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UKIP 2.0: Arron Banks Suspended By UKIP As He Prepares New Party

posted by: David Lawrence | on: Tuesday, 14 March 2017, 17:18

Andy Wigmore and Arron Banks

Andy Wigmore and Arron Banks

UKIP’s largest financial donor Arron Banks has been suspended from the party, stating that he is now concentrating on a “new movement” which he has dubbed “UKIP 2.0”.

As revealed by HOPE not hate, this is the outcome of a deliberate campaign by Banks and former UKIP leader Nigel Farage to undermine the party, in order to start a new populist, far-right venture.

Leave.EU campaign head honcho Banks, who has donated over £1 million to UKIP, has been harshly critical of party leader Paul Nuttall and claims to have been ditched for saying the leadership “couldn’t knock the skin off a rice pudding”. So vital is Banks’ money that his departure could doom the ailing party.

However a source close to the Leave.EU leadership has told HOPE not hate that since the EU Referendum in June 2016, Banks and Leave.EU communications official Andy Wigmore have been actively trying to sink UKIP in order to clear the ground for a new movement.

Leave.EU tactics

A Farage loyalist and immigration hardliner, Banks has long spoken of pouring his considerable resources into a populist campaign that utilises the online tactics of Leave.EU (the unofficial Brexit campaign alongside Vote Leave, which used sophisticated data capture and profiling techniques during the Referendum) to target younger voters.

Banks has repeatedly scorned UKIP’s only MP Douglas Carswell and the moderate, libertarian faction within UKIP, and has expressed his displeasure for Nuttall’s desire to “push [UKIP] to the centre” instead of standing on a “radical” platform.

HOPE not hate understands that Banks and Wigmore have convinced Farage to make the break too, and that the trio have enacted a calculated plan to undermine UKIP to the point it splits and the membership haemorrhages.

Nuttall’s failure

The opening salvo was fired by Farage, who claimed at a recent UKIP conference that Nuttall’s success in the Stoke by-election in February 2017 was crucial for the future of UKIP. After Nuttall’s failure, Farage stated that the party must be “radical” and “own immigration”, forcing confrontation between the moderate faction and the hardliners.

Banks then released an open letter demanding that he be made UKIP Chairman or he would pull his millions. Farage began calling for Carswell to be expelled, and Banks promised to run against Carswell in an effort to unseat him in the 2020 General Election. Banks also recently told The Independent that Nuttall was “quite weak” and that the party was “run like a squash club committee”.

UKIP is in dire financial straits, having lost multiple funders over the past year, and recently being ordered to repay more than €172,000 by the European Parliament (EP), after an EP group led by UKIP was found to have misspent over €500,000 of European grant money on domestic political campaigns.

Nuttall will have to display remarkable resourcefulness to keep UKIP afloat now that Banks has finally pulled the financial plug.

“We will now be concentrating on our new movement,” Banks said in a statement released through his populist blog Westmonster.com. Accompanying the statement was a picture of Banks flanked by Wigmore and Farage.

Wigmore, Banks and Farage

Wigmore, Banks and Farage


Breitbart: A Right-Wing Plot To Shape Europe

Five Star Movement’s founder calls for vote to reject UKIP, citing “improper use” of EU Parliament funds

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Exposed: “White Genocide” Claims of Top UKIP Figure

posted by: David Lawrence | on: Tuesday, 14 March 2017, 14:30

  • UKIP NEC member shares white nationalist propaganda
  • Reveals appalling Islamophobic views
  • Calls party leader Paul Nuttall a “C**t”

Katie Fanning, an elected member of UKIP’s National Executive Committee (NEC), has alleged there is an ongoing “white genocide” and “Muslim plans” to “outbreed” British people in order to install an Islamic dictatorship in the UK.

HOPE not hate can reveal that Fanning, 27, has a history of making racist and extreme Islamophobic claims in both public Facebook posts and private messages to Jay Beecher, campaign manager for former UKIP leadership contender, Lisa Duffy.

In one post to the “Young Liberal Society” Facebook group, Fanning wrote “Diversity = white genocide”, which was “being enforced through the lefts [sic] cultural Marxist agenda”.

White genocide is a term long-used in racist circles to refer to a deliberate campaign of mass immigration, integration and miscegenation conducted by sinister (and often Jewish) elites.

Alongside this claim Fanning posted a video titled “’Diversity’ is a codeword for white genocide”, originally posted by the “alt-right” Facebook page “Politically Incorrect Broadcast”. The video features news clips commenting on demographic changes in the UK and US underscored by dramatic music.

Also featured in the video is a clip of Paul Weston, leader of the far-right party Liberty GB, quoting sections of the UN’s definition of “genocide”, in which the term is held to cover “deliberately inflicting” on a group “conditions of life calculated to bring about its physical destruction in whole or in part”. The video finishes with a call to support ThisIsEuropa, a group established in 2012 which now claims to be “one of the largest pro-White communities online”.

When challenged, Fanning posted a lengthy defence of the video, claiming that those dismissing her claims are “as bad as the cultural Marxists who are destroying our Nation and its people”.

In another public post she said that, despite attempts to “fool us”, all Muslims follow an “evil ideology” that aims to “make the UK an Islamic country by outbreeding us and corrupting infiltrating our politics” and to install Sharia law and “[make] us an Islamic dictatorship”.

In another post she praised Russian leader Vladmir Putin after he was apparently quoted in fake news outlet Nos Comunicamos, saying he would kill “every Muslim” if ISIS bombed a Russian city. According to Fanning this alleged threat made him a “strong leader” worthy of “respect” as he “will turn the whole country to glass if pushed”.

Despite displaying such alarming views, in December 2016 Fanning was elevated to a position of serious influence within the party when she became one of 12 NEC members who make up the principal management and administrative authority of UKIP.

Fanning quickly rose up the ranks after joining UKIP in 2014, and became the National Deputy Chairman of the Young Independence youth wing (YI) in early 2016. The YI group has come under fire for appalling racist and sexist language and “alt-right” terminology encouraged by YI leader Jamie Ross McKenzie.

Fanning’s former colleague Jay Beecher, who worked closely with Evans and Nuttall’s principal political advisor Patrick O’Flynn, told HOPE not hate that he initially made contact with Fanning after being tasked by leadership hopeful Lisa Duffy to investigate racism within the YI, and that Fanning soon began making her extreme views known to him.

In private messages to Beecher, she claimed that she had contributed towards exposing “the links between local government, elitists political, business, lobbyists and the Muslim pedo gangs that they buy kids from.”

In another message unlikely to ingratiate herself with her bosses, Fanning called UKIP leader Paul Nuttall and former leader Suzanne Evans “self serving c*nts”.

Beecher has since left UKIP and released a book free on Amazon Kindle alleging racism and outright corruption within the party. Beecher told HOPE not hate:

“The failure of UKIP to vet any candidates or to set out any criteria is a dangerous, irresponsible and rather amateur move. It's clear that certain individuals, including Katie Fanning, are attempting to turn UKIP into an extreme far right party or 'BNP lite’.

“Many of my former colleagues have contacted me expressing their worries over the recent appointments and the direction that the party is taking. The irony is that individuals such as Fanning believe that they are actually opposing extremism when in reality they are promoting it. At the moment a vote for UKIP is an endorsement for such shady characters.”

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