was studying law at Southampton University.

A statement released by UKIP said: ‘This required her to attend meetings from both sides of the political spectrum.’ It added that Mrs Ayling decided to drop the subject after feeling threatened at National Front meetings.

However, her version of events was last night challenged by her mother, Mr Agar and her ex-husband, Rob Ayling.

Mr Ayling claimed that when his soon-to-be wife was hoping to become a Conservative party candidate in 1999, the pair concocted a 'cover story' after she raised fears that her National Front past would be exposed.

'She was very worried that the fact she was a National Front member would come out,' he added.

'We agreed – and I shouldn’t have done – that we would concoct a cover story that she had joined as part of her research for her university degree.

Mr Agar added: 'Before she went to Southampton she was going to National Front meetings. She was attending meetings while she was doing A-levels. She never mentioned to me that she doing anything as part of her studies, she was going because she wanted to.'

Mrs Brooks, 81, also rubbished her daughter’s claims last night, saying she had made the painful decision to speak about the past for the sake of the family. 'Victoria never mentioned anything about university work to me,' she said. 'That’s not it at all.

'She was going to the meetings because she wanted to. I’m not being vindictive. I’m only telling the facts as they have happened.

'I’m speaking because Victoria’s behaviour has negatively affected myself and my family.

'Victoria was very forceful with her views, saying stuff like, “Let’s keep the blacks out.”

'I didn’t know what the National Front was – as far as I was concerned they went up there, to London, marching up and down. That’s all I knew about it.'

Mrs Brooks, who has made a signed and witnessed statement on her daughter’s past, added: 'She has always been politically minded, I think she enjoyed the excitement of going up there and being in the meetings and being part of it. She mentioned a rally where they did carry banners.

'Had she got involved in fighting, fracas and cheating and stealing that would have been different, but marches and banners didn’t seem particularly worrying.'

'I repeat, if there had been anything untoward, like fights, she wouldn’t have been allowed to go. But it was just meetings and flags.'

Mrs Ayling, 54, was elected as a UKIP Lincolnshire councillor in May and, in a fast-track rise through the party, spoke at its annual conference in September.

But Mrs Brooks said of her daughter’s ambition to stand in the next General Election: 'I don’t think she should be a politician. I don’t think she’s suitable. She hasn’t got any compassion; she wants to be the top dog. No, I don’t think she’s suitable, definitely.'

Mr Agar, who was a guest at Mrs Ayling’s first two weddings and lived opposite the family in Purley, South London, also claimed that Mrs Ayling took part in National Front demonstrations.

'Victoria was bold, even for a teenager and she was happy to argue her point with anybody,' he said. 'She also went with the National Front up to Brick Lane in London.

'I didn’t go with her but she used to tell me the stories. One time she said she and other men got chased into a pub. She did that at least once. She was 19 or 20. She held extreme views, but whether she does now or not I don’t know. We went for National Front meetings in the Swan and Sugarloaf pub in Croydon.

‘The NF hired the top room from the landlord and we had meetings about once a month. There were probably 25 to 30 people at a meeting. All white, mainly men.

‘The meetings were one a month in the top room in the pub. She was still at home and she would drive and we would listen to speeches.

‘We did that for a year or two and I remember my last meeting was at the house of a local candidate, Roland Dummer. We went to his house in 1979 for a branch meeting. There were about 20 people there. It was the day Jim Callaghan lost a vote of no confidence by one vote [on March 28, 1979, triggering the General Election] – that’s why I remember the date.’

Mr Agar also revealed how he used to collect for the National Front in the streets near his home. ‘I collected in South Croydon and leafleted in Purley,' he said. 'I collected jumble – we called ourselves the Industrial Archaeological Society. It was wrong, people were giving stuff for a different cause.'

Mr Agar, who quit the National Front after a few years and said he has no personal axe to grind, that he was now speaking out in the interests of truth.

The Mail on Sunday can also reveal that Mrs Ayling and her new partner, Lord Kevin Couling – who purchased his title, the 64th Lord of Little Neasden – are also being investigated by police for an alleged hate crime against Mr Ayling.

The couple split in August last year after Mr Ayling had an affair.

Mr Ayling – who admits being a transvestite – alleges that when he was moving his furniture out of the matrimonial home, his former wife shouted at him: ‘You’re a bad tranny I’ve seen your website.’

A Lincolnshire Police spokesman said: ‘On July 13, a 54-year-old female and a 51-year-old male, both living at the same address, were voluntarily interviewed in relation to section 4 of the public order act, hate crime.’ Police are understood to be analysing an audio recording of the incident.

'I've no need to apologise. My ex-partner is hell-bent on destroying my life'

Desperately fighting for her political career after being labelled a racist, UKIP councillor Victoria Ayling now claims to be the victim of a vicious smear campaign.

A video of Mrs Ayling – revealed by The Mail on Sunday last week – clearly showed her saying she wanted to send all immigrants back home.

But even after public outrage at her comments, she continues to claim she is not a racist.

Indeed, she appears to find the allegations against her deeply repugnant.

Bolstered by the personal backing of flamboyant UKIP leader, Nigel Farage, she remains unapologetic – and increasingly defiant.

‘I have nothing to apologise for,’ she insists, her tone strident. ‘I was referring to illegal immigrants. It would be stupid and unrealistic to expect all immigrants to leave the country.

‘Many of them have made very considerable contributions to our cultural and economic life. I also accept that genuine refugees and asylum seekers should be offered a home here, no matter their race or religion.’

It might seem damning that the video that exposed her was provided by her ex-husband, music company executive Rob Ayling, who was also behind the camera.

But Mrs Ayling claims it is merely the latest incident in a bitter vendetta being waged by her ex-husband – because she refused to accept his preferred lifestyle and sued for divorce.

In her first interview since the video was made public, the 54-year-old claims Mr Ayling cheated on her with other women, enjoyed wearing women’s clothes and forced her to go out with him while he was dressed as his alter ego, Rebecca Adams.

In a bid to save her third marriage, she visited nightclubs with him and says she watched as he danced and flirted with other men. At one event, he took photographs of them together and later posted them on to a website for cross-dressing and transgender men – an attempt, she claims, to discredit her.

‘I suffered two months of bullying and intimidation after I found out about his adultery and that he was a transvestite,’ she says. ‘He made me do things I didn’t want to: things that nauseated me – like going out with him dolled up as a woman.

‘At first I went along with it because I didn’t want another failed marriage. After a couple of months, however, I realised it was not for me. Although I feared he would turn against me, I asked him to leave the family home in January 2011 and filed for divorce. He fought me all the way and kept threatening to go public with details of the divorce.

‘I wanted to keep it all private to protect my children. So you can imagine how devastated I was by his betrayal. Did he even bother to think about how it might impact on the son we have together? The whole thing has been like a nightmare.’

Of course, if her own shocking revelations were to cause her former spouse embarrassment, so much the better.

‘My ex-husband is bent on destroying me. It has nothing to do with him thinking I’m a racist or a bigot.

He was very supportive of my political campaigns and didn’t have a problem with my views when the video was made.’

We meet at Mrs Ayling’s mansion in a leafy idyll on the edge of a Lincolnshire village.

The six-bedroom property, set in five acres, with a private cinema room, a pool and even a lake was a major bone of contention in the divorce.

She now shares it with her New Zealand-born partner, Lord Kevin Couling, and her sons.

Victoria’s first marriage in 1985 was to Linton Cook, which lasted four years. She then married Desmond Bowles, with whom she had two sons. They parted after seven years.

She was still living in Surrey when in 1998 she met Mr Ayling at a party. They married in Putney, South London, in June 2000 and their only child was born a year later.

She first stood as the Tory parliamentary candidate in Great Grimsby in 2010 and came close to winning a safe Labour seat, falling short by 714 votes. She is considered to be a rising UKIP star and hopes to stand for Parliament in 2015.

‘I think my ex was relying on UKIP chucking me out,’ she says, ‘but my views are exactly the same as my party. They know everything about me because I’ve not hidden anything from them.’

Mr Ayling said last night: ‘It makes me sad that my ex wife has chosen to attack me about my personal life. It is clearly an attempt to move away from the public interest in her.

‘The worse thing is that the person this really affects is our special needs son.’

The Mail On Sunday

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Le Pen, Bloom, UKIP, & some 'untruths'

posted by: Junius | on: Friday, 13 December 2013, 11:06

This week in the European Parliament, at a press conference hosted by Marine Le Pen, a journalist enquired as to the possibility of Godfrey Bloom joing Le Pen's far-right grouping after the 2014 euro elections.

Frank Obermeyer of the Austrian Freedom Party responded with some interesting statements.

"Godfrey Bloom is still a member of Ukip, and still a member of the EAF. We are working well with him, but at this moment it is uncertain if he will stand for Ukip, or as an independent".

So there we have it.

Bloom's reported resignation from Ukip did not happen.

Bloom's reported resignation from the EFD group in the European Parliament did not happen.

As of today, Decemer 13th, Bloom is still listed as a Ukip MEP sitting in the EFD group, as is confirmed here.

It was Le Pen's confirmation of Bloom's leading role in the extreme right EAF that caused much embarrassment to the party. Now Obermeyer has confirmed that the link is still there.

We predict that Bloom will stand for Ukip in 2014, and that after the elections Farage will take the party into a far right group. His only problem is how to present himself in the British press as being senior to Le Pen.

Junius On UKIP

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High Court to rule on whether UKIP councillor should apologise

posted by: Steve Bax | on: Thursday, 12 December 2013, 21:20

Benjamin Dennehy

Benjamin Dennehy

A High Court judge will decide on Friday whether to hold a judicial review into Ealing town halll's decision to order a councillor to apologise for controversial comments he made about Southall.

UKIP councillor Benjamin Dennehy refused to apologise for a blog post which said ‘Indian people exploit their own people in squalid third world living conditions’, that ‘criminality is endemic in Southall’ and the high number of illegal immigrants in the area was a ‘constant on the public purse’.

Instead he made his case to a judge today that the council did not have the right to restrict his freedom of speech.After hearing both sides the judge decided to reserve his judgement on whether a full review should be held.

Mr Dennehy, said: “It shows the case is not as open and shut as the council would like to think.”

Ealing Council declined to comment.

Get West London

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The Dean Everitt Files: Dean & Criminality

posted by: Simon Cressy | on: Thursday, 12 December 2013, 16:25

Dean Everitt

Dean Everitt

One of the issues anti immigration campaigner Dean Everitt constantly refers to is the increase in crime due to immigration.

What he fails to point out to those "concerned" locals who have embraced his cause is that Everitt isn't adversed to breaking the law himself.

We reported just last month how Dean Everitt attacked one of his neighbours with a baseball bat following a row. The violent thug from Wyberton in Boston was found guilty of assault and was lucky to receive nothing more than a suspended sentence. You can read more about that here.

Yet despite his open display of violence one of his most sympathetic supporters is a UKIP councillor


Yet this isn't the first time Everitt has been before a judge. We can reveal that in 2010 Everitt was handed an harassment order and was made to wear an electronic tag to monitor his whereabouts.It is thought the victim was his own sister in law.

Earlier in 2010 Dean Everitt was raided by police, seizing cash and other items.

It appears Dean Everitt isn't the solution, he is actually part of the problem.

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UKIP’s not-so-respectable European allies

posted by: Paul Stocker | on: Thursday, 12 December 2013, 16:23

Recently, Nigel Farage rejected the overtures and offer of alliance from the French Far Right party, Front Nationale, led by Marine Le Pen, stating “Whatever Marine Le Penn is trying to do with Le Front National, anti-Semitism, is still deeply embedded in that party, and for that principle political reason, we are not going to work with them now, or at any point in the future”. The alliance also included the Dutch Freedom Party, led by blonde bombshell, Geert Wilders – famous for his anti-Islam tirades.

This attempt by Farage to place Ukip in the ‘respectable’ wing of European politics is all well and good; however, it is important to recognise who Ukip share a European platform with already in the European of Freedom and Democracy group (EFD), a Eurosceptic bloc consisting of 13 parties and one independent MEP from 13 EU member states. The EFD contains some parties with truly extreme ideas as well, perhaps surpassing the Front National and Freedom Party, and certainly does nothing to help Ukip’s respectability.

The EFD includes the Slovak National Party (SNS), which has gained notoriety for a number of attacks on Hungarians and the country’s Roma community. Furthermore it has been accused of glorifying the countries Second World War fascist regime and Nazism. In 2012, the head of the United Roma Party in Slovakia condemned billboards erected by the SNS which emblazoned ‘Let’s not put up with parasites!’ and ‘How much longer are we going to pay for the Roma?’. Former SNS leader Ján Slota has also attracted the wrath of the world’s media when he called Hungarians “the cancer of the Slovak nation” and argued that “without delay we need to remove them from the body of the nation.”

The regionalist Italian Northern League, the EFD’s second largest party, has also been embroiled in controversy over racist comments. In August, Northern League Senate Vice-President Roberto Calderoli compared Italy’s first black Senator, Cecile Kyenge, to an Orang-utan. Calderoli has previous – in 2006 he was forced resign from the Cabinet after provoking the Muslim community, by revealing a T-shirt of the Danish cartoon of the Prophet Muhammad which sparked protests from Muslims around the world. Even former leader and Government minister Umberto Bossi has been charged with extreme hostility towards immigrants, when he said in 2003 that immigrants arriving on boats should be halted by a canon which “blows everyone out of the water”.

The list of controversies could go on. The Finns Party of Finland (formerly known as the True Finns), of whom Nigel Farage has personally trumpeted the cause and whom he refers to as ‘friends’, have been caught up in some very high-profile cases of Islamphobia. The Danish People’s Party, likewise. The remainder comprises of other far right parties, nationalists, ultra-conservatives and parties who desire to leave the European Union and halt immigration.

The majority of the EFD make Ukip appear relatively temperate; however, I think it should be disconcerting to anyone who may be under the illusion that Ukip is a moderate or ‘common sense’ force in British/European politics to see who they share a platform with. It is clear that the only party in British politics which feels the need to openly state that former BNP members are barred from its membership is aware of the danger in being seen as extremist or far-right, and many of its European allies certainly do not help this cause.


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MEP Bloom denies 
he plans to join right-wing alliance

posted by: . | on: Wednesday, 11 December 2013, 00:19

Yorkshire and Humber MEP Godfrey Bloom has denied claims he is to join the right-wing alliance formed last month by French Front National leader Marine Le Pen and Dutch Freedom Party leader Gert Wilders if elected again as an independent candidate next year.

The claims were made in a report on the rise of eurosceptic right-wing parties by communications agency MHP, which predicts that Le Pen and Wilders “will succeed in crossing the threshold of 25 MEPs from seven member states necessary to form a European parliamentary group”.

Mr Bloom, who quit UKIP in September, said: “The whole thing is a mystery to me.

“I don’t know where this has come from.

“It is completely unfounded and untrue.”

Mr Bloom said he broadly supported the aims of the alliance – which wants member states to be handed back powers from Brussels to control their own borders and economies – but had no intention of joining.

“I have always been trying to promote co-operation between eurosceptic groups but it is not for me,” he said.

Mr Bloom said he would “almost certainly not” be standing as an independent candidate in next year’s elections either.

“I have no intention of standing at all for anybody – although that is not to say never because never is a long time in politics,” he said.

He did not rule out the possibility of running independently in the 2015 General Election, however, adding that he would be making a decision in the next few months.

Yorkshire Post

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UKIP Cllr Gordon Gillick accused of likening council's diversity policies to Nazi Germany

posted by: Raymond Brown | on: Tuesday, 10 December 2013, 07:55

UKIP Cllr Gordon Gillick has been accused of likening a Cambridgeshire council’s equality and diversity policies to Nazi Germany.

That’s according to county council leader Cllr Martin Curtis who made the accusation amid a bitter battle with the ruling Conservatives and UKIP, who gained 10 seats in May to become the council’s third-biggest party.

Cllr Curtis faces a standards probe over a tweet calling for supporters to ‘hurt’ Cllr Gillick who is himself being investigated for allegedly branding children in care “takers” from society.

UKIP has threatened to make an official compliant of Cllr Curtis’ tweets.

Before the threat was made, Cllr Curtis, who has called on UKIP to rein in the councillor, told the News: “We were all at a training session on the council’s equality and diversity policy and during it Cllr Gillick said the policy was like something out of Nazi Germany in 1933 and he also stood up in full council and said that Cambridge’s economic success was built on a fairy story. He just doesn’t know what he’s talking about.”

In the tweet, Cllr Curtis said: “Get local people to write personally to him. Run a Gillick petition. Hurt him as an individual.”

The politician said the post had been intended to be sent as a direct personal message – but that he was motivated by UKIP’s refusal to rein in Cllr Gillick, who was elected to represent Waldersey in May.

Mr Gillick’s wife Victoria, a famous anti-abortion campaigner from the 1980s and mother-of-ten, said: “I don’t know of Gordon said those things and he has been told by the legal department he cannot defend himself because of the official complaints.

Cllr Peter Reeve, the UKIP group’s leader, said he would be submitting a complaint against Cllr Curtis and claimed Cllr Gillick’s ‘takers’ remarks had been taken out of context and said he had been asking what could be done to make children in care feel they were contributing to society.

A dozen complaints have been submitted against Cllr Gillick, who has 42 grandchildren.

The Who Cares? Trust, which campaigns for children in care, called for his resignation.

Cambridge News

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UKIP boss heaps praise on Islam-baiter

posted by: Paul Hutcheon | on: Sunday, 8 December 2013, 23:19

Geert Wilders was banned from entering the UK, but the decision was overturned Photograph: Reuters

Geert Wilders was banned from entering the UK, but the decision was overturned Photograph: Reuters

The interim chair of Ukip Scotland has been criticised over his support for a notorious far-right politician in the Netherlands who backs a ban on what he terms the "fascist" Koran.

Misty Thackeray has described Freedom Party leader Geert Wilders, who said Islam was the biggest threat to civilisation, as "great".

He also said it would have better had sacked Ukip Scotland leader Lord Christopher Monckton silently vanished "up the Orinoco."

As revealed by the Sunday Herald, Ukip in Scotland is imploding due to tensions between senior members. Of nine shortlisted candidates for the European election, at least six quit over the alleged tactics used by one candidate, Otto Inglis.

Ukip chief Nigel Farage then sacked ­Monckton by email. That led to Scottish chair Mike Scott-Hayward and fundraiser Malcolm Macaskill quitting in protest.

Local branch officials also resigned in a show of solidarity with Monckton, who said Ukip north of the Border had been "wiped out".

Thackeray said he had been asked to act as Scottish chairman until the next annual general meeting, but his hardline right-wing views are causing alarm.

The Glasgow-based 52-year-old, described as a security consultant on a business database, praised Wilders on Facebook last year.

Wilders has argued the Koran, which he calls a "fascist book", should be outlawed. He has called for a block on new mosques and claimed Islam was the "biggest threat to our freedom and our civilization".

Labour home secretary Jacqui Smith blocked Wilders from entering the UK in 2009, a decision that was overturned.

Wilders wrote a book last year, entitled Marked for Death: Islam's War Against the West and Me. This tome prompted Thackeray's Facebook posting: "Geert is great.. (peace be upon him … lol) … and so is this eye-opener of a book!"

On the same social media site, Thackeray also blasted Monckton's criticisms of Ukip.

"It would have been more gracious if my old mate Christopher had silently vanished up the Orinoco instead of this ­undignified defacation [sic]. So let me assure you Ukip Scotland is most ­definitely NOT wiped out and once I've restructured it will be an even more serious force to reckon with."

A Ukip source said: "It is clear Thackeray's views mean he should not be not interim chair of the Scottish party."

Thackeray was the party's candidate in a council by-election in Glasgow last week. He came fourth, ahead of the LibDems and Scottish Greens. He has also been a director of several firms.

Patricia Ferguson, Scottish Labour's external affairs spokesperson, said: "This is a strange and unwelcome choice of political inspiration even for a senior Ukip official … When we are celebrating a world leader in Nelson Mandela who brought hope to us all, the politics of division and grievance that we see from Ukip look even more out of place."

An SNP spokesperson said: "These are appalling views. The people of Scotland have a proud tradition of supporting justice internationally and opposing racism. Ukip's sorry record of intolerance and bigotry have no place here."

Thackeray could not be reached.

Sunday Herald

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UKIP's new buffoon

posted by: . | on: Sunday, 8 December 2013, 22:34

Victoria Ayling obviously knew she was wrong when she blurted out her crude ‘send the lot back’ sentiments at a private recording session.

She still said the words. And what a lot of ironies follow. Is she now in trouble for saying what she (presumably) really thinks? But isn’t that what we always say we want our politicians to do?

Or is she to be condemned for keeping her real views secret from the voters? But isn’t that what spin doctors are always telling their bosses to do?

Her real problem (as so often in such matters) is that she was caught. Now she has been, should the Tories or UKIP be more embarrassed about it?

Both look foolish. She was a Tory when she spoke the offending sentence, and came within 714 votes of being one of David Cameron’s MPs. Now she has defected to Nigel Farage, who may regret calling her ‘talented and experienced’.

He may also regret his party’s complacent declaration that it will ‘support her through this time’. UKIP rightly says it cannot search the detailed pasts of every councillor, but by its nature it attracts – and tolerates – more than its fair share of buffoons. The more it succeeds, the more of these foot-in-mouth episodes we shall see.

Mail On Sunday

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Godfrey Bloom defends former Grimsby parliamentary candidate Victoria Ayling over racism storm

posted by: NewsdeskGy | on: Sunday, 8 December 2013, 14:30

Victoria Ayling, pictured at the election result count at Grimsby Auditorium in 2010

Victoria Ayling, pictured at the election result count at Grimsby Auditorium in 2010

Outspoken ex-UKIP politician Godfrey Bloom has defended a former Grimsby parliamentary candidate embroiled in a racism row.

Mr Bloom, who now sits as an independent in the European Parliament after two controversies of his own, insisted she had nothing to apologise for in the wake of the row.

Victoria Ayling was caught on camera saying all immigrants to Britain should be sent back home.

She stood against Grimsby MP Austin Mitchell in the 2010 general election.

Mr Bloom told the Grimsby Telegraph today: “To hang her out to dry for those comments, which you could hear in any pub or club all over the country, is ridiculous.

“She didn’t say anything based on country or colour. All she said was that we are too overcrowded and that we just need to send some people home.

“I am sure the UKIP press office will waste no time in stabbing her in the back.

“What has she said that she should be shot? Come on. It’s not exactly the end of the world.

“It was an unguarded moment but there was no racist implication.

“She did not say all black people should be sent home.”

He added that UKIP policy was that anybody who was in the country legitimately should be allowed to stay – but that any illegal immigrants should be sent home.

Mr Bloom himself made headlines over his “bongo bongo land” comment over foreign aid that was also secretly filmed as well as for a remark in which he jokingly referred to some women as “sluts” over household duties.

Mrs Ayling, who made headlines when she defected from the Tories to UKIP in March, made the comments in a 20-minute video.

She speaks on the subject of immigration in the film.

A key ally of UKIP leader Nigel Farage, she talks about restricting the numbers of foreigners entering the UK, but then adds: "I just want to send the lot back, but I can't say that."

She then goes on to joke that her controversial remark could one day come back to haunt her.

"Bribery, blackmail – we need the blackmail music don’t we?" She is heard saying.

The video was filmed in 2008 by her ex-husband Rob Ayling to promote her political career.

Last night one MP said he was "disgusted" by the comments that had "no place in front line politics".

Mrs Ayling, 54, became a high-profile recruit to UKIP when she confronted David Cameron during this year’s Tory conference and told him she was leaving the party.

It's a further blow to the party following a year of controversies. Earlier this year, local MEP Mr Bloom provoked anger after referring to ‘Bongo Bongo Land’ in a speech about foreign aid. He later resigned from the party after he called some female activists ‘sluts’ and hit a journalist over the head with the party's conference brochure.

Mr Farage last night said that Mrs Ayling’s comments were "slightly odd".

He told a national newspaper: "I have met her two or three times and I have discussed policy at length before accepting her into the party.

"I had no reason to believe she held views that were extreme or inconsistent with ours. While this comment looks odd and unpleasant there may be a context here that is slightly different to the way it appears."

UKIP want to end ‘mass, uncontrolled immigration’ but does not call for repatriation of legal immigrants.

The video was shot in 2008 – but Mrs Ayling last night said she stood by the comments.

In one take, she said: "We must basically repatriate those that shouldn't be here. That's not quite policy yet. Maybe I should soften it a bit."

She then added: "OK. Send them back."

Rob is then heard to mutter: "National Front."

In the very next take, Mrs Ayling – a Lincolnshire County councillor and deputy leader of the local UKIP party – says : "Multiculturalism is dead, I’m allowed to say that, but maybe Britishness is waving the National Front flag a bit.

"We must control immigration. We cannot sustain the numbers coming in; the strains on our infrastructure are enormous. Control should be done fairly and the points system like they have in Australia and all those coming here should be encouraged to speak English so they can integrate."

She adds: "I just want to send the lot back but I can’t say that."

Last night, Mrs Ayling insisted her comments were taken "out of context" and she was only referring to illegal immigrants.

She said: "It is nothing different from what the Home Secretary is advocating now any way. And the blackmail music is from a Monty Python sketch. I don't think there is anything there that can be seen as offensive or politically incorrect."

She added:"I stand by what I said: illegal immigrants should be sent back home and multiculturalism won’t work. It was a throwaway comment that has been taken out of context."

Speaking about the footage, Mr Ayling said: "Victoria said during the divorce she would never be entering national politics again. Now, with her being a rising star of UKIP, I think it is a public interest story in terms of the electorate knowing what kind of a woman she is.

"I remember remarking that [her comment] was a little bit National Front and she replied that we should send them back. I wasn't shocked as she's like that all the time.

"Victoria will do anything to further her political career. She felt she was passed over by the Tories, that's why she defected. She has a better chance of being an MP or MEP with UKIP. It is complete opportunism, power at all costs."

Mrs Ayling was within 714 votes of becoming Tory MP for Grimsby at the 2010 Election, and since joining UKIP has enjoyed a high profile.

One insider said she was a ‘trusted ally’ of Mr Farage: ‘She was fast-tracked for a council seat and then went on the BBC politics show.

‘She was a “Farage filly”. She was on stage at main conference and was even invited down to London for a photoshoot by Nigel.’

The couple divorced acrimoniously last year and Mrs Ayling now lives with Kevin Couling, who calls himself a ‘Lord’ after buying a title. The couple gave an interview to German newspaper Der Spiegel in June this year in which Mrs Ayling said Mr Cameron should "declare a state of emergency and close the borders" to curb immigration.

Last night, MP Stephen Phillips, said: ‘Immigration is a huge issue. But anyone who says they “just want to send the lot back” has no place at all in frontline politics.

"People who have come here to work hard, to live by British values and to contribute to our communities have always been welcomed. Many will be as disgusted as I am by the views which Mrs Ayling apparently holds."

A UKIP spokesman last night said the party stood by the councillor and that the media "hampered debate on immigration" by "failing to make the distinction between a frank discussion and unpalatable views".

"Given that this was before the time Victoria joined UKIP we cannot comment on why this video was made for the Conservatives.

"However, we can vouch for her as a capable and decent councillor and support her through this time."

Grimsby Telegraph

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UKIP councillor Victoria Ayling defends immigrant comments

posted by: BBC | on: Sunday, 8 December 2013, 13:17

Victoria Ayling

Victoria Ayling

A UK Independence party councillor has insisted comments about immigrants that were attributed to her in a Sunday paper have been taken "out of context".

The Mail on Sunday reported it had seen a video from 2008 in which Victoria Ayling said: "I just want to send the lot back, but I can't say that."

She told the BBC she was referring to illegal immigrants and the paper based its story on "snippets" of the film.

UKIP leader Nigel Farage said he accepted Mrs Ayling's explanation.

He said he could "see no reason" to take action against the Lincolnshire county councillor.

"We stand by Victoria Ayling," the UKIP leader added.

Mrs Ayling, 54, who sits on East Lindsey District Council, defected from the Conservatives earlier this year.

In 2010, she stood as a Conservative parliamentary candidate in Great Grimsby, losing to Labour by just 714 votes.

According to the Mail on Sunday, the video footage was shot when Mrs Ayling was seeking selection as a Tory candidate for EU elections.

Speaking to the BBC, Mrs Ayling denied she had close links to Nigel Farage but confirmed she had met him as a UKIP activist.

Mr Farage said that since Mrs Ayling had joined UKIP, he had seen no evidence for the party to be worried at all.


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UKIP Man Likens Mandela To North Korean Dictator

posted by: Simon Cressy | on: Saturday, 7 December 2013, 18:05

Andy Lovie

Andy Lovie

We wrote about Andy Lovie and his links to the BNP in September, so it should come as no real surprise that he has a twisted view of history to go along with his twisted view of politics.

Andy Lovie was the Branch Secretary for the Aberdeen branch of UKIP and has previously stood as a candidate for UKIP.

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UKIP Activist's Vile Mandela Posts

posted by: Simon Cressy | on: Saturday, 7 December 2013, 16:49

Alexandra Swann with Nigel Farage

Alexandra Swann with Nigel Farage

Alexandra Swann is considered a rising star with UKIP and was previously the national deputy chairman (political) of Conservative Future.

Eyebrows were raised at a UKIP conference held in Skegness earlier this year when she claimed it was dangerous to let the unemployed vote.

Once again, Alexandra Swann has raised her poisonous voice, to express her opinions about the recent loss of Nelson Mandela.

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The Dean Everitt Files: Dean & Homophobia

posted by: Simon Cressy | on: Friday, 6 December 2013, 02:22

Dean Everitt

Dean Everitt

We have been covering the fortunes of anti-immigration campaigner Dean Everitt in a series of blogs entitled The Dean Everitt Files.

Remember, Everitt has always assured the media that he and his campaign are not racist, yet we wrote about his fervent support for the BNP and their racist policies in a previous blog. You can read more about that here.

We also wrote about his change of political allegiances, switching from the BNP once they became a spent force over to UKIP who had started to make waves in his local area.

Everitt became very close to a number of UKIP councillors in Lincolnshire, with several attending some of his anti immigration marches.You can read more about his links to UKIP here.

But whilst his hatred of immigration is well known, a lesser known, but equally disturbing fact about Dean Everitt is that he is a rabid homophobe, frequently spewing hatred towards the gay community in the UK.

In one disgusting post, Everitt calls for homosexuals to be executed.

We will be passing these posts onto Lincolnshire Police as well as the local media in Lincolnshire, I'm sure they will be very interested.

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UKIP Scotland: The War Of Words Continues

posted by: Simon Cressy | on: Thursday, 5 December 2013, 10:11

Lord Monckton

Lord Monckton

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Is UKIP leader Nigel Farage finding his ‘voice’ again?

posted by: Richard Eden | on: Sunday, 1 December 2013, 22:15

As one of Nigel Farage’s most loyal lieutenants, Gawain Towler’s move away from his role as the UK Independence Party’s spokesman was always likely to provoke much speculation. Mandrake hears that the jostling to succeed Towler is, however, reviving old enmities.

Some members of the party, which David Cameron, memorably, described as “a bunch of fruitcakes and loonies and closet racists”, claim that Annabelle Fuller is being lined up to replace Towler as Farage’s closest adviser.

Fuller, whose public relations company worked on Farage’s leadership campaign, became his “spin doctor”, but gave up the role in 2008 after much sniping about the warmth of her working relationship with him.

When Towler is asked if he is being replaced by Fuller, he demands: “Who told you that?” He describes the claims as “interesting” but declines to comment. Fuller insists that she is not replacing Towler, but does not elaborate.

In 2008, she claimed that she was the victim of a vicious two-year smear campaign aimed at undermining Farage. She said she had received “threatening” telephone calls accusing her of being “a whore”.

When Godfrey Bloom, the MEP and a flat mate of Farage, was criticised in September for describing Ukip activists as “sluts”, Fuller tried to defend the comment.

“I think people don’t understand the difference between 'slut’ and 'slag’,” she said. “Do you know what the word 'slut’ means?”

The Telegraph

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UKIP 'wiped out' north of the Border after its Scots leader is sacked

posted by: Paul Hutcheon | on: Sunday, 1 December 2013, 21:49

UKIP chief Nigel Farage has sacked Scottish party leader Lord Christopher Monckton in an attempt to end infighting north of the Border.

The move has prompted the chairman and chief fundraiser of Ukip in Scotland to quit in protest. The party's administrative body has also been dissolved.

Monckton told the Sunday Herald: "There isn't any Ukip in Scotland. It's been wiped out."

This newspaper recently revealed the internal divisions ripping apart the anti-Europe party in Scotland.

Key figures, including Monckton and chairman Mike Scott-Hayward, believed a trio of senior party members, including former by-election candidate Otto Inglis, were plotting a takeover.

The grievances came to a head when six of Ukip Scotland's nine shortlisted candidates for the European parliament elections, including Monckton, resigned.

They did so in protest at Inglis's alleged tactics during the selection contest, which was eventually won by Farage ally David Coburn, who is Ukip's London chairman.

Relations are now at an all-time low and last Monday, Farage fired Monckton by email.

The party leader wrote: "After much thought and many weeks of dialogue between yourself, your committee and the officers of the party I have decided, with the support of the NEC, to remove from you the position of leader of Ukip Scotland."

Farage said a "new team" was required to support Coburn, adding: "This requires a clear management structure, so we are now focusing around a lead candidate rather than a leader in Scotland, and reconstituting the Ukip Scotland committee to make sure that it is in the best shape to support the campaign to elect the first Ukip MEP for Scotland."

Speaking to the Sunday Herald, Monckton said Ukip had been "slow" to deal with "a very tiresome faction" that was destabilising the party in Scotland, saying: "They prevented Ukip from functioning for nearly a year."

On Farage sacking him, Monckton said: "I'm not happy he didn't telephone me before he sacked me. I thought Nigel would have had the common sense to ring me."

He added: "In Ukip, there is an absence of professionalism."

Monckton said the recent changes left the party without any structure or purpose, adding: "There isn't any Ukip in Scotland. It's gone. It's been wiped out."

And he said: "London now realises it has made the most ghastly mistake."

A senior source said: "This sacking is an example of Farage's control freakery."

Ukip's national executive has also wound up the party's ruling "Scottish committee" and an extraordinary general meeting scheduled for today has been scrapped. In an email to members, national Ukip chairman Steve Crowther said: "There has been some difficulty within the Ukip Scotland committee for some time, and the NEC has decided that the best way forward, instead of an EGM to discuss a series of no-confidence motions in the officers, would be to dissolve the current committee and take stock."

Scott-Hayward, chief fundraiser Malcolm Macaskill and several senior branch figures have all walked away from their positions to show solidarity with Monckton.

Although Ukip has had considerable success in England, the party has not made a breakthrough in Scotland.

At recent Holyrood by-elections, Inglis polled 4.83% in Aberdeen Donside and Adams secured only 3.75% in Dunfermline.

A recent trip to Edinburgh also ended badly for Farage, with the leader getting heckled in a pub by protesters and having to be bundled away by a police escort.

Scott-Hayward said: "Lord Monckton has been removed for standing up for his principles. That is wrong."

An SNP spokesperson said: "Lord Monckton, of course, famously said that Scots are 'subsidy junkies', but the problem for Ukip in Scotland isn't the messenger, it's the toxic message they're trying to sell.

"As Ukip drags Westminster politicians further and further to the right, one of the dangers of voting No in next year's referendum is of Scotland being dragged through the EU's exit door against our will."

A Ukip spokesman declined to comment.

Sunday Herald

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