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Another EDLer making plans for Nigel

posted by: Duncan Cahill | on: Thursday, 26 May 2016, 09:36

Farage on with the Edge

Farage on with the Edge

It was only last month that we revealed how gobby EDL wally David Russell had joined the United Kingdom Independence Party (UKIP).

Last night in Bolton, another serial EDL wally, Andrew Edge who has a conviction for violent disorder at an EDL rally in 2013, turned up to shake hands with Nigel Farage and his deputy Paul Nuttall.

I wonder what it is about UKIP that attracts violent racists?

Edge with UKIP's Paul Nuttall

Edge with UKIP's Paul Nuttall

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Foul Islamophobia of UKIP Calderdale candidate Christopher Michael Baksa

posted by: Sarah Archibald | on: Tuesday, 3 May 2016, 12:37

Christopher Michael Baksa

Christopher Michael Baksa

Christopher Michael Baksa is on Thursday standing for UKIP in Calderdale’s Luddendenfoot & Walsden ward. Judging by his Facebook page his pitch to voters is based largely on the peddling of myths, lies and hatred directed almost exclusively at Muslims.

If you want to see the filth he posts, click here and check out that page. It’s wide open for all to see and, as there is too much hatred, political infantilism and wilful ignorance for us to re-post here, we strongly recommend seeing it with your own eyes. We extend that invitation to the UKIP hierarchy which, despite claiming to have tightened its vetting procedures, seems little interested in taking action against those whom you might politely describe as a being a little wanting, morally speaking. Mind you, perhaps we should also mention though that Mr Baksa claims to be UKIP membership secretary.

One example shows how Mr Baksa uses video footage posted online by someone calling themselves “BIRMINGHAM CRUSADER ENGLAND.” We’re sure they’re not at all dodgy. The footage shows violent disorder on the streets of Cardiff which Mr Baksa uses to chastise “Liberals” and migrants. His post attracts predictably nasty comments with migrants/Muslims (the distinction isn’t made clear) labelled as “savages” and “sewer rats” and the far right dream of civil war tiresomely forecast.

Unfortunately for Mr Baksa the footage he has posted is of disorder sparked by the hurling of racist abuse and drinks at people taking part in a pro-Palestine protest. Four men were subsequently convicted of violent disorder. The outcome hardly supports the anti-migrant/Muslim rhetoric punted by Mr Baksa and the virulent hatred of his supporters’ Facebook posts

Perhaps he and UKIP could explain why he has liked those venomous posts? Before they do though, there’s more evidence to consider. Nigel, where do you stand on you candidates endorsing a post saying: “F—k YOU Muslims go back to your own filthy country”?

Unsurprisingly Mr Baksa is not at all happy about Sadiq Khan’s candidacy for London Mayor, expressing views which might even make Lynton Crosby blush.

There is much, much more, including puerile and deliberately offensive memes of the kind perpetually mined by the far right. They’re obsessed with pigs and goats.

So now, with just two days before the Calderdale polling stations open, what will UKIP do it about its candidate for Luddendenfoot & Walsden? Endorse or denounce?

Over to you Nigel.

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