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Is Jeremy Zeid Our Biggest Fan ?

posted by: Simon Cressy | on: Monday, 30 March 2015, 21:07

On Saturday I wrote about the delightful UKIP candidate for Hendon, Jeremy Zeid, you can read more about him here.

Of course, we liked the story so much we wanted the world to know, so we shared it far and wide, making sure his local newspaper was the first to know.

Like us, The Harrow Times obviously liked the story as well and have run with it today, you can read that in full here.

Jeremy Zeid isn't quite as keen on the story however and appears less keen on me....

I'm heartbroken.

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UKIP Would Be MP Calls For The Kidnapping Of President Obama

posted by: Simon Cressy | on: Saturday, 28 March 2015, 18:44

A UKIP parliamentary candidate has called for the kidnapping of US President Barack Obama.

Jeremy Zeid, UKIP parliamentary candidate for the Hendon constituency made the bizarre demand in a posting on his Facebook page.

The posting by Zeid was in response to a story that he shared on Facebook regarding secret documents supposedly about Israel's nuclear capability.

Zeid, who is also the chairman of the UKIP Harrow branch posted " Once Obama is out of office, the Israelis should move to extradite the bastard or "do an Eichmann" on him, and lock him up for leaking state secrets. After all what's sauce for the Pollard goose is sauce for the Obama gander, don't you think? "

The UKIP man then added " nah, just kidnap the bugger, like they did to Eichman, who suddenly found that he'd woken up in Israel. The problem is that Israeli jails are far more humane and adherent to human rights than American ones."

Zeid is no stranger to controversy, last year he claimed on Twitter that parts of London are being ‘ethnically cleansed’ of white people and wrote " the almost absence of white faces in Ilford is worrying". and accused the local MP Mike Gapes of being " either blind to or deliberately complicit in the ethnic cleansing of Ilford which I’m sure will be called ‘racist"


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UKIP Under The Microscope: Andrew Dawson

posted by: Simon Cressy | on: Saturday, 21 March 2015, 21:36

Up to the North West for our next subject in the series which is starting to ruffle a few feathers over at UKIP HQ.

UKIP have selected their candidate to stand in the Macclesfield East ward on Cheshire East council, Andrew Dawson.

The Macclesfield man was clearly delighted and was quick to promote his selection on social media.

The problem is, this isn't the only the thing he has been posting on Facebook.

For instance, he posted this homophobic comment.

He also appears to have a problem with Germans and the Irish.

UKIP have had a terrible week, let's hope it gets worse.

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Why I resigned from UKIP - A personal journey by Paul Burgess

posted by: Simon Cressy | on: Friday, 20 March 2015, 22:21

Paul Burgess was a UKIP committee member for the Brecon & Radnor branch of UKIP until the entire branch was suspended from the party in a row over the selection of its candidate for this May's general election.

Burgess wrote and posted the following on the Brecon & Radnor UKIP website.

I was only a member of UKIP for a couple of years. It was my first proper venture into politics and I found that the local branch members were good people with integrity. This encouraged me to do more for the party and I joined the local committee.

I have been party to this whole sad saga and was horrified as we uncovered the truth about how UKIP is actually run in Wales. A small clique of people operating as they wish without regard to rules or morals, yet willing to use any technique to get their way.

Once I had realised just how morally corrupt UKIP Wales is, I simply felt that there was no way I could continue and so resigned from the party. I am now an ex-member. Whilst I still like the policies there is just no way I can associate myself with UKIP Wales.

When they released their press release on the B&R committee which was also the exact opposite of the truth from top to bottom, my opinion reached a new low. Here was a party willing to deceive in order to get its way. Then I knew that there was no choice but to expose the truth to the members and public. Hence we advertised in the local paper for a meeting and watched as the party contacted every member to try to stop them coming to that meeting. No wonder, because the meeting exposes the truth.

I simply see my task now as ensuring that the truth comes out and will not be involving myself in politics, probably, ever again.

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UKIP Under The Microscope: Mark Rothery

posted by: Simon Cressy | on: Friday, 20 March 2015, 17:56

I'm sure you all are aware UKIP are front page news and yet again it is for all the wrong reasons.

UKIP MEP Janice Atkinson has been suspended from the party and has been withdrawn as the UKIP parliamentary candidate for Folkestone, a seat Farage was hopeful of winning for his xenophobic party, following allegations of fraud relating to her EU expenses.

Another UKIP parliamentary candidate, Scunthorpe's Stephen Howd has also been suspended from the party following an unknown work related incident, and a third parliamentary candidate Jonathan Stanley has resigned as the candidate for Westmorland and Lonsdale, claiming there was "open racism and sanctimonious bullying" within UKIP.

With North Shropshire Chairman Neil Jukes

With North Shropshire Chairman Neil Jukes

Time for Hope not hate to pour fuel on that unhappy fire as we reveal our findings regarding North Shropshire UKIP activist Mark Rothery.

Rothery is originally from the Rochdale area and we believe works as a security operative, possibly a doorman.

We found a Facebook post made by Rothery where he attempts to explain why he moved from Greater Manchester to Market Drayton in Shropshire.He claims that Rochdale had " just too many muslims" .

Mark Rothery goes on to make a number of Islamophobic remarks, mostly on the far right British Patriots Society Facebook page.

The above post, made last year describes Islam as a "cult" and talks of how it has "infected our once green & pleasant land".
The Shropshire UKIP man writes "go to where these muslims live, rubbish on the streets, prostitution, houses look run down, gardens unattended, high crime figures, the list goes on"

Another post made later last year, talks of the nation having to bend over backwards to appease Muslims and claims they feel "so superior to the rest of us".

However, the most alarming post was made just this week, in fact today.

Rothery, who is close to North Shropshire UKIP chairman Neil Jukes actually writes " I have to say one thing and I'll defend this to the grave , take away the murderous part of Hitler and you have to admit he was a hell of a politician he rallied a country"

It's rather worrying that a UKIP activist, who could be knocking on your door as we speak actually thinks that Hitler was "A hell of a politician".

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Bradford UKIP & Their German Cock Up

posted by: Simon Cressy | on: Tuesday, 17 March 2015, 21:36

Here we have a photo of the Bradford UKIP leafleting team taken last week, looks like they are having a jolly time doesn't it?

See how they hoist their collection of UKIP leafets in the air, they must feel so proud and patriotic?

We here at Hope not hate have a quick question for all the boys and girls of Bradford UKIP.

If you are so patriotic, so anti European and so supportive of British industry, why did you feel the need to have your leaflets printed in Dresden, Germany ?

That's right, the firm you use, United Print just have an office in the UK, the actual printing takes place in Germany.


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Breitbart: A Nest Of Vipers

posted by: Simon Cressy | on: Tuesday, 17 March 2015, 20:14

As election fever ramps up, the fortunes of one political party is unknown until all the votes have been finally counted in May. Simon Cressy takes a look at one of UKIP's loudest supporters online, Breitbart London.

UKIP are the unknown factor in the 2015 general election, and the predictions of various media outlets vary greatly. Some newspapers predict UKIP will become kingmakers whilst other suggest Farage and co will turn out to be little more than the proverbial flash in the pan. We will find out sooner rather than later.

Whatever the outcome, Farage and the UKIP propaganda machine are working overtime, attempting (with some degree of success) to receive as much favourable media coverage as possible.

In the mainstream press, The Daily Express has become UKIP's primary mouthpiece, with owner Richard Desmond donating over £300,000 to Farage and his party, not to mention almost complete unfettered and uncritical coverage in the political pages of the right wing newspaper.

Online, the propaganda game is very different for UKIP, with one name coming to the foreground when it comes to promoting UKIP and its Euro sceptic message.

Andrew Breitbart

Andrew Breitbart

The Breitbart News Network is a right wing news website formed in 2007 by the late American conservative publisher and darling of The Tea Party movement Andrew Breitbart.

Andrew Breitbart died suddenly at the age of 43 in 2012 of heart failure. His legacy following his death was the Breitbart website and in 2014 Breitbart launched a London site in parallel with the US equivalent.

James Delingpole

James Delingpole

Breitbart London is run by executive editor James Delingpole. Columnist and well known climate sceptic, Delingpole is also a UKIP member and put his name forward to stand as a UKIP candidate for the European elections in 2014, however he was rejected at the interview stage and deemed unsuitable.

The acerbic Delingpole was forced to apologise to fellow journalist Suzanne Moore in 2013 after making a sexist comment to her on Twitter in support of his friend Toby Young which alluded to her being raped. Delingpole later apologised, an apology that was to be rejected by Moore.

Raheem Kassam

Raheem Kassam

Managing editor of Breitbart London was originally Raheem Kassam. With his fingers in many pies, most of them of the dubious type, Kassam was an organiser for The Tea Party in the UK and has been the Campaigns Director at the neo Conservative Henry Jackson Society since 2010.

Former Conservative, Kassam is also formerly the Executive Editor of The Commentator, a political news and commentary website linked to the Henry Jackson Society. He was sacked by them in 2013 for gross and extreme misconduct following a fall out with Commentator owner Robin Shepherd. The feud between Kassam and Shepherd continues today with the pair still engaged in a bitter war of words on Twitter even as I write this article.

A controversial figure, Kassam has often been described as ‘troublesome’, ‘wildly self-important’ and ‘a professional wind-up merchant’.
Raheem Kassam outraged members of the ethnic minorities by backing racial profiling, claiming that the Security Services should be allowed to single out those who look as if they might follow Islam, on the grounds they are more likely to be involved in terrorism. In an article, he said: ‘Once people who look like me stop blowing themselves up, then I’ll get upset at being profiled. Not before.’ On another occasion, after being accused on social media of ‘flirting with anti-Muslim bigotry’, he responded: ‘I’m a flirtatious kind of guy.’

Raheem Kassam left Breitbart in October 2014 and became a senior aide to UKIP leader Nigel Farage.

A quick search for UKIP articles on the Breitbart website reveals that a large number of the recent stories uploaded is by Beatrice Sanderson.

An relatively unknown name to most people, we can reveal that Beatrice Sanderson is really an alias for Annabelle Fuller, former UKIP press officer and alleged mistress of Nigel Farage.

This is the same Annabelle Fuller that is currently subject of a Metropolitan Police investigation following claims made by the former UKIP spin doctor that she was groped on the balcony of the Westminster flat belonging to the Tory MP Andrew Bridgen.

The North West Leicestershire MP was held in police custody for 10 hours and had his fingerprints and DNA taken, however, police investigating the matter soon established that there was no case and even less evidence and the focus has now been switched onto Fuller, with the prospect of prosecution for perverting the course of justice should the case against the press officer be proven. Metropolitan Police confirmed they interviewed Fuller under caution at the start of 2015 and told the media: " The Metropolitan Police received information relating to an alleged false claim of sexual assault. The man who was the subject of the allegedly false claim was informed that this has now moved forward into a formal police investigation."

Bridgen has claimed that the case has wrecked his marriage and has left him with limited access to his young children.

Fuller has denied that she was the mistress of Nigel Farage, despite the fact that former UKIP MEP Nikki Sinclaire used parliamentary privilege in the European Parliament to claim that Fuller was Farage's lover.

Donna Edmonds

Donna Edmonds

Breitbart London's European correspondent is Donna Edmunds, a name well known to UKIP watchers. Edmunds is a UKIP councillor on Lewes District Council and is the founder and editor of UKIPDaily.com.

Edmunds, who was also a European candidate in the South East region for UKIP was forced to issue a grovelling apology last year after she made comments online where she said that business owners should have the right to be able to refuse service to homosexuals and women.

She said " I believe that all business owners, Christian, Muslim, gay, straight, should be allowed to withhold their services from whomever they choose whenever they choose. It's their business. Why should they be forced to serve or sell to anyone?"

"I'm a libertarian so I don't think the state should have a role in who business owners serve."

However, Edmunds received a "slapping down" from her own party chairman, Steve Crowther, who said: Whilst we are a libertarian party this kind of ultra-libertarianism really goes beyond what is acceptable,”

“Society has to have rules and it is certainly not UKIP’s policy to allow people to refuse service to each other on the grounds of race, sexuality etc. This debate has been unhelpful. It is a matter that will be discussed by our NEC.”

Edmunds is no stranger to controversy, especially when it comes to posting comments online. In 2011 she was forced to resign her role as lead councillor for communications in Lewes after she called one of her constituents a "village idiot" on social media. She also received criticism after telling another of her constituents to “pay your taxes to die of cancer if that's what you want” during an online row about the NHS.

Tom Burnsall

Tom Burnsall

Another regular on Breitbart London is Tom Bursnall, a UKIP NEC member and councillor who sits on Windsor and Maidenhead council. Bursnall hit the headlines after he claimed that the rich should be entitled to more than one vote as they pay more tax.

Writing on his blog, Bursnall said:

"Should people on benefits be allowed to vote? It would be terribly ‘unfair’ of you to give equal representation rights to the chap who contributes 50 times more than the next person. In the same way as if you own 60% of shares of a company, you’ll get 60% of the voting rights at the Annual General Meeting."

Another controversial name on the Breitbart London roster is chief political correspondent Andre Walker, once a high flier in the Conservative Party and former Chief of Staff to David Morris MP, Walker was forced to resign his position of political advisor at the Royal Borough of Windsor and Maidenhead after he was recorded plotting a smear campaign against his Tory colleague Alison Knight, deputy leader of the council. Walker's conversation was recorded by a fellow passenger on a London commuter train that Walker was travelling on and uploaded to Youtube.

A number of UKIP officials regularly contribute pro UKIP articles to Breitbart London including Paul Nuttall MEP, Jane Collins MEP and Micheal Heaver. Other names of note include: Nick Hallett, a former Research Fellow from the Young Britons’ Foundation, Ben Harris-Quinney chairman of The Bow Group and Alex Wickham from the Guido Fawkes blog.

With so much UKIP/right wing influence, Breitbart London has become the voice of UKIP on the internet. It's just not a voice I would want to pay any attention to.

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UKIP Candidate Quits: Unhappy At Shift To Right

posted by: Simon Cressy | on: Tuesday, 17 March 2015, 11:27

A UKIP candidate has quit the party, unhappy at the direction UKIP is headed.

Vicky Butler, from Hull has left the xenophobic UKIP and joined the fledgling regional Yorkshire First party.

Butler has represented UKIP at a number of elections, and finished in second place last year in the University ward on Hull City Council.

She will represent Yorkshire First in the General Election, standing in the Hull North constituency.

Butler said " "I have stood for UKIP in the past but I have become increasingly unhappy with the rightwards direction the party has been going in recently."

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UKIP Candidate's Southampton Strop

posted by: Simon Cressy | on: Monday, 16 March 2015, 11:02

A UKIP prospective parliamentary candidate has refused to appear at an election hustings after issuing a number of unreasonable demands to the event organisers.

Pearline Hingston, the UKIP candidate for the Southampton Test constituency was due to appear at an election hustings held last Friday at the Maytree School but failed to show after she demanded that she have a say over the final edit of the footage of the event filmed by the Solent University media team as part of a positive documentary about the Hampshire city.

Hingston also demanded that she was supplied with a police escort to and from the event as well as insisting that she must not come under and verbal assault from anyone attending the hustings.

Understandably, the organisers refused Pearline Hingston's ludicrous demands, leading to the UKIP candidate failing to show up at the event.

She wasn't missed.....

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UKIP Wannabe MP Quits: Claims He Doesn't Want To Travel To London

posted by: Simon Cressy | on: Sunday, 15 March 2015, 21:44

A UKIP prospective parliamentary candidate has withdrawn from the election race just two months before the General Election for possibly one of the daftest reasons we have ever heard.

Clive Langley has stepped down as the party's candidate for Harborough in Leicestershire because he felt "It didn't feel right".

Langley told The Leicester Mercury ""If I were elected I would have to take a pay cut as an MP and I would have had to travel to London all the time and that's something I hate."

His withdrawal follows Langley being forced to pay a charity £1,000 after making false accusations against Harborough MP Sir Edward Garnier QC.

The UKIP man claimed on Twitter that the former Solicitor General and prominent libel lawyer had made an improper claim for a “very expensive desk” and alleged that the MP Sir made improper claims for staff expenses to the tune of £133,000.

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UKIP Under The Microscope: Jeff Evans

posted by: Simon Cressy | on: Monday, 9 March 2015, 11:26

Jeff Evans with Nigel Farage

Jeff Evans with Nigel Farage

Once again, many thanks to all our supporters who are sending information regarding UKIP candidates, officials and activists. Please be patient, as you can imagine there is a huge amount of information to sift through and it takes time. However, we read all your emails so all the info is put to some use.

You can contact this blog via purplerain@hopenothate.org.uk
We'd love to hear from you.

Our next subject for scrutiny is Enfield UKIP candidate and activist Jeff Evans.

HGV driver Evans stood in 2014 for election to Enfield Council as the UKIP candidate for the Highlands ward. Fortunately, he failed miserably, finishing in 7th place with just a little over 7% of the vote.

Jeff Evans is also the parter of Deborah Cairns, the UKIP parliamentary candidate for the Enfield North constituency.

Evans, like a large number of his UKIP comrades just can't control himself when it comes to the use of social media.In this case Twitter.

Despite the fact UKIP HQ have pleaded with their members not to post anything stupid or controversial on social media, it seems the request has fallen on deaf ears, with UKIP supporters unable to reel in their prejudices.

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UKIP Under The Microscope: Councillor Patrick Bergin- A Right To Reply

posted by: Simon Cressy | on: Saturday, 7 March 2015, 19:50

Following our blog yesterday regarding Gosport UKIP councillor Patrick Bergin, it seems the under fire UKIP man has had a difficult 24 hours. I don't hold much sympathy.

You can read the original blog here, it revealed Bergin's connections to Britain First and Pegida UK, two far right groups that preach a poisonous message of Islamophobia.

The blog also showed that Bergin had a total diregard for a number of minorities, posting a number of offensive, racist and homophobic jokes.

Because of the blog, Bergin appears to have become persona non grata in the Fareham & Gosport branch, with the local UKIP prospective parliamentary candidate Chris Wood being ordered to disatnce himself from Patrick Bergin.

Councillor Bergin sent a long, rambling email to Hope not hate, which he replicated on his Facebook page. He also explains the situation with PPC Chris Wood and how the local newspaper The Portsmouth News has been in touch, asking for a comment as they plan to carry a piece on Bergin in their Monday edition.

We include Bergin's email to us in full, however I have highlighted in bold some interesting parts that made me raise an eyebrow and will certainly not help Patrick Bergin in the long run.

Make of it what you will......

"Today, I are mostly proper pissed off with the attention that I have got from the powers that be, simply because Hope not Hate have published an article about me. My PPC has been told to unfriend me, "The News" (the main local paper in my area), have called me to say they are doing a piece on Monday, so would I confirm or deny the postings that have been attributed to me. I haven't had time to cook myself a breakfast yet and the world appears to be closing in. So, what to do? well firstly I have sent Hope not hate many requests to meet, but I don't think that I am going to get a reply, so I sent the following email to them. "


Good Morning,

I thought I would email you directly, because I have had no response to the offers I made to you on your facebook page.

My first reaction to what you put on line was, indeed is, so what. I do post jokes that I get from a number of sources, one might think that I should be double careful that nothing I post could be used against me, but actually if they make me laugh then I tend to share them. If jokes offend you, you have the right to be offended. You also have the right to ignore it. Or you could grow a set and contact me directly and express your offence.

Of course this would not fit in with your little organisations agenda, arm chair activists who are appalled by every situation yet offer no solutions.

Insofar as my comments re Islam are concerned, it is a shame that you did not have the honesty to publish the entire trail, you would have found much more balance and consideration in what I have said. However, make no mistake, I absolutely stand by my hatred of all things ISIS, I absolutely stand by my opinion that Muslims in this Country need to step up to the plate and denounce the would be jihadists, and I absolutely stand by my view that unless the Muslim community in the UK have the courage to denounce the jihadists, then things could get really ugly.

You clearly hate UKIP, I have no issue with that. But what do you offer by way of a solution to the growing hatred of all things Islam in the UK. A hatred that could lead to who knows what. I am keen to point out to anyone and everyone that the vast majority of Muslims are nothing other than decent people who happen to follow that particular faith, yet it is almost certainly those people who will suffer should a backlash happen. If you follow the more dangerous sites on the web, then I doubt that even a blinkered organisation such as yours could fail to notice that the rhetoric has been turned up a couple of notches of late. Muslims that I know are aware of the tensions that are building and whilst it is not at a level where they are fearful, it is going in that direction.

So, I hope you feel you have achieved something on your little site. I hope you feel that you have had a great victory against that nasty little UKIP party. But I also hope you realise that UKIP represents the moderate face of this Nation. UKIP are not racist, homophobic, xenophobic, anti Islam, or anything else. The party comprises ordinary people who believe that this Country is being drained by the EU and led by donkeys. UKIP is inclusive, we have members and elected representatives from just about every group possible. They joined us for a reason, they joined us because they understand all of the above. It will be a long cold and wet day in hades before I feel that I should dance to the tune of such a singularly unimpressive group such as yours.

I would never advocate that you should be silenced, but I am certain that the vast majority of people in the UK, once they actually got what the likes of your group, UAF and SWP are really about would turn a deaf ear to you anyway.

I hope this finds you well.

Patrick Bergin

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UKIP Under The Microscope: Councillor Patrick Bergin

posted by: Simon Cressy | on: Friday, 6 March 2015, 17:32

Information is coming in thick and fast from our supporters and we thank everyone who has submitted information so far.
If you have news or a suggestion you can contact me via purplerain@hopenothate.org.uk

The latest subject placed under the Purple Rain microscope is someone who really should know better, Gosport Borough UKIP councillor Patrick Bergin.

Bergin was elected in 2014 to represent the Rowner and Holbrook Ward on Gosport Borough Council, beating the Conservative candidate by just three votes.

If you take a quick look at Gosport Borough Council's website it claims to value diversity and wishes to foster good relations between people from different groups.
This statement appears to be at odds with Councillor Patrick Bergin.

Despite UKIP claiming they wish to distance their party from far right groups, Bergin has shared a large number of posts from the anti Islamic BNP splinter, Britain First, led by the former BNP councillor Paul Golding.
Perhaps Bergin thinks Britain First share common ground with his UKIP brethren?

Bergin doesn't just approve of the far right Britain First party however.

The Gosport councillor has also joined the Pegida UK Facebook page and has left a message, where he discusses "the Muslim threat" in the UK. and offers a "solution" to the problem.
Councillor Bergin seems to believe large numbers of the Muslim population who live within the European Union are supportive of the murderous Islamic State (ISIS).

Pegida UK is the British wing of the German far right, anti Islamic movement that originates from the city of Dresden. German chancellor Angela Merkel said the Pegida leadership has "prejudice, coldness, even hatred in their hearts".

The Gosport UKIP councillor obviously has a huge problem when it comes to Islam and Muslims. That might explain why he made this rather bizarre posting in September last year.

Bergin obviously fancies himself as a bit of a comedian, the problem is the type of comedy he appears to enjoy is of the crap, offensive type:

Gosport Borough Council may desire good relations between people from different groups, Councillor Patrick Bergin just despises anyone different from himself.

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UKIP Under The Microscope: Jason Shopland

posted by: Simon Cressy | on: Wednesday, 4 March 2015, 10:37

Our latest expose sees us move to the south west of the country and the naval city of Plymouth in Devon.

Plymouth City Council unfortunately already has three UKIP councillors:
Maddi Bridgeman in the Moor View ward, John Riley in Honicknowle and Christopher Storer who represents the Ham ward in the city.

Hoping to join Christopher Storer in the Ham ward is UKIP candidate Jason Shopland.

Ex soldier Shopland now works as a taxi driver in the busy city, but in a previous life the UKIP hopeful ran a small security firm, supplying security men and women for the doors of the many bustling pubs & clubs in Plymouth.

The UKIP man attempted to cut corners as an employer and one such incident led to the UKIP candidate appearing in Plymouth Crown Court in March 2011.

Jason Shopland with the very violent Michael Floyd

Jason Shopland with the very violent Michael Floyd

Shopland employed his friend Michael Floyd to work as a doorman at Maxine's nightclub in the city in 2009. However, Floyd was a loose cannon and a violent thug with a taste for violence, a fact knowingly overlooked by Jason Shopland as he employed Michael Floyd without the relevant doorman's licence, which ensures the doorman has had the relevant training and criminality checks.

Plymouth Crown Court heard that whilst working at Maxine's, Floyd attacked a group of builders from Yorkshire as they were leaving the nightclub, punching one man six or seven times, eventually knocking the man out with a final punch.

Floyd then punched and kicked another man and threw him to the floor.

Whilst on bail for the first incident, Floyd attacked another man in a pizza shop, kicking him in the head and breaking his jaw.

Why would Shopland employ his friend when he knew Floyd had no licence?
Probably because he was fully aware Floyd had previous convictions for robbery, resisting arrest, battery and assault on the police, meaning he was totally unsuitable for the job and Shopland knew it.

At Plymouth Crown Court Floyd admitted assault causing actual bodily harm and common assault in the first incident and assault causing actual bodily harm in the second. He also pleaded guilty to three charges of working as an unlicensed doorman.

Sentencing Floyd to a year in jail, the judge told him "I get the impression you quite enjoy violence."

Jason Shopland, admitted the use of an unlicensed doorman and was fined £500 with £200 costs.

Whilst Shopland wasn't violent, the fact he employed a known violent criminal to act as an unlicenced bouncer ended up with two men being seriously injured following the incident at Maxine's.

Despite standing on a UKIP law and order ticket, Shopland showed a criminal lack of judgement in employing Floyd, a lack of judgement that continues to this day as the UKIP man remains close friends with the violent Floyd.

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