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UKIP Under The Microscope: Richard Crouch Part 3

posted by: Simon Cressy | on: Friday, 27 February 2015, 23:07

Our expose of South Leicestershire UKIP branch secretary and candidate, Richard Crouch has been ruffling a few feathers, none other than with Crouch himself.

The story has been picked up by a number of high street newspapers, including The Daily Mail and The Independent, it even made the headlines in a Romanian newspaper.

More importantly, the local newspaper The Leicester Mercury picked up the story and approached Crouch for a comment.

The problem for Crouch however, is that he appears to be a pathological liar, claiming he never made any of the racist or offensive comments and that his Facebook profile had been hacked (Yep, that old chestnut).

Crouch also claimed he had reported the matter to Leicestershire Police., also claiming that the police had suggested that he delete his Facebook account.

However, Crouch's story has as many holes as a Swiss cheese and is unravelling fast. A Leicestershire Police spokesman told The Leicester Mercury: “We cannot find any reports of this nature. If we were to get an inquiry like this we would ask the caller to contact their internet service provider and ensure they change their security settings.”

The spokesman also said it would not be treated as a crime unless the person affected was a victim of crime.

UKIP have now also launched an internal investigation (for what it's worth) So I suppose now is as good a time as any to reveal our final part of our investigation.

Richard Crouch on Women:

If you had a chance to look through the Lutterworth losers Facebook page before he deleted it you would have been overwhelmed by the amount of sexism that littered the pages of his account.

I've include just a few examples to set the tone and to give the UKIP investigation team just a little bit more work to do.

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Two Kent UKIP Councillors Quit Over Race Row

posted by: Simon Cressy | on: Friday, 27 February 2015, 17:20

Tom Dawes

Tom Dawes

UKIP have lost two councillors this week on the back of the race row folloowing the BBC documentary "Meet The Ukippers".

Two councillors in Lydd, Shepway have quit the party, claiming one of the reasons was the racist remarks made by Thanet UKIP councillor Rozanne Duncan.

Bob Jones

Bob Jones

Lydd Mayor Tom Dawes and Lydd Deputy Mayor Bob Jones both turned their backs on the xenophobic party.

Both had intended to be UKIP candidates in this May's Shepway District Council Elections but have now both withdrawn.

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UKIP Under The Microscope: Richard Crouch Part 2

posted by: Simon Cressy | on: Thursday, 26 February 2015, 09:54

Yesterday, I brought you the first part of this blog where we take a close look at the online behaviour of Richard Crouch, Branch Secretary for South Leicestershire UKIP, election agent and candidate for UKIP in May 2015. You can read the first part here.

It seems the details about our story have been fed back to Mr Crouch, who overnight deleted both his personal Facebook page and his Facebook page that promoted his UKIP candidate status.

The deletion of his Facebook presence however is not a problem, we already have all the material we need as we carry on with UKIP Under The Microscope: Richard Crouch Part 2

Richard Crouch on Benefit Claimants & The Bedroom Tax:

If there is one subject that irks Richard Crouch as much as immigration it is the less well off and those who claim benefits.

The Leicestershire UKIP candidate thinks that the controversial Bedroom Tax is the best thing since sliced bread, despite UKIP claiming they will scrap it as they deem it unfair. He also hates those that claim benefits with a passion, as can be seen by this disgusting post regarding a sufferer of ADHD.

Crouch is also a big fan of The Bedroom Tax:

Recovery driver Crouch, who works for the family firm Crouch Recovery, based at The Kibworth Service Station on the A6 has scant regard for anyone he deems a "benefits wanker"


In fact, Richard Crouch has a low opinion of most people, as demonstrated by this foul mouthed outburst:

Part 3 coming soon....

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UKIP Under The Microscope: Richard Crouch Part 1

posted by: Simon Cressy | on: Wednesday, 25 February 2015, 19:24

As promised, Hope not hate refuse to buckle when it comes to investigating and exposing UKIP candidates, officials and members, in the hope of revealing the darker, disturbing inner core that lies within the ranks of UKIP.

First up, let me introduce you to Richard Crouch, Branch Secretary for the South Leicestershire UKIP branch,election agent and candidate for UKIP in May 2015.

Crouch from Lutterworth joined UKIP in 2013 and was soon to immerse himself in all things purple, even standing as a candidate for them in a by election in December 2014.

Recovery driver, Crouch is a perfect example of everything that is bad about UKIP. His Facebook page is a catalogue of racist and sexist comments and he has a deep hatred of the less well off and of those who claim benefits.

Richard Crouch on Race & Immigration:

If you had the misfortune of looking at Richard Crouch's Facebook page, you'd discover a large collection of racists postings, of which most of his poison is directed towards Muslims and Romanians.

The most disturbing post was a sniggering reference to the murder of 82 year old Muslim Mohammed Saleem by Ukrainian student Pavlo Lapshyn in Birmingham in 2013. Saleem was walking home after visiting his local mosque when Lapshyn stabbed him from behind. The Ukrainian Nazi was also responsible for bombing three mosques in the West Midlands area and was jailed for a minimum of 40 years at The Old Bailey.

Another post made by Crouch refers to the city of Leicester as "britains biggest shithole" and says the city is "full of pakis"

Whenever Crouch posts about Asians he refers to them as "The Taliban"

The Lutterworth loser also appears to have a particular dislike of Romanians, branding them as "pick pocketing criminals"

He also seems to think bayonets should be used against Romanians visiting the UK.

These postings just go part of the way to demonstrate the warped mindset of Richard Crouch.These alone should be enough to see him swiftly expelled from UKIP.

However, there is much, much more and we haven't the space in one blog.

Keep an eye out for part 2 of this blog where we highlight Richard Crouch's hatred for anyone on benefits and how the Lutterworth UKIP man believes that the Bedroom Tax is the best thing since sliced bread.

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UKIP:Under The Microscope

posted by: Simon Cressy | on: Tuesday, 24 February 2015, 12:18

The dust still hasn't settled following the BBC documentary "Meet The Ukippers" aired on Sunday, that exposed a deep vein of racism and prejudice within the ranks of UKIP.

The programme revealed the darker side behind the Euro sceptic party, a darker side Hope not hate has been uncovering for some time.

Thanet UKIP councillor Rozanne Duncan was expelled by UKIP after her bigotry and hatred was clear for all to see in the excellent documentary.

However, similar behaviour to Duncan's regularly goes unpunished as UKIP attempt to hide their bigots under a cloak of shame.

Hope not hate refuse to let UKIP get away with this. We want the voting public to be fully aware of the people they could be voting for if they put a cross next to UKIP on their ballot paper.

So, over the next few months, Hope not hate will be putting UKIP and its candidates and officials under the microscope.

First target: A UKIP candidate in The East Midlands, exposed for all to see......

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UKIP Vote No With Far Right On Child Abduction Vote

posted by: Simon Cressy | on: Friday, 20 February 2015, 23:14

UKIP have shown their true colours after they voted with the far right in a vote on child abduction in the EU Parliament.

The Hague Convention on the Civil Aspects of International Child Abduction is a system of cooperation between various countries aimed at settling cases of international child abduction.

If the mother and father separate and are from different countries, there is a temptation to exploit the lack of cooperation between countries in order to secure custody of the child. The press is full of reports on cases of international child abduction following a separation or a divorce.

The EU Parliament, in this instance were voting on the acceptance of the African country of Gabon into the convention.

So who could possibly object to something as necessary as that?

I'll tell you, UKIP along with a collection of far right MEPs.

On the 11th of February , the EU parliament voted on this issue. 706 MEPs voted with the overwhelming majority, 657/93% voting in favour of accepting Gabon into the convention.

However, 2 MEP's abstained and shamefully 47/7% MEP's voted against, including 19 UKIP MEP's.

In agreement with UKIP were 20 French Front National MEPs, 3 MEPs of Geert Wilders' anti Islamic PVV party and 2 MEPs of the far right Sweden Democrat Party.

What possible explanation could there be in voting against this?

UKIP and Europe's far right certainly make comfortable bedfellows.

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Kirklees UKIP Told To Sling Their Hook

posted by: Simon Cressy | on: Wednesday, 18 February 2015, 20:53

Bad news for Kirklees UKIP.

They have been holding regular meetings in an award winning public house, The Rat & Ratchett in Huddersfield,West Yorkshire.

The pub was Best Cask Ale pub of the year in 2014 and is part of the very popular Ossett Brewery chain of pubs.

However, it seems the presence of UKIP meetings has been putting the locals of their beer and the landlord has told Kirklees UKIP to sling their hook, as they aren't wanted in the pub anymore.

Bottoms Up to The Rat & Ratchett..

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Bristol UKIP Post Racist Rubbish

posted by: Simon Cressy | on: Wednesday, 18 February 2015, 19:54

John Langley

John Langley

They just can't help themselves can they?

Here's a posting by the Bristol UKIP vice chairman John Langley.

I don't know about you, but i'd say this was just a little bit racist John ?

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UKIP Try To Keep Their Cool...Badly

posted by: Simon Cressy | on: Monday, 16 February 2015, 22:24

I didn't watch the docudrama "UKIP-The First 100 Days" on Channel 4 tonight, I'll watch it later on catch up no doubt.

However, it seems UKIP are a little peeved......Diddums.

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Nigel Farage on tax, the NHS and gay men kissing - Newsnight

posted by: Simon Cressy | on: Friday, 13 February 2015, 18:54

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UKIP Enlist Anti Gay Zealot For Coventry South

posted by: Simon Cressy | on: Thursday, 12 February 2015, 20:24

Reverend George Hargreaves

Reverend George Hargreaves

UKIP have enlisted the services of a controversial Christian preacher as their prospective parliamentary candidate for the Coventry South seat in the May General Election, much to the annoyance of the local party.

The Reverend George Hargreaves, the former leader of The Christian Party is certainly a controversial choice for the West Midlands seat and adds fuel to the fire when it comes to accusations of UKIP being homophobic.

Hargreaves is a former music producer and songwriter, who promoted 80's pop acts Sinitta, Yazz and Five Star amongst others. His biggest claim to fame was writing Sinitta's hit records "So Macho" and "Cruising" which both became gay anthems in the 1980's, making George Hargreaves a millionaire from the royalties and which saw him later move to The Isle of Man as a tax exile.

During his time on the Manx island, Hargreaves embraced Christianity and became a Pentecostal minister. Soon after he became involved in politics, standing for The Referendum Party in the 1997 General Election.

Hargreaves went on to help form The Christian People's Alliance and in 2004 formed Operation Christian Vote, which stood candidates across the UK in the 2004 European Elections. and which saw George Hargreaves stand for OCV in several parliamentary by-elections.

Hargreaves formed The Christian Party in 2005 and in 2007 saw the formation of The Scottish Christian Party, set up by Hargreaves to contest the Scottish Parliamentary elections. Hargreaves used the money, generated by the royalties of Sinitta's hit singles to fund the campaign, which had a strong anti gay message, describing homosexuality as "a sin" and calling for a hard-line stance against abortion and euthanasia along with supporting a return of the death penalty and withdrawal from the EU.

The manifesto for the Scottish election contained proposals for the reinstatement of Section 28, banning of gay adoption and the prohibition of "acceptance or approval" of homosexuality in diversity training, outlawing embryo research and introducing mandatory Christian religious education into schools.

His former flatmate and song writing partner was a gay man who died of AIDS. This didn't stop Hargreaves saying in one interview that HIV patients should be refused NHS treatment since their illness was "self-inflicted".

Hargreaves also formed The Welsh Christian Party in 2007 and campaigned to remove the dragon from the Welsh flag, claiming that it was "nothing less than the sign of Satan".

Another of Hargreaves campaigns was denouncing Manchester United as a "sponsor of satanic worship" for featuring a pitchfork-holding devil on its badge. The Reverend announced "We urge Wayne Rooney not to honour the devil by wearing this shirt nor kiss this badge" .

Hargreaves later stood for a number of parliamentary seats for The Christian Party, but failed miserably every time.

The introduction of George Hargreaves into Coventry South hasn't gone down well within the ranks of Coventry UKIP, and in particular with the UKIP candidate who was originally selected by the party to fight the seat


Mark Taylor

Mark Taylor

Mark Taylor was unceremoniously dumped by UKIP, to allow Rev Hargreaves to stand as the UKIP candidate. Taylor told the local newspaper " I’m disappointed, there’s no doubt about it."

"I’m genuinely surprised at what has been done. I don’t know why they chose me to step aside. "

We don't know what attracted Nigel Farage to the millionaire preacher either.........

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Candidate Claims UKIP Would Consider Repealing Same Sex Marriage

posted by: Simon Cressy | on: Sunday, 8 February 2015, 21:46

A UKIP parliamentary candidate has caused controversy by claiming that the Euro sceptic party would consider repealing same sex marriage.

Deborah Rennie, UKIP's PPC for South East Cambridgeshire was asked at a questions and answer session what her opinion of same sex marriage was.

Rennie said she was concerned when the Bill because law, however she claims she was happy for civil partnerships to go ahead.

When asked if the act should be repealed she replied “ I would not be surprised if UKIP considered it but I want to be honest with you and say I am not entirely sure. It did give us great cause for concern when the act was passed”.

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Are UKIP really that dim ?

posted by: Simon Cressy | on: Friday, 6 February 2015, 09:37

Answers on a postcard to UKIP, c/o their Irony Department.

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Trouble In Store For Herts UKIP?

posted by: Simon Cressy | on: Tuesday, 3 February 2015, 12:44

Vesper Hunter

Vesper Hunter

Hertfordshire UKIP could have trouble in store after the chairperson of the group was reprimanded for speaking out against the party.

Vesper Hunter from Chorleywood made a series of claims on social media, attacking UKIP for its lack of women involved with the party in Hertfordshire.

At the end of January, Hunter wrote on Facebook:

" In my county, as Herts chairman I have zero women PPC's, 2 women branch chairman, and hardly any women local candidates, and when I go to the Eastern Region meeting, I am the only woman there, other than the secretary"

It appears these comments upset sections of the UKIP regional leadership as Hunter posted a day later:

" So, I have been hauled over the coals in some quarters of the party for my comments on women members etc. If it gets me kicked out of the party, then so be it. I sincerely believe we need to engage more women and more young supporters. "

Hunter claimed that she had been sacked as a UKIP election agent and that she was "In the UKIP doghouse" after being accused of being "inappropriate".

Vesper Hunter called for support from her UKIP colleagues, which appeared not to be forthcoming, so a day later Hunter, who is also a UKIP candidate in North Chorleywood wrote:

" With regret, I have handed in my resignation from UKIP."

She was later to withdraw the resignation, but all is not well in Hertfordshire UKIP and like a number of regions throughout the UK, cracks are beginning to show within the ranks of the UKIP membership.

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Hillingdon UKIP Candidate Fails To Learn His Lesson

posted by: Simon Cressy | on: Monday, 2 February 2015, 14:50

UKIP members are constantly being told by their leadership not to post messages on social media that might embarrass the party.

It appears Geoff Courtenay, a UKIP candidate from Hillingdon in 2014 failed to get the numerous memos.

Courtenay in a previous life was a Conservative councillor on Hillingdon council until he was deselected by the party after making inappropriate postings on his Facebook page.

This time, his posting uses several racist terms, with Courtenay attempting to justify the usage of them.

Courtenay obviously hasn't learnt his lesson has he ?

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