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UKIP Councillor Refuses To Back Janice Atkinson

posted by: Simon Cressy | on: Wednesday, 31 December 2014, 14:40

David Baker

David Baker

As we are about to start a new year it seems rather fitting that we yet again write about the UKIP clown princess Janice Atkinson.

Atkinson has made the headlines a number of times over the year, mostly for stories that embarrassed UKIP and herself.

Just a fortnight ago it was revealed that Atkinson was being chased by the CSA for £2,000 in missing child support payments, despite calling parents on welfare benefits "feckless". In fact Atkinson has already been taken to court on two occasions for her non payment.

Back in August, The South East MEP made the front pages after referring to one of her constituents, a Thai lady as a "Ting Tong". UKIP leader Nigel Farage had to visit the lady at her Kent home and make a grovelling apology saying he was "deeply sorry" and "it shouldn't have happened". Farage reprimanded Atkinson saying "this is not the kind of behaviour that we want from anybody, at any level, in UKIP".

Earlier in 2014, Atkinson was photographed making an offensive hand gesture in response to a group of local activists who opposed UKIP and their xenophobia, swearing at them multiple times.

Never far from controversy, Atkinson became a laughing stock after claiming she attended a Grammar school, only for it to be revealed that wasn't actually the case as the school has never been considered a "Grammar" school.

Now it seems her catalogue of cock ups has caught up with her as one Kent UKIP county councillor is refusing to back her as a general election candidate.

Councillor David Baker who represents Romney Marsh said “I do not want to be tarred with the same brush as Ms Atkinson. I have decided to make it absolutely clear that I cannot support her in her campaign.”

Atkinson has been selected to represent UKIP in the Folkestone and Hythe constituency in 2015, however Baker claims large numbers of constituents are quite rightly worried over her selection.

Baker said "There are several reasons, two are because of her comments where she referred to a lady from Thailand as a ‘ting tong’ and of her finger gestures to protesters.I do not consider these actions to be representative of a PPC in Folkestone and Hythe."

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UKIP Kick Out Kent Councillor

posted by: Simon Cressy | on: Sunday, 21 December 2014, 13:23

UKIP have sacked one of their Kent councillors after it was revealed that she has made a number of offensive comoments on a TV intereview that has yet to be shown on UK TV.

Rozanne Duncan, UKIP councillor for Cliftonville East in Thanet was dumped by the xenophobes of UKIP after the contents of the interview were revealed to them.

A spokesman said "Ukip is expelling Cllr Rozanne Duncan under rule 15 of its constitution for bringing the party into disrepute. She has 28 days to appeal."

As well as Thanet councillor she was also secretary of the Thanet South Ukip constituency association and was deputy leader of the UKIP council group.

This will no doubt cause huge embarrassment to UKIP leader Nigel Farage, who is due to stand for election in Thanet South next year.

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Can You Spot The Obvious Mistake ?

posted by: Simon Cressy | on: Saturday, 20 December 2014, 13:06

Here is a Christmas message posted by Rotherham UKIP in their local newspaper.

However, they appear to have made a bit of a schoolboy error, can you spot it ?

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UKIP: Survey Race Row

posted by: Simon Cressy | on: Sunday, 14 December 2014, 13:03

Steve Crowther

Steve Crowther

UKIP were are the centre of yet another race row after it was revealed that supporters had been asked to take part in a game that "rated blacks, Muslims & Eastern Europeans" with the offer of a cash prize for the winner.

Members were asked to take part in a "rate an immigrant" survey by UKIP chairman Steve Crowther asking how close they feel to a number of ethnic groups that include ‘Blacks, Asians, Muslims, English, Eastern Europeans and Whites’

UKIP members were asked to rate the ethnic groups on a scale from zero for "not close" to 10 for "very close".

Writing to members, the survey states "Ukip is growing quickly. We want to strengthen our party by understanding our rapidly growing membership. We are asking all our members to complete a new survey. So please, do complete the survey. It should be fun! You might even win some prizes!"

UKIP deny the survey is racist.

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UKIP:Hamilton Row Rumbles On

posted by: Simon Cressy | on: Friday, 12 December 2014, 08:22

Stuart Wheeler

Stuart Wheeler

Disgraced former MP Neil Hamilton is a divisive figure and that certainly appears to be the case in his party UKIP at the moment.

Earlier this week, Hamilton pulled out of the race to become the UKIP candidate for the key parliamentary seat of South Basildon and East Thurrock after the UKIP finance committee began to raise doubts about his expense claims made to UKIP.

Hamilton described the leaking of a letter sent to him by the committee as "dirty tricks" with the intention of destablising his candidature.

Now, one of UKIP's largest funders the former treasurer Stuart Wheeler has threatened to walk away from the xenophobic party if Hamilton is selected as a UKIP candidate for the general election.

The possibility of Hamilton becoming a UKIP candidate is a chiiling thought, a worry that has the driven a firm wedge between two warring factions of UKIP.

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Roger Bird 'lied over relationship' claims UKIP activist Natasha Bolter - Newsnight

posted by: Simon Cressy | on: Wednesday, 10 December 2014, 23:41

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UKIP Claim NHS Is Diseased & Worse Than Taliban

posted by: Simon Cressy | on: Wednesday, 10 December 2014, 19:44

You've probably seen various stories by now regarding UKIP and their disdain for the NHS.

Lots of different articles are in the public domain regarding this and everytime one comes to the surface, Farage and his UKIP stormtroopers attempt to carry out a face saving mission, pleading with the voters that UKIP thinks that the NHS is the best thing since sliced bread.

However, Hope not hate and our followers know the real truth regarding this matter and if any further evidence was required, I have just read a rather alarming article from UKIP's deputy chairman Neil Hamilton from last year that proves once again that the xenophobic party have little time for the National Health Service.

Writing in UKIP's favourite mouthpiece The Daily Express, the disgraced ex MP Hamilton pours scorn on the NHS, calling it "diseased" and claiming that "the NHS is a more effective killing machine than the Taliban".

Hamilton, better known for "Cash for questions" describes the NHS as a "Soviet-style nationalised monolith" and a "substitute for religion".

He continues to attack the service, calling the NHS a byword for waste and misdirected investment, claiming that "the NHS is brilliant at one thing: burning our money".

The ex Tatton Tory MP lays into the service, calling it "incompetent,""dismal" and "a shambles", the same labels I personally would attach to a disgraced ex MP like Hamilton.

You can read the original Express article entitled "Failing NHS is itself diseased" here.

As UKIP have a habit of deleting their attacks on the NHS I have taken a screen grab and stored it away for a rainy day.

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UKIP Shenanigans:Letters Written

posted by: Peter Finan | on: Monday, 8 December 2014, 22:09

Thanks to Peter Finan and The UKIP Shenanigans for allowing us to reproduce this very worrying tale of UKIP intimidation. It isn't the first time we have heard tales like this and I'm sure it wont be the last.

Hello. My name is Peter Finan. I live in the Bradford area and have done all my life. It’s a fabulous city, with a rich heritage, and a landscape that includes rolling moors, vibrant suburbs and exciting city-centre developments. I’ve always thought of Bradford as a city that has welcomed and absorbed incomers, most notably the Polish and Pakistani workers attracted to the booming textile industry in the post-war period.

Our local newpaper is the Bradford Telegraph and Argus. On the 1st December 2014, they printed a story about UKIP making the Bradford South seat a target constituency. The story can be read here

Now I have, on and off, watched the progress of UKIP, and I’m sure I recalled reading about Nick Griffin urging BNP members to join UKIP. And he had – this is a screenshot from the BNP website, from a post dated 3th May 2013.

I also recalled that much more recently, Nick Griffin had said he was voting for UKIP, see the following link

Not only that, the racist Britain First organisation, during the run-up to the recent Rochester and Strood by-election, had urged people to vote for UKIP

So – I thought I would write a letter, well, an e-mail to the Bradford Telegraph and Argus letters page, supplying the links above as reference, and they printed it. Here is my letter from the newspaper, published 2nd December 2014. Again, click to enlarge. I have redacted the cut-down address, which I had suppplied to the T&A for publication.

And that was that. I referenced fact, and talked about what a great place Bradford is.

Then – a few days later, on December 5th, the local UKIP chap, Jason Smith, had his reply printed in the T&A.

Then, the very next day, another reply to my letter, from another UKIP chap – from Southampton. Here’s what he has to say.

Then, as I settled down to read the newspaper, the post popped through the door. This was one of those items of post.

And the contents? Two UKIP leaflets and the following letter, from Paul Latham, of the UKIP Regional Office.

I’m being accused of what? Providing misleading information to the newspaper? Of course I haven’t, I provided nothing but fact. And smears? I typed in “define:smear” into Google, and this is what I got.

So. In summary, in response to one letter in a newspaper, which has been passed around UKIP, I get a letter, to me, at my home address, stating untruths and accusing me of supplying false information to a newspaper.

I am wondering about two things:

(1) – Do they do this every time a letter discussing UKIP appears in a newspaper?

(2) – Suppose I read something in today’s newspaper, I don’t like it, I find out where the author lived, then sent them a letter accusing them of supplying false information – would that be classed as harassment?

At the moment I’m getting legal advice on this.

Thanks for reading,


EDIT 08/12/14 This blog seems to be going here, there and everywhere. What I would like to emphasise to readers is two things: (1) I have been accused by UKIP of supplying misleading information – a lie; I supplied facts and only irrefutable facts; (2) They took the time to find out where I live to accuse me of this lie. Thanks.

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UKIP Suspend General Secretary

posted by: Simon Cressy | on: Monday, 8 December 2014, 17:50

In what is turning out to be a bad week for UKIP we can reveal that the xenophoboc party have today suspended their General Secretary Roger Bird over allegations of "impropriety".

In a statement issued by UKIP they confirmed that Bird has been suspended pending an investigation into allegations relating to the selection of candidates.

UKIP said: “Shortly after a claim came to light about the conduct of Mr Bird with regard to candidate selection, the UK Independence Party took action swiftly and decisively, including steps involving external Human Resources consultants, as well as following due process and the party’s constitution to the letter.”

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Shocking UKIP Leaflet

posted by: Simon Cressy | on: Sunday, 7 December 2014, 19:40

We wrote about this leaflet a few days ago, UKIP have refused to take any action against Martyn Ford and this shockingly racist UKIP leaflet.

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UKIP: Scottish Nazi Link

posted by: Simon Cressy | on: Saturday, 6 December 2014, 21:27

Lovie with Farage

Lovie with Farage

The Mirror has a very interesting story in their newspaper, which I presume will be in it's Sunday edition tomorrow.

It tells the story of Andy Lovie, a Scottish UKIP activist whom we have written about before.

Lovie is the former secretary of the Aberdeen branch of UKIP, The Mirror claim that he has posted a series of racist & anti gay messages on the notorious neo nazi web forum Stormfront, which is owned by former KKK Grand Wizard Don Black.

Lovie tells Stormfront how he is looking forward to a "white future" along with recommending groups that deny the Holocaust.

The Aberdeen UKIP man praises Holocaust denier David Duke’s My Awakening book which is chock full of anti-semitism & racist rubbish and calls Duke's radio show “a breath of fresh air for those people of European ancestry”.

In another shocking post, Lovie says homosexuals shouldn't be allowed to vote.

We revealed last year that Lovie's name appeared on the leaked BNP membership list, however, UKIP refused to take any action.

You can read more in The Mirror tomorrow.

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UKIP Councillor:Spending Money On Deprived Areas Doesn't Work

posted by: Simon Cressy | on: Saturday, 6 December 2014, 17:42

Photo by Richard Holton

Photo by Richard Holton

A UKIP councillor has caused controversy by criticising his local council for spending millions of pounds on deprived areas, claiming it doesn't work.

Paul Richardson, who represents Little Lever on Bolton Council spoke out against the funding claiming that years of work to improve living standards in some of Bolton’s poorest areas have had little or no effect.

Richardson, giving his maiden speech in the chamber last week said: "Millions of pounds have solved nothing. If any organisation which has ploughed such millions into a project over 14 years reaches the point when it is clear that the opposite result than that which was intended has been achieve, then that organisation must seriously consider drawing the line under the project and find a different method of approach. I believe we have now reached that point.”

Labour councillor Ebrahim Adia, Executive Cabinet Member for Regeneration and Resources said: “We have done extremely well in narrowing the gap in Bolton. I want to tell the people of Bolton that UKIP is no friend of the people who live in the poorest areas of Bolton who are likely to vote for them.They will abandon you at the first opportunity"

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More Trouble For Hampshire UKIP

posted by: Simon Cressy | on: Saturday, 6 December 2014, 15:42

Hampshire UKIP have made a habit of falling out with each other.

The latest tale in this sorry saga unveils itself after we learn't that the leader of the UKIP group on Hampshire County Council has quit his post "To spend more time with his family".

Read into that what you will, but Councillor Philip Fawkes has only been a member of the council for just over 6 months, so his decision is a little strange, especially with Hampshire UKIP's track record.

We have been informed that there is more to this story, so we will keep a close eye on this one.

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UKIP Once Again Refuse To Act

posted by: Simon Cressy | on: Thursday, 4 December 2014, 21:23

Martyn Ford

Martyn Ford

UKIP are nothing if not predictable.

Once again Farage's xenophobic party has refused to take any action over the behaviour of one of it's candidates, this time Martyn Ford, UKIP PPC for Swansea West.

Ford has been distributing UKIP leaflets in the Swansea area linking our multicultural society to Islamic terrorism and child abuse.

The leaflet reads "Islamic terror. Abuse of our children. The consequence of multiculturalism”

UKIP promised to take action against Ford deeming the leaflet as "inappropriate"

However, after a review by the bigwigs in UKIP's NEC Ford has been told that no action will be taken against him.

Should have guessed that would have been the outcome...

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