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UKIP Spin Doctor In Race Row

posted by: Simon Cressy | on: Monday, 30 September 2013, 16:14

Gawain Towler

Gawain Towler

It's as if they can't help themselves.

UKIP seem totally unable of behaving in a reasonable manner and some of its worse offenders are those who work in the UKIP Press Office.

Who can forget the disgusting postings made by Alexandra Phillips, the self appointed Head of Media for Nigel Farage and UKIP?

You can read more about her here

Shortly after another spin doctor Annabelle Fuller, PR adviser to UKIP's clown prince Godfrey Bloom hit the headlines after it was revealed she had made a series of disparaging remarks about leading UKIP members. You can read more about that one here

So not to be outdone by his colleagues lead UKIP spinmeister Gawain Towler has gone and put his foot in it.

Towler has been dragged into yet another UKIP race row after after he described an Asian journalist as being "of some form of ethnic extraction".

Gawain Towler who is also a prospective EU candidate made the description about The Evening Standard's journalist Kiran Randhawa, in a text message intended for a colleague but sent accidentally to someone else.

Schoolboy error Gawain.

The text message

The text message

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Romanian doctors 'suffering racist attacks' because of UKIP's rhetoric, says ambassador

posted by: Christopher Hope | on: Thursday, 26 September 2013, 18:51

Ion Jinga Photo: Heathcliff O'Malley

Ion Jinga Photo: Heathcliff O'Malley

Ion Jinga said that Romanian doctors in the NHS - there are estimated to be around 2,000 - are now receiving racist comments from the British patients they are treating.

He revealed that a Romanian doctor wrote to him saying: “Now, almost on a daily basis I am asked where I am originally from, and I have to face a racist attitude following my answer.”

Romanians are now being made to “feel guilty of being Romanian in the UK”, the diplomat said.

The UK is due to open its borders fully to Romanians and Bulgarians next year. Ukip and its leader, Nigel Farage, have repeatedly raised concerns about that decision. Mr Farage regularly refers in campaign speeches to the number of Romanians in the UK who are convicted of crimes.

Writing at telegraph.co.uk, Mr Jinga says Ukip used similar rhetoric in the Eastleigh by-election, leading to violence.

He said: “When, during the by-election campaign for Eastleigh, the candidate of a political party that expects to win the next European elections using xenophobic slogans linked Romanians with ‘a natural propensity towards crime’, I expressed concern that inflammatory rhetoric could have long term negative consequences and even lead to acts of racially assaults.

“Unfortunately, I was right because soon after, in Brighton, two young Romanian workers were attacked only because they were speaking in a language identified by their aggressors as being 'East European'.”

Nigel Farage, Ukip's leader, rejected the criticism. He told The Telegraph: "I agree with Mr Ambassador - there is a real problem here.

"It seems to me that if there are only 80,000 Romanians in the country that we know of - and yet in London alone there have been 27,500 arrests in five years. There is an issue here but we are pretty careful about this."

The Telegraph

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Andy Lovie: A Right To Reply

posted by: Simon Cressy | on: Wednesday, 25 September 2013, 23:46

Andy Lovie

Andy Lovie

Earlier, we revealed that Aberdeen UKIP activist Andy Lovie can also be found on a leaked BNP membership list.

Lovie has sent in a reply and I feel it is justified in printing this in full.

I will add notes in italics to explain our findings:

Hello Hope Not Hate,

Thank you for letting me join those, like Nigel Farage, who have been attacked and calumnied simply because they have expressed opinions you dislike !

For the record, I had no connection with the motion to bar membership of UKIP to supporters of 'Hope Not Hate.' (I simply don't see you as that important, frankly). (HNH We never said that you did).

Nor was I at the recent annual conference which passed this motion.(HNH Again we didn't claim you attended the conference).

My only 'crime' seems to have been to suggest that a group such as HnH which admits UKIP is neither racist nor fascist, yet has a specific area of its website dedicated to attacking that party, should not be surprised if the party defends itself from them.

I am not Aberdeen Branch Secretary of UKIP, and have not been for some six months, since the last AGM.(HNH Your website says otherwise, See here).

I have never stood as a candidate for the Scottish Parliament (HNH STV said Andrew Calum Lovie was a list candidate see here).

and have only once stood as a candidate for the local Council, as an Independent, not for UKIP. (HNH We didn't say anything contrary to that point).

These facts are easily checked. Had I ever been a BNP member, let alone an 'activist' as you claim, surely your left-wing friends in Aberdeen would have been aware of this, long before now ? The BNP were looking to cultivate activists in UKIP at about, or just after, the time I joined UKIP.

While I cannot prove it, I would suggest if my name appears in any of their lists, it is as a UKIP Activist they saw as an appropriate target. Feel free to comb my Facebook or Twitter etc posts for racist, sexist or homophobic views.

I am confident you will find none. I am against the death penalty, want UKIP to be inclusive of people of all ethnic backgrounds and sexual orientations, and pro-Israel.

Not exactly the BNP viewpoint, I think you'll agree. Really, if you genuinely oppose racism and bigotry, you should be supporting me, not opposing me.

Regards, Andy Lovie

HNH We cannot link to a copy of the leaked BNP membership list as it may be a breach of data protection, however as Mr Lovie says all of these facts are easily checked. Just go to Google and search for his name.

Whilst we have your attention Mr Lovie, we found it slightly amusing that you claim you have no link to the BNP, yet you are discussing the matter with Steve Thomson, Ex BNP organiser for Aberdeen !

Goodnight Andy xx

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UKIP's Scottish BNP Member ?

posted by: Simon Cressy | on: Wednesday, 25 September 2013, 13:07

Andy Lovie

Andy Lovie

Some people may be asking why did UKIP pass a motion at their national conference that would see the party ban Hope not Hate supporters from joining UKIP along with installing a policy of "No Platform" against our organisation?

UKIP supporters would claim incorrectly that it was a measure to protect their freedom of speech.

I would counter that the real reason behind the ban was that UKIP hate the increased scrutiny into the affairs of their increasingly xenophobic party and wish to operate in the shadows.

They want to avoid Hope Not Hate putting UKIP officials and supporters under the microscope where we would expose the dubious activities and reveal the real mindset behind some who choose to be a member of Nigel Farage's party.

A good example of one such UKIP member who has something to hide hails from the far north of Scotland.

Andy Lovie is the Branch Secretary for the Aberdeen branch of UKIP and has previously stood as a candidate for The Scottish Parliament and Aberdeen City Council.

He is a loyal member and supporter of UKIP and has been for a number of years, which leads me to ask the following question...

Why does his name and address appear on one of the leaked BNP membership lists, claiming also that he is an activist ?

A simple check on Google will confirm this for any of the doubters out there.

UKIP want to shut us up. We will just increase the pressure.

Andy Lovie and UKIP have some explaining to do.

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More red faces at UKIP after 'coloured' slur

posted by: . | on: Tuesday, 24 September 2013, 12:06

Viv Lewis

Viv Lewis

UKIP have suffered further embarrassment after one of its Cornwall councillors repeatedly used the archaic and offensive term "coloured" during a television interview about immigration.

Councillor Viv Lewis, who was elected earlier this year to represent Camborne Treswithian, made the comments in an interview broadcast during the BBC's Sunday Politics South West.

It comes just days after controversial UKIP MEP Godfrey Bloom had the whip withdrawn after calling women at a conference event "sluts".

And it follows the long-running row involving Cornwall councillor Collin Brewer who stood down twice after saying disabled children should be "put down" and then compared them to deformed lambs.

Asked about immigration, 83-year-old Coun Lewis said: "I have already had heated arguments about that. Racist I am not. I like coloured people. I have been to the West Indies. I have sampled their hospitality. I like coloured people.

"But what I don't like is people who walk into this country and immediately get given money when there's a lot more deserving cases among English, British people."

Alex Folkes, the Liberal Democrat's deputy leader at County Hall and a member of the Cabinet, said he had been "shocked" by the interview.

He said: "Unreconstructed is the most sympathetic way I could describe his language. Certainly for a council that has been through all we have with Collin Brewer, it is no help whatsoever. Clearly he is a backbench UKIP councillor but even so it is the sort of attitude and language we need to take action on."

The Runnymede Trust, the UK's leading independent race equality think tank, said Coun Lewis's language was "outmoded".

"The term 'coloured' has largely been rejected by people from visible ethnic minorities as a useful description," director Rob Berkeley said. "By using the term the councillor appears to be out of touch with modern Britain.

"While we welcome new voices in politics, I hope that UKIP can support their councillors so that they do not risk offending their constituents with such outmoded language. While we differ with UKIP policy on migration, there is a debate to be had, but it must be conducted respectfully and not stir up racial prejudice."

When contacted by the Western Morning News, Coun Lewis said: "When I was growing up, with children from elsewhere, it was quite acceptable. You couldn't call them black then but apparently you can now.

"My problem is I haven't caught up with the diplomatic jargon and I didn't realise it is considered offensive these days. I want to apologise to any one that was offended. It is not something you will hear me say again."

Western Morning News

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Ukip Members Vote To Proscribe Anti-Fascists Hope Not Hate

posted by: Jessica Elgot | on: Tuesday, 24 September 2013, 11:58

An anti-fascist movement has expressed deep concern after learning that Ukip voted to ban its members from joining the party.

Members brought a motion to last weekend's UKIP national conference to proscribe HOPE not hate. Ukip also proscribe the British National Party.

"It's incredible that a party that's desperately denying claims that it is racist bans membership from Britain's largest anti-racist organisation," Hope Not Hate's Nick Lowles said.

ukip conference

ukip conference

A front row of young supporters applaud at the UKIP party conference, where it was voted to proscribe Hope Not Hate

"UKIP claim HOPE not hate is an extremist organisation, putting us on par with the fascist BNP. This is clearly ridiculous.

"The reality is that over the last few months we have begun to put UKIP under the microscope. We've exposed the racist rantings of some of their key organisers and councillors. Just in the latest fortnight we have exposed Farage's speechwriter and press spokesperson for using insulting and abusive language mocking people with disabilities and the NF past of a Thurrock UKIP councillor, who told us when we confronted him that he saw in UKIP the same things he saw in the NF.

"We have got under UKIP's skin and they don't like it. But rather than deal with their own racists they are trying to silence us."

But the party's spokesman said that the motion had been brought by party members and "that's what happens when members have a free say on what policies the party has.

"The reality is that we entirely support the anti-fascist, anti-racist principles of Hope Not Hate," he told HuffPost UK. "But they are ceasing to become an anti-fascist party and become an anti-Ukip party. They are attacking our policies which have nothing to do with racism or fascism."

In a formal statement, the party said: “Hope not Hate is a non-transparently funded organisation who has taken it upon themselves to launch a campaign of harassment and slur against UKIP. It is no surprise that a vote of the membership of UKIP decided to proscribe it as extreme. In its behaviour recently it has shown itself to be so.

“UKIP share their stated aims in combating racism and fascism, and will not have either in the party. Indeed we entirely support them in their campaign against the Government’s Lobbying Bill and believe that they have, if they stuck to their stated aims, a useful role to play.”

Lowles denied his group was anti-Ukip, but said it was simply concerned about extreme elements in the party. "We do not take a position on membership of the EU," he said in a blog on the organisation's website.

"We do, however, oppose political parties who whip up anti-immigrant prejudice through scaremongering and playing on racist fears. This not only leads to increased racism in our communities but risks pushing the main parties to the right on immigration and multiculturalism.

"UKIP might proscribe us but they will not silence us."

In April, Hope Not Hate surveyed its supporters whether they should start campaigning against Ukip. Over 1,800 replied, with two thirds in favour.

Huffington Post

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Farage and another image foul-up as his own PR advisor's embarrassing emails on fellow UKIP members

posted by: Richard Kay | on: Tuesday, 24 September 2013, 10:49

Annabelle Fuller (pic: Steve Bainbridge)

Annabelle Fuller (pic: Steve Bainbridge)

Hot on the heels of Godfrey Bloom’s ‘you’re all sluts’ cry to women at a fringe meeting, I learn of further discomfort for UKIP leader Nigel Farage.

This time it is much closer to home, involving his pretty, if seemingly rather naive, PR adviser Annabelle Fuller who tried to defend MEP Bloom before Farage suspended him.

Of course, there’s nothing like a few dirty tricks in politics — especially in conference season — to keep everyone amused.

But fitness aficionado Annabelle, 31, was most definitely not amused when embarrassing emails she allegedly wrote were exposed by a hacker.

The messages were between herself and a friend, Sean Howlett, 20 — a former contender for the chairmanship of the party’s youth wing.

They are said to have revealed apparently disparaging remarks Annabelle had written about leading UKIP members, including Diane James, the party’s candidate for the South-East at next year’s European elections.

The emails were all the more embarrassing because Ms James was also the party’s candidate at this year’s Eastleigh by-election — she lost by 1,771 votes — and employed Annabelle as her press officer for the campaign.

But Annabelle assures me she has nothing but respect and admiration for Diane.

‘I like her a lot and I have been to the police over the matter,’ she says. ‘People are trying to damage me.

'I went to the Met because my emails were involved and Sean went to Hertfordshire police because he lives there.

'We had the addresses of the people who hacked the account, but neither police force wanted to pursue it. I am very disappointed.’

The affair cannot have pleased ebullient Farage, but he remains loyally supportive of Annabelle — in July, I spotted him on his way to take his spokeswoman for a curry near her home in North London after he had spent the day watching the Test match at Lord’s.

Annabelle, however, is the resilient type and is bound to bounce back — just as she did two years ago after Tory MP Andrew Bridgen was arrested over allegations he had groped her on the balcony of his Westminster flat.

She explained at the time that she only went to his flat for ‘a quick fag’, but a security guard called the police after she fled bare-footed in the early hours.

The case was dropped after she told police she did not want to take the incident further.

Daily Mail

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Godfrey Bloom quits UKIP after 'sluts' row

posted by: . | on: Tuesday, 24 September 2013, 10:28

Godfrey Bloom, the UKIP politician censured last week for joking that party activists were "sluts", says he is quitting the party.

In a statement he said he intends to sit in the European Parliament as an independent until the end of his term.

He said he had "felt for some time" the party was no longer for him.

The Yorkshire and Humber MEP had the whip removed last week after he was recorded joking about women who did not clean behind their fridges.



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UKIP are a bunch of morons and fascists, says the man who founded them.

posted by: Jason Groves | on: Monday, 23 September 2013, 09:21

Alan Sked

Alan Sked

The founder of the UK Independence Party today launched a bitter attack on its current leadership, labelling them 'morons' and 'fascists'.

Alan Sked, a history professor who launched Ukip in 1991, said the party had lost its way and was now 'obsessed by race, Islam and immigration' rather than Europe.

Professor Sked, who split with the party several years ago, also launched a highly personal attack on UKIP's leader Nigel Farage, accusing him of recruiting former members of the National Front to the party.

Professor Sked told Sky News: 'There are decent people in the party and decent people who vote for it because up until I founded my new party, New Deal, there has been no other party that has said it'll take Britain out of the European Union. 

'However, quite clearly UKIP nowadays is led by morons who have no policies and are fascistic and the chickens are coming home to roost.' 

Professor Sked said the party was 'absolutely doomed' and suggested that media investigations into Mr Farage's past views would continue to dog the party. 

On the eve of the UK Independence Party’s conference today, Channel Four News broadcast comments from teachers at Dulwich College that the teenage Farage was a ‘fascist’ and a ‘racist’ when a pupil at the private London school in the late 1970s and early 1980s.

A letter from 1981 claims Mr Farage, now 49, was even heard ‘shouting Hitler Youth songs’. The claims did not prevent him being appointed as a prefect at the school.

The UKIP party conference was comprehensively derailed on Friday when veteran MEP Godfrey Bloom was booted out of the party for calling a group of women ‘sluts’ and hitting a journalist over the head.

The party's defence spokesman's outburst flew in the face of efforts by the leadership to show UKIP had ‘grown up’.

Professor said a vote for his party at the General Election would only serve to help Ed Miliband.

'I'm glad the Conservatives are moving in a eurosceptic direction but I think what's happened is that Ukip has gone so far towards the extreme right that the only votes they are taking away are from the Conservatives in the shires,' he said. 

'The result of this will not be to squeeze the political system towards getting us out of Europe, it will mean that the Tory party will lose some seats, a Labour party which is pro-Europe will get in and that will actually cut the throats of what UKIP is supposed to stand for.' 

UKIP today dismissed Professor Sked's comments, pointing out it is the only party that bans former members of extremist organisations from joining.

A source said the party had dropped its pledge to ban Moslem women from wearing the veil in public and pointed out that the immigration speech at its conference last week was delivered by a Moslem activist.

He added; 'It is sad. Alan Sked should be proud of the success of the party he did so much to create. Instead he seems content to fight battles with imaginary foes.' ends He added; 'It is sad. Alan Sked should be proud of the success of the party he did so much to create. Instead he seems content to fight battles with imaginary foes.' 

Daily Mail


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Exclusive picture of UKIP leader Nigel Farage and the ex-National Front official

posted by: Ben Glaze | on: Sunday, 22 September 2013, 00:24

Nigel Farage with Robert Ray

Nigel Farage with Robert Ray

Nigel Farage faces fresh ­embarrassment after posing with a UKIP member who is a former National Front official.

Our exclusive picture of the UKIP leader with Essex ­councillor Robert Ray was taken just 24 hours before allegations emerged that as a schoolboy Mr Farage was a “racist” and a “fascist”.

A teacher at his school – Dulwich College in south London – also claimed that Mr Farage was among pupils who marched late at night through a quiet Sussex village shouting Hitler Youth songs. Mr Farage denies the accusations.

Mr Farage took to the campaign trail with Mr Ray, former NF organiser for Newham, east London – despite UKIP rules saying: “Membership is not available to anyone who is or has previously been a member of the NF.”

Mr Ray claimed that Mr Farage knew he was a former NF member when they went canvassing in Grays, Essex, last Wednesday. They were out to woo voters in the run-up to next month’s Thurrock Council by-election.

Mr Ray said he qualified for UKIP membership because he left the NF decades ago.

Asked if the NF was racist in the 1970s, Mr Ray replied: “I left because I believed it was starting to get that way.”

Matthew Collins, of Hope Not Hate, said: “Nigel Farage should address what it is that attracts former members of the NF to his party.”

A UKIP spokesman said Mr Ray joined the party before the ban on former NF members was introduced two years ago. He said “natural justice” meant it should not lead to members who signed up before 2011 being kicked out.

On Friday, at the party’s conference, Mr Farage said the issue of immigration from new EU countries would dominate the political agenda in 2014.

He said: “If the coalition wants to save their electoral skins they must, before 1 January, tell Brussels that we will not unconditionally open our door to Bulgaria and Romania.”

The Sunday Mirror

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UKIP Chairman Demands UKIP Venue Name Change

posted by: Simon Cressy | on: Saturday, 21 September 2013, 22:17

Steve Crowther

Steve Crowther

Why didn't UKIP Party Chairman want people to know that their conference was to take place in the Methodist Central Hall in Westminster ?

Crowther issued an edict to UKIP party members telling them not to refer to venue as the Methodist Central Hall and should call it only Central Hall

What was he trying to hide ?







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UKIP's Criminal Friend

posted by: Simon Cressy | on: Saturday, 21 September 2013, 14:23

Slavi Binev

Slavi Binev

Before all the Bloom fiasco erupted at yesterday's UKIP conference the main talking point was UKIP leader Nigel Farage's keynote speech.

Once again Farage took every opportunity to attack Eastern European immigrants planning to come to the UK and used a series of dubious statistics to back up his claim that large numbers of Romanian and Bulgarian criminals are headed to these shores.

Rather surprisingly then is the fact that the UKIP conference has a special guest overseas speaker today, Bulgarian MEP Slavi Binev.

An ex member of the far right Ataka party, Binev was exposed in a diplomatic cable revealed by Wikileaks as an organised crime group leader whose criminal activities include prostitution, narcotics, and trafficking stolen automobiles.

So UKIP have brought their very own Eastern European criminal to the UK and their conference.

How hypocritical is that ?

Released by Wikileaks: Criminal Past of Slavi Binev

Released by Wikileaks: Criminal Past of Slavi Binev

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FactCheck: Nigel Farage’s Ukip conference speech

posted by: Patrick Worrall | on: Saturday, 21 September 2013, 01:08

After 20 years, numerous lost deposits, criticism and derision, the UK Independence Party (Ukip) is “changing the face of British politics”.

That’s according to party leader Nigel Farage, who promised party delegates the eurosceptics would sweep the board at next year’s European elections then win seats in parliament for the first time in 2015.

A bold prediction, but the party is riding on a wave of self-confidence after winning more than 200 seats in this year’s council elections.

Well if Ukip’s leaders are destined to become a serious force in British politics, they had better get used to the FactCheck treatment. Let’s start with Nigel Farage’s big moment at the party conference in London.

20 farage fc r FactCheck: Nigel Farages Ukip conference speech

20 farage fc r FactCheck: Nigel Farages Ukip conference speech

factFiction3 FactCheck: Nigel Farages Ukip conference speech

factFiction3 FactCheck: Nigel Farages Ukip conference speech

“We now have 30,000 members and we’re rising fast, and by the time of the next general election we will have the third highest membership of any party in this country, and we’re going up at a time when all the rest are going down.”

These are latest figures on party membership from the Electoral Commission.

PartyMembers2009 NEW FactCheck: Nigel Farages Ukip conference speech

PartyMembers2009 NEW FactCheck: Nigel Farages Ukip conference speech

Unfortunately the official figures only take us to the end of 2012 and there have been dramatic developments since then.

Ukip said in July that its membership had passed 30,000. We asked the Liberal Democratsabout their latest total and were told we couldn’t have an exact number.

Rather coyly, the Lib Dems told us their membership was hovering somewhere “between 40,000 and 50,000″, an optimistic estimate which would suggest that the speedy decline in Lib Dem membership since 2010 has recently stabilised or reversed itself.

If Ukip’s numbers are correct (and we’ve no reason to disbelieve them), the eurosceptics attracted something like 8,500 new members between March and July this year.

With a growth rate like that, it’s fair to say that surpassing the Lib Dem total by 2015 is a distinct possibility, and if Ukip manage it they will probably have the third highest membership in Britain.

The SNP welcomed its 25,000th member in March this year, so the Scottish nationalists look to be behind Ukip, but the SNP is still growing, so it’s not quite true to say that “all the rest are going down”.

The Conservatives revealed this week that membership is currently running at 134,000, down from just over 250,000 when David Cameron became leader in 2005.

The far-right British National Party, who boasted almost as many members as Ukip in 2010, have suffered a collapse in support. Mr Farage said on Friday that his party does not allow former BNP members to join.

“There have been an astounding 28,000 arrests in the Metropolitan Police area of Romanians in the last five years alone…92 per cent of ATM crime in the capital is already being committed by Romanian gangs.”

The first figure is accurate and comes from a Freedom of Information request to the Met Police, who said they made 27,725 arrests of Romanian nationals between 2008 and 2012.

This was very widely misreported as evidence that an astonishingly high percentage of Romanian immigrants are criminals.

But most reports confused arrests with convictions, underestimated the total Romanian population and neglected to mention that one person can be arrested a number of times.

The Romanian ambassador to the UK, Dr Ion Jinga, wrote a detailed comeback, saying that there were 9,540 convictions in England and Wales out of a Romanian population of 100,000 to 120,000 in 2012.

That would be a conviction rate of 7.9 per cent, if every conviction represented a different person. But there will be many cases where one offender gets multiple convictions, bringing the true rate down. Dr Jinga said most of the offences were not serious, with 64 per cent of them theft.

What about 92 per cent of cash machine crime being carried out by Romanians? This figure comes from Detective Chief Inspector Paul Barnard, formerly of the Dedicated Cheque and Plastic Crime Unit.

A spokesman for the unit said the figure was “based on police intelligence”, but the underlying data has not been made public.

Readers who work for the police will probably not be surprised at a particular network of gangs from one country cornering the market in one specialised type of crime.

FactFiction2 FactCheck: Nigel Farages Ukip conference speech

FactFiction2 FactCheck: Nigel Farages Ukip conference speech

“More people settled in this country in 2010 than came here for the previous 1,000 years.”

We’re going to assume that he doesn’t mean that the cumulative total of immigration over the whole of the last millennium was greater than in 2010.

Presumably he means that more foreigners arrived in 2010 than in any previous year.

This isn’t quite right. Net migration did hit a record high of 252,00 people in 2010. But that’s immigration minus emigration, and it only spiked in that year because fewer people left this country than usual.

Actual immigration for the whole of 2010 was steady at 591,000. The inflow was slightly higher in 2006 at 596,000.

Clearly, Mr Farage is making the point that mass immigration in recent years (about half a million a year) is of a different scale than anything Britain has experienced before, and that may well be correct, although the further back in history you go, the less likely there are to be historical records.

Census records suggest that the African-Caribbean and South Asian population of the UK went up by some 300,000 between 1951 and 1961, much of which is presumably attributable to immigration, but there are no reliable migration statistics that are comparable to modern datasets.

Figures from the International Passenger Survey, based on interviews with people who arrive at UK ports, begin in 1964. They suggest annual immigration of around 200,000 people a year until the mid-1980s. For most of this time more people left the country than came in.

20 1964 migration fc FactCheck: Nigel Farages Ukip conference speech

20 1964 migration fc FactCheck: Nigel Farages Ukip conference speech

So far so good for Mr Farage.

Of course, there have been other major waves of immigration throughout British history: Russian Jews in the late 19th century; Irish people earlier that century; French protestants in the 16th and 17th centuries.

But it’s difficult to come up with sensible estimates about the numbers of people involved. Many historians estimate that around 50,000 Huguenots came to Britain in the late 1600s, a significant number when the British population was around 5 million.

Mr Farage is not alone in his historical assessment. Academics from the Migration Research Unit at University College London have said: “Opening up the labour market to citizens of the new member states of the European Union from May 2004 initiated what is almost certainly the largest single wave of in-migration… that the British Isles have ever experienced.”

Channel 4

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Police investigate UKIP councillor

posted by: Daniel Jaines | on: Friday, 20 September 2013, 18:25

Tiggs Keywood-Wainwright

Tiggs Keywood-Wainwright

Police are investigating allegations made about a Boston UKIP councillor, it has been confirmed.

A force spokesman confirmed they had received an allegation last Thursday afternoon in relation to a Boston councillor and potential offences under the Localism Act or electoral offences.

They added: “At this stage, we are looking into the allegations to establish whether any offences have been committed.”

The Standard has established that the allegations relate to Boston borough and Lincolnshire county Councillor Tiggs Keywood-Wainwright and her declaration of interests.

Coun Keywood-Wainwright said police had not yet contacted her regarding the matter.

She believes she has taken steps to sort the problem already and is confident it will be dropped with no further action required.

Coun Keywood-Wainwright has already seen allegations that she made racist internet posts dropped by police and accused her political rivals of ‘sour grapes’.

Boston Standard

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UKIP Supporters Advocate Violence

posted by: Simon Cressy | on: Friday, 20 September 2013, 17:39

After UKIP MEP hit journalist Michael Crick on the head with a UKIP conference brochure, UKIP supporters took to the internet in support of Bloom and advocated the use of violence against journalists.

Taken from a pro UKIP Facebook group

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UKIP leader: Godfrey Bloom 'should lose party whip'

posted by: Simon Cressy | on: Friday, 20 September 2013, 16:57

UKIP leader Nigel Farage has said that he is to meet with his party chairman at 6.30pm tonight to make it clear that, in his opinion, the party whip should be removed from MEP Godfrey Bloom after he called women "sluts" at a conference fringe event.

He told BBC News: I will meet with the party chairmen at 6.30pm.My opinion is that Godfrey has gone beyond the pale and I think we have no option but to remove the whip from him.

Mr Farage explained that under the party's constitution, only the party chairman has the power to remove the whip.


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UKIP's Godfrey Bloom under fire over 'demeaning' joke

posted by: Simon Cressy | on: Friday, 20 September 2013, 16:51



A UKIP politician is facing calls to consider his future after referring to a group of women as "sluts".

Godfrey Bloom used the word while addressing a "women in politics" event at the party's conference.

After being challenged about the comments, he said they had been a joke and that members of the audience had laughed.

UKIP's Diane James said the language was "unacceptable" while party leader Nigel Farage said it was inappropriate.

Mr Bloom was later filmed hitting a Channel 4 News reporter over the head with a party leaflet.

In a fringe meeting at the party's annual conference in London, the Yorkshire and Humber MEP made reference to previous comments he had made about women not cleaning behind the fridge.

When the women at the meeting said they had never cleaned behind their fridges, he said: "This place is full of sluts."

'Behind the fridge'

He was appearing on a panel with three female UKIP activists.

Confronted afterwards about his remarks, Mr Bloom said: "All the girls said, 'None of us clean behind the back of the fridge' and I made a joke and said this place is full of sluts."

He emphasised it was a joke and said all the women present had "laughed".

The Yorkshire and Humber MEP provoked controversy last month when he talked about British foreign aid going to "bongo-bongo land" - a reference to third world countries.

Asked about the latest furore, Ms James - one of the most senior female figures in the party - said the language was "demeaning" but "did not reflect the views" of most UKIP members.

Mr Farage said he needed to establish what had been said before taking action but that if the remarks were accurate, it was "wholly and highly inappropriate".

He added: "There comes a point where people cross too far over a line."

Mr Bloom, who is due to give a speech on defence policy later, was also asked by Channel 4 journalist Michael Crick why there were no non-white faces on a campaign flyer.

He responded by accusing the journalist of being "racist".


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Bloom In Trouble

posted by: Simon Cressy | on: Friday, 20 September 2013, 16:45

Hearing that UKIP leader Nigel Farage says the party whip should be withdrawn from Godfrey Bloom over 'beyond the pale' comments.

More as we get it

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Sweat and tears: UKIP conference descends into farce

posted by: Matthew Holehouse | on: Friday, 20 September 2013, 16:19

Ukip leader Nigel Farage, left, Alex Louise Nixon and Godfrey Bloom Photo: GETTY IMAGES

Ukip leader Nigel Farage, left, Alex Louise Nixon and Godfrey Bloom Photo: GETTY IMAGES

The conference began with accusations of a fight between journalist Timur Moon, 36, and three members of Ukip's youth wing at the Independence ball last night hosted in a mansion in Clerkenwell, south London.

The following day, as Nigel Farage delivered his keynote speech, sweat began to visibly drip from his forehead. It was the first time the Ukip leader had delivered a speech using note cards.

However, the most controversial moment happened when MEP Godfrey Bloom attacked Channel 4 presenter Michael Crick with a pamphlet shouting "racist".

Mr Bloom, who was in the news recently for his remarks on "Bongo Bongo land", was also said to have caused offence at a session discussing women in politics, after walking into the room and using a four-lettered profanity.

The argument between the youth Ukip members reportedly started after one member alleged that Moon had called a female member a “fascist”.

The victim, reportedly called Alex Nixon, a graduate of University College London who is deputy chairman of Ukip’s youth wing in Scotland, was then allegedly struck in the face and had her hair pulled.

Ms Nixon declined to comment but a friend alleged Mr Moon had attacked the three after being asked to leave the party, which had a ban on journalists. The journalist was charged with three counts of common assault.

Mr Moon studied English at Oxford University and creative writing at the University of East Anglia. He has worked at the National newspaper in Abu Dhabi and Al Jazeera in India.

The Metropolitan Police confirmed Mr Moon had been charged with three counts of common assault.

The Telegraph

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Godfrey Bloom hits journalist Michael Crick with UKIP brochure

posted by: . | on: Friday, 20 September 2013, 16:13

UKIP MEP Godfrey Bloom hits journalist Michael Crick on the head with a UKIP conference brochure on Friday after the Channel 4 News political correspondent asked why the leaflet didn't have any black faces on its cover.

Bloom responds by hitting Crick and calling him a 'racist' for 'picking people out for the colour of their skin'

The Guardian

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UKIP MEP defends calling women 'sluts'

posted by: . | on: Friday, 20 September 2013, 16:01

A UK Independence party MEP has defended branding women "sluts" during a party event designed to increase the number of women in politics.

Godfrey Bloom said female Ukip members joked that they did not clean behind the fridge and he responded by saying "this place is full of sluts."

Questioned about using the term, Mr Bloom said: "I made a joke and said 'oh well you're all sluts' and everybody laughed including all the women."

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Mike Nattrass: I am NOT joining the English Democrats Party

posted by: Andy Richardson | on: Friday, 20 September 2013, 14:06

Mike Nattrass

Mike Nattrass

Angry West Midlands MEP Mike Nattrass has pulled the plug on plans to speak at a right wing party conference at the weekend following claims he had joined the English Democrats Party.

Robin Tilbrook, leader of the English Democrats, issued a statement on Thursday claiming Mr Nattrass was joining the EDPfollowing his resignation from the UK Independence Party (UKIP) last week.

The statement even quoted Mr Nattrass saying: “England is my home and the English Democrats are my party.”

Mr Tilbrook said: “I am delighted to welcome Mike Nattrass as a member of the English Democrats and look forward to getting him re-elected again as an English Democrat MEP, on 22nd May 2014.”

But Mr Nattrass has denied any plans to join the English Democrats saying he was lined up to speak at their party conference in Leicester on Saturday simply to talk about the controversial issue of the HS2 rail line.

He said: “I am not joining the English Democrats - this is simply not the case.

"I was due to speak at their party conference at the weekend but I was to talk about the HS2 debate - a topic which we both have in common. But I have decided not to go to the party conference after all because I am angry about the way this has been handled and misconstrued.

"They have released this statement with comments I simply haven’t said and have implied that I will make an announcement on joining the English Democrats at the weekend. This is simply untrue.”

Mr Nattrass said he would continue serving as an Independent MP until the next election in May 2014 but would be considering setting up his own party.

He added: “I may set up my own party But I haven’t made a final decision yet. Until I do I will continue serving as an Independent MEP."

Mr Nattrass quit UKIP last week in protest at Nigel Farage's leadership. He accused his former boss of running a "totalitarian regime" and excluding those who disagreed with him.

Mr Tilbrook's party campaign for immediate withdrawal from the European Union and for the establishment of an English parliament.

Birmingham Mail

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UKIP councillor Matthew Smith 'not concerned' at election probe

posted by: BBC | on: Friday, 20 September 2013, 12:08

Matthew Smith said he had done nothing wrong

Matthew Smith said he had done nothing wrong

A UKIP county councillor said he had "no concerns" after he was interviewed by police in connection with alleged electoral malpractice.

Norfolk County Council's Matthew Smith was interviewed over an allegation relating to May's local elections.

But he said he had done nothing wrong and would wait for the police to conclude their investigations.

Norfolk Police confirmed that a 25-year-old man had been interviewed under caution.

They said the man voluntarily attended Great Yarmouth Police Investigation Centre on 14 August.

'I won't interfere'

"No arrests have been made in relation to this matter and inquiries continue," said a spokesman.

The Conservatives lost control of Norfolk County Council in May's election, and UKIP became the second-largest party.

UKIP now helps to run the council as part of a three-way alliance with Labour and the Liberal Democrats, supported by Green and independent councillors.

However, the resignation of UKIP councillor Peter Georgiou over shoplifting revelations, and subsequent Labour by-election victory, means that Labour is now the second-largest party on the council.

Mr Smith was elected as a councillor for Gorleston in the election, and was agent for other UKIP candidates.

He is also the party's prospective parliamentary candidate for Great Yarmouth.

Police were called in after a complaint about an alleged regularity on a nomination form.

Mr Smith confirmed he had been interviewed by police, and said: "I'm happy for things to take their course, then deal with what happens at the end of it. Why should I be concerned?

'Politically motivated'

"They will draw a line under it in their own time. I'm not going to interfere. I've got no concerns."

Mr Smith is the subject of a separate and unrelated complaint over claims that he stole confidential data from the Conservatives and offered it to Labour.

Mr Smith, a former administrator for Great Yarmouth Conservative Association, is alleged to have offered Labour details of Tory donors, members and canvass returns.

The Information Commissioner's Office confirmed it received a complaint and was investigating.

Mr Smith denied any wrong-doing and claimed allegations against him were politically-motivated.


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New UKIP county leader: We are victims of Chris Pains private war

posted by: Andrew Brookes | on: Friday, 20 September 2013, 11:44

Colin Mair

Colin Mair

The new leader of UKIP in Lincolnshire says Chris Pain’s ‘private war’ with party bosses is ‘dragging down’ the rest of the party in the county.

Coun Colin Mair has chosen to speak out over the row which has erupted over the two weeks, which first saw former county leader Chris Pain suspended from UKIP, ousted as leader by fellow members and then kicked out by party bosses following a disciplinary hearing.

Coun Pain led a a breakaway group of six councillors which reduced UKIP’s numbers to ten and saw Labour overtake the party as the official opposition at Count Hall.

Coun Mair, who represents the Tattershall ward at county level, said he has previously chosen to maintain a ‘dignified silence’ over the row but today spoke out.

He said: “There are a lot of good people working for UKIP, not the least being the ten county councillors left high and dry by the antics of Chris Pain.

“We continue to work hard for our constituents and our party, ignoring as much as possible the distractions of the splinter group.”

He added: “It is sad that good people decided to break away with Chris Pain and it is also a fact that the inevitable result of this, if things do not change, is that they will end up not being members of UKIP.”

Coun Mair said the atmosphere in the party was of ‘bullying, back-biting and mud-slinging’ and that Coun Pain was ousted to get a grip of the issues.

His comments come ahead of this weekend’s UKIP conference and he said that leader Nigel Farage has acknowledged that the party has had ‘teething problems’.

Coun Mair, who lost an East Lindsey District Council by-election at Frithville last week, said the Chris Pain issue will become seen to be ‘relatively insignificant’ in the long run.

He said: “People who chose to follow Chris Pain have been told they are welcome to stay in the main UKIP group but so far none have indicated that they will do so.

“It is so sad that Chris Pain, in pursuing his own private war with senior people in UKIP, is dragging down these good people.”

He added: “Finally I would like to thank all the ten county councillors for the dignified way they have continued to do the job they were elected to do without being dragged into a media mud-slinging campaign.

“None of us had anything to do with the problems created by Chris Pain with the UKIP national executive. We have simple been victims of the collateral damage caused by his campaign against UKIP.”

Boston Standard

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UKIP dumps Cambridge candidate David Kendrick after 24 hours following betting scam revelation

posted by: Chris Havergal | on: Friday, 20 September 2013, 09:20

David Kendrick:Dumped

David Kendrick:Dumped

UKIP has been forced to dump its parliamentary candidate for Cambridge after the News revealed his role in a betting scam.

David Kendrick confirmed he had stood down as the candidate just a day after his selection was announced following the disclosure that he had been banned from horse racing for four years in 2011.

Mr Kendrick, the former boss of a tool hire business in the city and a member of Shepreth Parish Council, was found to have been part of a group who laid bets using inside information and colluded with jockeys who deliberately rode to lose.

As the News reported yesterday, Mr Kendrick said he had not told UKIP about the sanction prior to his selection because he was “not embarrassed about it”.

Last night the 64-year-old said: “Anything that’s controversial with UKIP gets such a high profile and this has been deemed to be controversial.

“I didn’t think it was an issue then and I don’t think it’s an issue now.

“I’m disappointed, because I think it’s hugely in the country’s interests to leave the European Union and I thought I had a contribution to make.”

The embarrassment comes after UKIP’s county council candidate in Arbury, Hugh Mennie, was fined for forging signatures on his nomination form, and also following the resignation of Bryan Hawes as a councillor in Haverhill for saying he didn’t want black people in the town park.

The resignation comes at a particularly sensitive time, with the party’s annual conference getting under way today.

Mr Kendrick maintained he had no knowledge of corrupt betting but the British Horseracing Authority judged he did.

Daniel Zeichner, Labour’s candidate for Cambridge said UKIP had a long way to go before they were a credible political party.

He said: “I think they need to seriously look at themselves.”

Cambridge News

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One in three think Ukip is a racist party

posted by: . | on: Friday, 20 September 2013, 09:13

One in three people think Ukip is racist, a Daybreak poll suggests.

Of 1,000 people asked yesterday:

  • 34.8% think Ukip is racist
  • Only 11.5% rate Nigel Farage as the best party leader - David Cameron is well ahead at 28.6%, Ed Miliband has 15.9%
  • 14% will vote for UKIP at next General Election
  • 53.8% think Farage would not make a good Prime Minister


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Nigel Farage schooldays letter reveals concerns over fascism

posted by: Michael Crick | on: Thursday, 19 September 2013, 20:48

Channel 4 News obtains a letter about Ukip leader Nigel Farage, from his days as a schoolboy, in which teachers are quoted as accusing him of being "racist" and "fascist".

In the late 1970s and early eighties the Ukip leader was a pupil at Dulwich College in south London, one of Britain's most prestigious schools.Channel 4 News has uncovered strong evidence that teachers at Dulwich thought Nigel Farage was "racist", and "fascist" or "neo-fascist".

We have a long letter (below) written in June 1981 by a young English teacher, Chloe Deakin, begging the master of the college (head teacher), David Emms, to reconsider his decision to appoint Farage as a prefect. Deakin did not know Farage personally but her letter includes an account of what was said by staff at their annual meeting, held a few days earlier, to discuss new prefects.

The letter says that when one teacher said Farage was "a fascist, but that was no reason why he would not make a good prefect," there was "considerable reaction" from colleagues.

The letter continues: "Another colleague, who teaches the boy, described his publicly professed racist and neo-fascist views; and he cited a particular incident in which Farage was so offensive to a boy in his set, that he had to be removed from the lesson. This master stated his view that this behaviour was precisely why the boy should not be made a prefect. Yet another colleague described how, at a Combined Cadet Force (CCF) camp organised by the college, Farage and others had marched through a quiet Sussex village very late at night shouting Hitler-youth songs."

Political and racial tensions

1981 was a time of huge political tensions over racial matters, especially locally in south London. The National Front held marches in the area which led to violent clashes, and during the 1981 Brixton riots, not far away, part of the grounds of Dulwich College were used as an operational base by the police. It was only six weeks after the Brixton riots that David Emms appointed 17-year-old Nigel Farage as a prefect.

In his memoirs, Fighting Bull, Farage refers to the row about him being made a prefect, but says teachers were hostile because he was a great admirer of Enoch Powell, the former Conservative who had long spoken out against immigration.

But Chloe Deakin's account suggests Farage was expressing opinions well to the right of Powell. She gave a copy of the document to a colleague, Bob Jope, who has kept it ever since, and often used it in subsequent lessons over the years as an example of good, powerful prose-writing (though he blanked out the names). Jope's memory of the prefects' meeting concurs with Deakin's contemporary account. But not everyone shares Deakin and Jope's concerns.

'Naughtiness, not racism'

Terry Walsh, who was then deputy master at Dulwich (ie. deputy head), says Farage was well known for provoking people, especially left-wing English teachers who had no sense of humour.

The former master of Dulwich David Emms, the man who appointed Farage and received Chloe Deakin's letter, says he has no memory of the meeting or the letter. But he agrees with his former deputy: "It was naughtiness, not racism," Emms told me on Wednesday. "I didn't probe too closely into that naughtiness, but the staff were fed up with his cheekiness and rudeness. They wanted me to expel him, but I saw his potential, made him a prefect, and I was proved right."

But several Dulwich old boys have told me they recall Farage making racist remarks as a pupils, and voicing support for right-wing groups, though none has been willing to say so publicly.

Other contemporaries, however, say Farage's views at that time were merely Thatcherite. And many former boys say they have no recollection of Farage expressing political views at all.

Nigel Farage claimed to me today that he was shown Deakin's letter many years ago. He admits he was a "troublemaker" at school who "wound people up" with all sorts of views. He says some of the things he said may have been perceived as racist, but certainly weren't.

"I did say things that would offend deeply," he says. "And there were certainly two or three members of the English staff I made arguments against, that I didn't necessarily believe in.

"But any accusation I was ever involved in far right politics is utterly untrue."

What about the Hitler Youth Songs? "That's silly," Farage said.

"I don't know any Hitler youth songs, in English or German."

He added: "Of course I said some ridiculous things, not necessarily racist things. It depends how you define it. You've got to remember that ever since 1968 up until the last couple of years, we've not been able in this country, intelligently to discuss immigration, to discuss integration, it's all been a buried subject and that's happened through academia, it's happened through politics and the media."

We approached Chloe Deakin. She says she recalls discussing the matter, but has no memory of her letter. But her words from 1981 argued that making Farage a prefect would have far-reaching consequences: "First, it will vastly increase his own confidence, and sense of self-justification. Secondly, he will have the privilege of listing his appointment as a prefect at Dulwich College in his university and other applications."

Many will argue that it is irrelevant what a teenager did at school more than 30 years ago, but Ukip has a problem showing it is not racist.

Ukip, which holds its annual conference at Central Hall, Westminster on Friday and on Saturday says it refuses membership to anyone who has ever belonged to groups such as the National Front or British Movement.

But several Ukip candidates have been accused of racism, including Farage's close ally Godfrey Bloom, who this summer talked of aid being wasted on "Bongo-bongo land".

Channel 4 News

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MEP Mike Nattrass to join English Democrats Party after quitting UKIP

posted by: Steve Nicholls | on: Thursday, 19 September 2013, 11:38

Mike Nattrass will stand for the English Democrats at the next European elections

Mike Nattrass will stand for the English Democrats at the next European elections

West Midlands MEP Mike Nattrass has announced that he intends to join the English Democrats Party following his resignation from the UK Independence Party .

Mr Nattrass will stand as the EDP's West Midlands candidate in the European elections next May.

But fellow West Midlands MEP Nikki Sinclaire, also a former UKIP member, slammed his decision to join an "extremist" party.

Robin Tilbrook, the EDP chairman, said: “I am delighted to welcome Mike Nattrass as a member of the English Democrats and look forward to getting him re-elected as an English Democrat MEP.

"Over the coming year Scottish Independence will be in focus as they face the Scottish Independence referendum.

"The English Democrats are England’s equivalent to that party and our conference will debate further one of our key policy proposals, independence for England.”

However, Ms Sinclaire said: "I am saddened to hear that Mike has today joined the English Democrats.

"Since 2010 the English Democrats, have been infiltrated by those deserting the infighting of the BNP, who have been in meltdown since the General Election and now contain and tolerate some of the most undesirable and disgusting people in our society.’’

‘’By joining them, Mike is damaging his legacy and reputation. All his good work will now be overlooked because of the company he has chosen to keep.'’

Mr Nattrass left UKIP last week after criticising the leadership of Nigel Farage .

The English Democrats launched in 2002 and campaigns for St George’s Day to be England’s national holiday; for Jerusalem to be England’s National Anthem; for a Referendum to leave the EU; for an end to mass immigration; for the Cross of St George to be flown on all public buildings in England.

Birmingham Mail

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Chris Pain Fights Back (But Not Very Well)

posted by: Simon Cressy | on: Thursday, 19 September 2013, 00:50

Chris Pain: Wont Be Needing That Rosette Anymore

Chris Pain: Wont Be Needing That Rosette Anymore

Expelled UKIP Councillor Chris Pain has released a statement regarding his expulsion from the party.

Here it is printed in full (All spelling mistakes are his and are certainly not mine):

I decided to write this document a few days ago knowing full well that this façade would finalize in my expulsion from the party.

I have complained that my solicitor only had 48 hours to present the case. Evidence that my solicitor has asked for has been withheld. The hearing has been pushed forward onto this Wednesday, even though the General Secretary was aware that I had other commitments. There is a serious problem with the make up of the panel, because virtually all of the NEC members are standing for election as MEP candidates or reelection as NEC members and I believe under the influence of the party secretary Steve Crowther..

I will be asking for the barristers on the NEC, to make up the panel, as I judge them to be impartial and this was the precedent when a complaint was raised against Lisa duffy previously, a non voting member of the NEC. The new party secretary Matthew Richardson has already showed undue bias against myself and party members and I feel should not be the chairman of the hearing, this should be carried out by deputy leader Paul Nutall.

I believe that Steve Crowther has exceeded his powers, following on from my complaint to the NEC about his integrity and harassment towards me in the party. I do not believe that he should have been able to use these powers, as I had already raised my complaint against him.

In the future, I believe UKIP needs an independent out side body, to handle issues such as this. The issues that Doug Denny raised about the MEP selection process have not been addressed and the party secretary has stated that the only way to address these issues is through the high court. I do not feel that this is appropriate for a party that embodies democracy, fair play and justice. In the future, I believe UKIP will have to look at the confidentiality of the NEC proceedings and make it far more open and transparent. Otherwise I believe UKIP will become as undemocratic as the EU, which we oppose so much.

You are all aware of the serious allegations I have made against Steve Crowther as a result of a private telephone conversation with Will Gilpin ex CEO in the party to myself. The contents of this call were recorded and distributed to the NEC. This call was one of many calls that I have recorded since the allegations were made against me regarding racial comments that I was supposed to have posted on my facebook site. These allegations have since been dropped by the police.

The sensitive information contained in this call clearly shows that there has been a plot to oust me from the party, by any means whatsoever, for some considerable time.

It was believed that I was creating a power base and would challenge for the leadership. [What a ridiculous idea.]

You must take on board that Will Gilpin, in the telephone conversation, was under no pressure from me and clearly gave the information voluntarily. I consider that the information given in this matter is absolutely true and unquestionable. The man had nothing to gain from it and points the finger directly to Steve Crowther, who was the instigator of the plots against me.

You are also aware that his actions to destroy my position as leader of UKIP councillors on Lincolnshire County Council. This position has been interfered with, on his instructions, by Pete Reeves and associate Lisa Duffy. His intervening has meant that UKIP is no longer leading the opposition on the Council. This interference has split the party and now given Labour the main opposition on Lincolnshire County Council. It has also lost us the chair of one of the main scrutiny committee’s and a local by-election. His actions have brought the party into disrepute.

Steve Crowther is relentless in his quest to manipulate any situation that he needs to. My total dissatisfaction is only a small part of his maneuvering ways in making up his own rules and decisions, which are against Party Rules, thereby making a mockery of the whole NEC.

He has done much more harm to UKIP than any other person in the party and yet he still carries on and is unstoppable. My responsibility of my mother copying information mistakingly to a few wrong contacts is a misdemeanor compared to the actions that he has committed and still is committing.

My family and I have been harassed by him causing us quite a lot of distress, and your decision today only condones his actions. There is much more sensitive information, backed by an expert witness that is contained within the recording. This will have to be addressed at some point, sooner rather than later. I can only hope that the good people within UKIP, that do make honest and just decisions, rise to the occasion and take serious steps to remove this man and his collaborators.

You will all know that this hearing has been specially brought forward when it was supposed to be at the next NEC meeting at the beginning of October. My suspension from the party for two months, coinciding with my prearranged dismissal from the party, shows he believes my presence at the Conference would be embarrassing if all this information came out, and he would do anything to prevent this happening. It is obvious that if the information were to be disclosed to the party members, who deserve to know the truth, his position would be untenable.

As for me I will carry on as I always have, working and supporting the people that voted for me, in spite of the turmoil he and his paid henchmen have created within the UKIP Councillors.

Every position I have reached whilst being a member of the party was gained by democratic vote and done in a proper way, not rigged or set up, but by sheer hard work and effort.

The amount of response I have had already from members of UKIP is overwhelming and I am proud of what I have done for the party. I shall thank these people for their belief and loyalty to me both during the racialist smear and the current situation.

People who know me will know that I WILL NOT walk away from my responsibilities as a man of honesty and integrity. I will strive to get justice for the way I have been treated and I will not stop until I can be sure it has been carried out to my satisfaction.

UKIP is in meltdown already over this and other issues, and it is sods law in the land that we live in, that someone will press the trigger, the bomb will go off, and UKIP will get the fall out. I can assure you that this will happen as there are so many good UKIP people that are thinking on the same lines as me and they would only be too glad to do it.

Chris Pain

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Anti-fascists expose Aveley councillor as former National Front candidate

posted by: . | on: Wednesday, 18 September 2013, 17:37

ANTI-FASCIST campaigners have discovered that the UKIP councillor for Aveley, Robert Ray once stood as a National Front (NF) candidate in the seventies.

Hope Not Hate (HNH) discovered that Robert stood for the far-right party in the London borough of Newham in 1977.

This was a time when the NF were on a crest of a wave. There was also a plethora of political rallies and clashes in the London area.

HNH claim to have spoken to Robert who, according to them, “Confirmed that he was in the National Front and that he was the Newham organiser for the far right party. He also confirmed that he stood in elections on at least one occasion for the NF.”

Cllr Ray was elected in May 2011 and has gone on to be one of the hardest working councillors in the borough.

Whether he will remain in the party, remains to be seen.

Earlier this year, it emerged that a candidate had been thrown out of the party when it was discovered that she used to be a BNP member. Susan Bowen, a retired sheep farmer from Boscastle in north Cornwall, had been selected to stand in the Tintagel ward on 2 May.

Cllr Ray did attempt to respond to a YT inquiry but (no pun intended) hung up once he discovered that the editor was in Europe.

Your Thurrock

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Chris Pain kicked out of UKIP

posted by: Mark Williams | on: Wednesday, 18 September 2013, 16:49

Chris Pain has been kicked out of UKIP this afternoon.

The former UKIP leader at Lincolnshire County Council has been removed following a meeting of the party’s emergency disciplinary committee.

It is believed it is because of a dispute the Wainfleet and Burgh politician had with national chairman Steve Crowther.

Councillor Pain will no longer be able to run for MP in Boston and Skegness under the UKIP banner in the 2015 General Election.

A UKIP source told the Echo, Cllr Pain had been removed because of actions "liable to bring the party into disrepute."

Lincolnshire Echo

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posted by: Simon Cressy | on: Wednesday, 18 September 2013, 10:01

UKIP members of the European Parliament working hard ...........

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UKIP's Corrupt Cambridge Candidate

posted by: Simon Cressy | on: Tuesday, 17 September 2013, 17:20

David Kendrick

David Kendrick

UKIP frequently tell the public they are different from all the mainstream political parties.

At election time they always claim their candidates are squeaky clean when it comes to honesty and corruption.

So let me introduce you to David Kendrick, who has been selected as UKIP's parliamentary candidate for Cambridge in 2015.

Kendrick is however far from being squeaky clean, finding himself part of a corrupt betting scandal back in 2012 where he was found to have committed corrupt and fraudulent acts.

The British Horseracing Authority (BHA) banned Kendrick from attending any races it organised for 4 years after it was revealed that the prospective MP was involved in laying bets based on inside information, along with several others, including owners and jockeys, who had deliberately ridden their horses to lose.

What a shining example of UKIP honesty !

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Thurrock UKIP Councillor's Nazi Past

posted by: Simon Cressy | on: Tuesday, 17 September 2013, 11:51

Robert Ray

Robert Ray

It's easy to overlook certain areas of the country that have single UKIP councillors.

Over recent months much of our attention has been focussed on certain areas of the country such as Lincolnshire, where the local UKIP councillors have split, launching a bloody civil war.

So certain solitary UKIP councillors can easily dip below the radar and if they keep their head down can lead a fairly quiet life.

A good example of this would be over in the Essex borough of Thurrock, where UKIP has a lone councillor, Robert Ray.

Ray was elected in 2012 to represent the Aveley and Uplands ward on the Essex council and has kept his head below water, that is until now.

The UKIP councillor's face seemed familiar to us, as did the name and it didn't take too long to discover why.

The far right National Front used to have an organiser in the London borough of Newham who was also called Robert Ray and on digging through our files we managed to find an election leaflet from the 70's for the NF's Robert Ray with a photograph that looks very similar to the UKIP councillor, albeit from several decades ago.

Could it be a massive coincidence? We didn't think so and to avoid any confusion we rang Councillor Ray and had a little chat.

He confirmed that he was in the National Front and that he was the Newham organiser for the far right party. He also confirmed that he stood in elections on at least one occasion for the NF.

Ray, who joined UKIP in 2011 claimed he was an NF member for about two years, only leaving after becoming disillusioned with the NF leadership under John Tyndall.

We read him the contents of his election leaflet and he told us that he still stood by everything that was written, claiming that immigrants still established ghetto areas in this country.

When we asked him if he had declared his NF past to UKIP he claimed that he had but he wouldn't expand any further than that.

Robert Ray told us his fellow Thurrock councillors didn't know about his far right past and believed that they wouldn't be interested in what was now history.

We aren't so sure about that Robert.

Robert Ray:NF Organiser

Robert Ray:NF Organiser

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UKIP selecting Nigel Farage 'cronies' and is totalitarian party

posted by: Simon Cressy | on: Saturday, 14 September 2013, 14:29

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Ukip a 'totalitarian party,' says resigning MEP

posted by: . | on: Thursday, 12 September 2013, 20:21

Former deputy leader of Ukip Mike Nattrass tells Channel 4 News he is resigning from the party after he failed a candidate assessment.

Mr Nattrass failed the test in August and was told he could not stand for the party in the next European elections. He then lost a legal challenge against the party.

He told Channel 4 News: "The process has been totally gerrymandered and fixed, so that only people who support Nigel Farage are being put on that list."

Mr Nattrass, who has been a member of Ukip since 1997, said Mr Farage "doesn't want distraction from the people he wants elected."

He added: "Ukip is now a totalitarian party. Nigel Farage only wants people in the party who absolutely and totally agree with him. I'm regarded as a trouble maker.

"The party has done very well. We all do a lot of work but it now has a totalitarian regime because the leader only wants people elected who are his cronies."

Ukip's selection process involves a two-hour test, which includes public speaking, an interview and a written test. Applicants with the top grade are placed on the party's national approved list of candidates.

In a statement, Ukip said: "We understand that Mike Nattrass MEP is resigning from UKIP (I have not received official notification of this at time of sending).

"I understand his disappointment at not being in the UKIP lists for the forthcoming election, but the shortlist was decided by a fair and comprehensive process and UKIP now has very many talented people coming forward, wishing to represent us."

Channel 4 News

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UKIP leader fights back amid furore over selection of West Midlands candidates

posted by: Les Reid | on: Thursday, 12 September 2013, 13:37

UKIP leader Nigel Farage has hit back at accusations of “Stalinism” amid a furore over the selection of West Midlands candidates for next year’s European elections.

In a filmed interview for the Coventry Telegraph, he also revealed he is likely to stand at the next general election.

Mr Farage was grilled on issues including how to translate his party’s phenomenal mid-term local election success into Parliamentary seats; his championing of controversial Coventry-born former “shock jock” broadcaster Jon Gaunt; and his attitudes to women wearing the burka.

We also tackled him over fresh controversy concerning a close party aide, Alexandra Phillips, who used derogatory terms including “spaz” and “spasticated” on Facebook, and made light-hearted comments about starving Africans and persecuted jewish schoolgirl Ann Frank during the Second World War.

He insisted she would remain in the party.

The interview came as UKIP members were sent ballot papers to rank in preferential order candidates selected by a party committee to appear on UKIP’s election list next May - barring any further intervention by party high command (although “only if any serious wrongdoing emerging”, they claim).

Voters in May will decide how many of the list’s seven UKIP West Midlands candidates - starting with the top ranked candidate - will be elected to the European Parliament, based on the proportion of votes the party wins.

It follows a rejected High Court challenge by UKIP’s sole West Midlands MEP Mike Nattrass after he had failed to make the list against a selection process comprising an interview, written test and public speaking.

Mr Nattrass claimed the procedure went against the party’s rules that member should decide. The ex-UKIP deputy leader - who three years ago clashed with Mr Farage’s over the party’s alliance with a right-wing faction in the European Parliament - accused Mr Farage of interfering in selection with “personal favouritism”, against independently minded party members.

Mr Farage has also recently been accused by ex-UKIP chief executive Will Gilpin of running a party of “enthusiastic amateurs” that was all “about him”; and by ex-UKIP leader Professor Alan Sked of being “extraordinarily ring wing” and “creating a fuss via Islam and immigrants”.

West Midlands MEP Nikki Sinclaire, latterly of UKIP before a bust-up saw her emerge under a new party (We Demand A Referendum Now) - which will stand against UKIP - accused Mr Farage of “Stalinism” in controlling candidates’ selection.

Mr Farage denied having any part to play, and pointed to Jon Gaunt’s failure to make the list as evidence against claims of “personal favouritism”.

He told us he was the “architect” and executor of a former selection process in 2004 and 2009 which “did not led to a good crop of candidates”, adding: “Too many people have let us down”.

The 49-year-old former commodities trader continued: “So I said at the outset of this two years ago I wanted nothing to do with it, so the chairman and the national executive, and outsourced headhunters and recruitment consultants, have got on with a set of criteria laid down by our national executive.

“So I was a bit upset to read last week that there was an accusation that somehow I’ve fiddled this.

“I’ve known Mike Nattrass a very long time. I’ve certainly had my ups and downs with him. That’s life, that’s politics, but Mike has always been a very loyal, hard-working believer in the UKIP cause and I have no reason to do him down. Nor does the party.

“He went through a series of tests and interviews which did not match up to the criteria. He took us to court.. the judge said not only was the process that UKIP used to shortlist candidates fair, but it was set up and designed to be fair.”

With a broad smile, he said: “Perhaps if I had been more Stalinist and I had kept more control, we wouldn’t have these problems.”

Asked if former Sun columnist and BBC Coventry broadcaster Gaunt, once sacked by TalkSport for an interview in which he called a councillor a “Nazi”, was a personal favourite, Mr Farage said: “I’ve always liked Jon Gaunt.. He’d been through foster homes, had been through difficulties, but overcome all that and been a huge success.

“If you look at politics and media.. a huge number are from very privileged and easy backgrounds. Having somebody like Jon there speaking up for ordinary people is a very valuable thing.

“I have to say, just to disprove the former questions you asked, that I recruited Jon to UKIP over lunch in Brussels... I feel a touch embarrassed by this because I encouraged the guy to have a go. But doesn’t it prove this is not a Farage stitch-up?”

Mr Farage was asked if he accepted at least some West Midlands people would tell him Jon Gaunt’s track record suggested he would be a liability - given not just his TalkSPORT sacking, but the Broadcast Complaints Commission once ruling against Gaunt for threatening someone live on air with a baseball bat; in one Guardian interview Gaunt admitting he would beat up pensioners for looking at him the wrong way; and a recent backfiring Gaunt-run PR campaign for the Police Federation during the Andrew Mitchell Downing Street gates saga.

Mr Farage said: “Yes, of course you are right. I’ve heard that argument. I see the arguments from both sides as far as Jon is concerned. If you look at high-profile media figures, they are controversial by nature and like the rest of us, they get some things right, and some things wrong.

“I think he has a role to play because he does speak up for ordinary people. I know he has his detractors too.”

Mr Farage said he did not support Mr Gaunt’s views against the burka, adding: “I don’t want a government telling us what we can and can’t wear.”

But he called for everyone to “speak the same language” and said “integration in Britain’s cities” was one of “the great social challenges”, adding: “We must do all we can to stop mass immigration into Britain now. It’s clear a massive majority of British people including ethnic minorities want an end to mass immigration because they can see it’s dislocating communities.”

Asked if it was a “false promise” being sold to the electorate that governments could control immigration - given freedom of movement in the European Union and a recent rise in immigration despite coalition controls on non-EU migrants - Mr Farage responded: “You’re right, because look at what happened on May 2 this year in the English county council elections. UKIP stunned everybody. We got 23 per cent of the national vote.

“People knew that one of the big reasons people voted for UKIP is they wanted to vote for a non-racist, non-sectarian party that actually believes it’s about time we get a serious grip on this issue.

“We cannot control immigration all the time we stay a member of the European Union. If you say you can, it is conning the public, and people are waking up to that.”

With such controversy, did he agree picking up seats at a general election in urban centres like Birmingham and Coventry would be difficult?

“No. I meet people who come to this country and take a British passport and become part of society and want their kids to grow up British. It’s not about religion, class or race. A lot of those people are going to vote UKIP.”

Asked if the party had a “credibility problem” given even its former leader had branded it “extraordinarily right-wing”, Mr Farage replied: “I’m not answering.. Nobody who sees this interview will have ever heard of Professor Alan Sked... His comments are irrelevant.

“What I do take seriously is when people come into UKIP and they hold extreme abhorrent views.”

Yet, under challenge, he said 29-year-old UKIP press officer Alexandra Phillips would remain in the party, despite the disclosure of her “offensive” Facebook posts by anti-racist campaign group Hope Not Hate - including “Spaz”, “Spasticated”, “hungrier than a Biafran” and “bored of being Ann Frank”.

At this point in the filmed interview, another of Mr Farage’s aides stepped in front of the cameras to whisper in Mr Farage’s ear that an alleged unauthorised access of Ms Phillips’ Facebook account had been referred to the police.

Asked if she would remain in the party, he said: “Absolutely. We’re not going to be pushed around. Hope Not Hate are among the most hateful people in modern Britain, funded by big unions and fronted by Labour politicians increasingly embarrassed.

“Alexandra Phillips is a young woman who talks to her mates on Facebook. She is a very nice young woman.”

Mr Farage knows his party’s challenge is to translate this year’s council success - dismissed by opponents as a mere mid-term protest vote against mainstream parties - into more European and Parliamentary seats.

He conceded the party still has a problem with the quality of candidates and a shortage of doorstepping troops. He said: “Yes, of course it does. I’d be liar to say that wasn’t the case. David Cameron, Nick Clegg and Ed Miliband would tell you the same if they were being honest. Party memberships are collapsing.”

He claimed quality of candidates was improving with a 50 per cent increase in UK membership to above 30,000 in the last year.

Pointing to UKIP councillors in Telford, Staffordshire and Worcestershire, he said: “In Birmingham, Coventry and Walsall next year there are going to be not just European but local elections, and we have to transform ourselves in the heart of the West Midlands to being a serious player.”

Asked whether he would stand for Parliament in 2015, even if re-elected to Europe next year, he said: “I will next summer announce what I’m going to do, and if I was a betting man, I would put money on me running for a seat in the Westminster elections.”

He would not be drawn on rumours he might otherwise retire in 2017 after qualifying for the maximum pensions and benefits possible from 18 years’ service as an MEP.

But he said he would happily retire when his work was done, including securing a victory in a referendum on Britain’s membership of the EU.

* UKIP’s West Midlands’ candidate list of seven is: James Carver (accountant from Suffolk); Bill Etheridge (UKIP disabilities spokesman from Dudley and Halesowen); Michael Green (UKIP Burton upon Trent); Phil Henrick (motor industry businessman from UKIP Solihull and Meriden branch); Lyndon Jones (UKIP Telford and Wrekin); Jill Seymour (parish councillor, UKIP Telford and Wrekin); Michael Wrench (UKIP Wyre Forest).

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Haverhill town council at war after 'joke' race comment from UKIP councillor

posted by: Debra Fox | on: Thursday, 12 September 2013, 07:50

Bryan Hawes

Bryan Hawes

A UKIP councillor who made a racist remark he claims was “light-hearted” has resigned after colleagues reported him for breaching the code of conduct.

Bryan Hawes stepped down from representing Haverhill North because of complaints over a comment he made while handing out leaflets in the town.

The UKIP councillor was outside Tesco, in Cangle Road, in July promoting the town’s Summer Bash.

He was accompanied by other town councillors, including Deputy Mayor Cllr Maureen Byrne, Town Clerk Will Austin and Cllr Gary Stroud.

Mr Hawes said: “The public doing their weekly shopping weren’t that interested in speaking to councillors.

“A young black bloke came out of Tesco and Stroudy (Cllr Stroud) went to give him a leaflet and I said ‘don’t give them to black people, we don’t want them on our rec’.”

Shortly afterwards, Mr Hawes was told his comment had upset a fellow councillor. He said: “I went and said ‘I’m sorry that I offended you. I’m sorry you took it that way, and I apologise’.

“I thought they had accepted my apology.”

The councillor says he was trying to “lighten the mood” after feeling “a bit tired, a bit hot and a bit fretful” after hours of handing out leaflets.

He said his comment was supposed to “be ironic” and taken as a joke – and he thought it had been.

Cllr Gary Stroud said he watched foreign residents walk by Mr Hawes, who made no moves to give leaflets to any of them.

He said: “I approached an Afro Caribbean man to give him a leaflet and Cllr Bryan Hawes laughingly commented ‘we don’t give leaflets to black people’, adding ‘we are selective about who we give our leaflets to’.

“I was shocked and offended by his remark and I said to him that I give my leaflets to anyone. I do not prejudice against anyone and we live in a multi-cultural society.”

After passing on what Mr Hawes had said to Cllr Byrne and Cllr Pat Hanlon, Cllr Stroud and the others lodged a complaint.

Cllr Stroud said: “We both accepted the personal apology although inside I still felt angry and insulted.”

Cllr Byrne, who has black brothers and sisters, said she told Mr Hawes she was “incensed that he judged people by the colour of their skin”.

When Mr Hawes received notice of the complaint from the borough council, he decided to resign.

Mr Hawes, who was a football referee for 20 years, says he is not, in any way, racist.

Mr Hawes said: “If you didn’t have black people in football or cricket teams we wouldn’t have any teams.

“How can I support these teams if I’m racist? When I worked on trains I hired black, white and brown people.

“I was a Conservative for 25 years and no-one thought I was racist then.”

Mr Hawes says he believes the complaint was made as a way of “discrediting UKIP” and that the Labour party was “out to get him”.

He said: “What goes on in the council should stay in the council. I think I am an honourable man and I have always lived my life that way.

“If they had really accepted my apology, the matter should have been closed.”

UKIP councillor Tony Brown, who holds the Suffolk County Council seat for Haverhill East and Kedington, said UKIP did not “condone or accept racism in any form”.

“We have many black and Asian members in our party,” he said.

“We are the only party that bans former BNP and EDL members from joining us.”

Town Mayor Cllr Roger André said he did not think UKIP had a place in local government.

He said: “My view is that the issues upon which UKIP has policies are European and national issues.”

But he said that despite their political differences, the councillors had worked side by side for the good of the town.

Cllr Byrne agreed, and said: “I have no problem with Cllr Brown and Cllr Julian Flood [another UKIP county councillor] as they have been democratically elected, but I am totally opposed to the policies of the party.”

The election for Mr Hawes’ seat is taking place on October 10.

Haverhill Weekly News

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Chris Pain Speaks Out

posted by: Simon Cressy | on: Wednesday, 11 September 2013, 22:30

If you have been following the soap opera that has unfolded this week in the ranks on Lincolnshire UKIP I'm sure like me you will be eager for the next nail biting installment.

Well, here it is. Pain has made a statement and posted it on his personal Facebook account.

A very unhappy Chris Pain writes:

"Eight years as a hard working activist in UKIP.

Treated terribly by the party recently.

Recorded a conversation that poses some serious questions over the integrity of Steve Crowther and the MEP selection process.

I put in an official complaint re SC to the NEC on the Monday and I was told that it was not very urgent or anything that was serious enough to go onto that days agenda.

Told by the party secretary that the only way to complain about the integrity of the process was through the high courts.

Resigned from the NEC on the Tuesday. Friday afternoon, sent an email from SC, suspending me from the party, because the information was that serious and important, it had to be dealt with..

Meanwhile a continual smear campaign against me, from some dubious quarters within.

Today found out that candidates are not allowed at the count for the MEP elections and the final list we be re-jigged by the NEC, regardless how people vote.

Perhaps, someone did not want people asking me questions at conference!!! — at Lincolnshire County Council.

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Ousted Chris Pain to spearhead breakaway group from UKIP

posted by: . | on: Wednesday, 11 September 2013, 16:54

Chris Pain

Chris Pain

Ousted Chris Pain will tomorrow spearhead a breakaway group from UKIP on Lincolnshire County Council.

The shock switch will see the political make-up at County Offices change dramatically, the Echo can reveal.

Labour will now form the official opposition as former UKIP leader Cllr Pain forms a new party of six members.

The group will continue to share UKIP ideology but is unaligned from the county’s main UKIP group that now has 10 councillors - two less than Labour.

It comes following another chaotic week for the party.

On Monday, police dropped a three-month investigation of alleged racism against Cllr Pain and two UKIP colleagues Tiggs Keywood-Wainwright and Alan Jesson.

But by Tuesday, it was announced by the party’s national executive committee that Cllr Pain had been suspended from UKIP.

While the exact reason for the suspension remains unclear, the Echo understands it is because of a dispute between Cllr Pain and national party chairman Steve Crowther.

Despite insisting he will stand firm in his leadership role, Cllr Pain was ousted as party leader this morning after a majority of Ukip’s previous 16 county council membership sent a letter of no confidence to the authority’s chief executive Tony McArdle.

Cllr Colin Mair has replaced Cllr Pain as UKIP leader.

Almost immediately, Cllr Pain rallied his supporters within UKIP before holding talks with Mr McArdle over forming a new party.

Speaking to the Echo, Cllr Pain said: “It has been a hugely disappointing week of politics for UKIP.

“It has been a tough week for me personally but I will carry on.”

“Six of us will be moving across to form our own party.

“I will not be stepping down as a councillor because I have been chosen by the public to represent the public.

“I will continue to do this.

“The group I am leading away from UKIP still believes in UKIP beliefs but we will no longer be aligned with the actual party.”

The Echo revealed in July how Cllr Pain demoted his joint deputy leaders Victoria Ayling and Robin Hunter-Clarke.

At the time, Cllr Ayling told the Echo there were “question marks” over Cllr Pain’s decision.

And in June, Cllr Pain, who represents Wainfleet and Burgh, stepped down as East Midlands chairman of UKIP amid a police investigation into alleged racist remarks on social network site Facebook. That investigation was dropped this week.

This week’s events are in stark contrast to the party’s fortunes at the local elections in May - when it was elected as the official opposition at County Offices with 16 of 77 seats.

The Conservative Party will continue to lead a coalition administration with the Liberal Democrats and three Independents.

Tony McArdle, chief executive at Lincolnshire County Council, added: “We have received notification from a majority of the members of the UKIP Group to the effect that Councillor Chris Pain is not now a member of that group and consequently not its leader.

“As from today (Wednesday) Councillor Colin Mair will be acting as leader of the UKIP Group.”

Lincolnshire Echo

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Lincolnshire UKIP councillor Chris Pain removed as group leader

posted by: . | on: Wednesday, 11 September 2013, 16:17

Councillor Chris Pain Chris Pain was elected to Lincolnshire County Council in May along with 15 other UKIP councillors

Councillor Chris Pain Chris Pain was elected to Lincolnshire County Council in May along with 15 other UKIP councillors

A councillor suspended by UKIP has been removed as leader of the party's group on Lincolnshire County Council.

Chris Pain said he had been suspended from UKIP because of a "serious issue" between himself and national chairman Steve Crowther.

Nine of Lincolnshire's UKIP councillors have now signed a letter to the county council's chief executive saying Mr Pain has been removed from their group.

A national UKIP spokesman would not comment on why he had been suspended.

He said: "Chris Pain has been suspended under the emergency powers of the chairman of UKIP.

"It would be wrong and unfair to say anything more about the case before the committee has heard the evidence against Mr Pain and his defence."

UKIP gained 16 seats on Lincolnshire County Council in May, causing the Conservatives to lose overall control and form a coalition with the Liberal Democrats and several Independents.

Racism allegations

Mr Pain continues to be a councillor for Wainfleet and Burgh, and he told BBC Radio Lincolnshire "there is no way I would desert the voters".

"I put a complaint against UKIP national chairman Steve Crowther which might be subject of legal action and I can't discuss that any further at the moment," he said.

"It's just a serious issue between myself and Steve Crowther."

Councillor Colin Mair, who represents Tattershall Castle, has been appointed acting UKIP leader in Lincolnshire.

Mr Pain was investigated by Lincolnshire Police for alleged racist remarks posted on Facebook, but police said on Monday no action would be taken against him.

Tony McArdle, chief executive of Lincolnshire County Council, said: "We have today received notification from a majority of the members of the UKIP group to the effect that Councillor Chris Pain is not now a member of that group and consequently not its leader.

"As from today, Councillor Colin Mair will be acting as leader of the UKIP group."


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More Racism From UKIP

posted by: Simon Cressy | on: Tuesday, 10 September 2013, 22:38

This time from the Slough branch of UKIP.

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Is Defection On The Cards ?

posted by: Simon Cressy | on: Tuesday, 10 September 2013, 19:07

A UKIP MEP could be about to jump ship and defect to the English Democrats later this month.

Mike Nattrass, UKIP MEP for the West Midlands has recently been snubbed by Nigel Farage and UKIP after he failed to reach the shortlist of UKIP candidates for the 2014 European elections.

Nattrass, a former UKIP deputy leader and party chairman branded Nigel Farage "A prat" and took UKIP to the High Court in a failed bid to have his deselection overturned.

In a further threat, Nattrass has promised to reveal some of UKIP's deepest, darkest secrets as revenge for what he deems as poor treatment by Farage and the eurosceptic party.

Nattrass is to be the star guest speaker at the forthcoming English Democrats annual conference to be held at The Hilton Hotel in Leicester later this month.

The veteran MEP finds himself in the political wilderness and the English Democrats would be only too eager to have him in their ranks.

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UKIP county leader in dispute with national chairman

posted by: . | on: Tuesday, 10 September 2013, 17:12

UKIP’s leader in Lincolnshire is embroiled in a dispute with the party’s national chairman.

While UKIP has issued a statement saying that Coun Chris Pain has been suspended by the party, the councillor told The Standard this is not the case.

Coun Pain, who won the Wainfleet and Burgh county seat in May, said he has lodged a complaint against UKIP national chairman Steve Crowther.

He said the matter may be subject to legal action and did not wish to discuss it further.

However he said this is a dispute with Mr Crowther alone and that he has no issue with the party as a whole.

Coun Pain remains leader of the opposition at Lincolnshire County Council and is set to contest the Boston and Skegness parliamentary seat in 2015.

He said: “As far as I’m concerned I am going to be campaigning for UKIP, that’s not an issue. But this (the complaint) is a matter that needs clarifying.”

He told The Standard that he understands his complaint will be handled by party bosses in October.

The news comes a day after the police dropped an investigation into claims that he and fellow UKIP members made racist posts on social networking websites.

Coun Pain said it was ‘sad’ that political opponents had tried to label him a racist.

He said: “I’ve got friends of all nationalities, creeds and colours. It’s something you can’t throw at me to be fair.

“We should debate a point of view and whether you agree or not it should be about politics.”

He says he feels he was subject of a ‘smear campaign’ and is weighing up taking legal action against the people who lodged the complaint against him with the police.

Market Rasen Mail

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UKIP Lincolnshire leader Chris Pain suspended from party

posted by: Mark Williams | on: Tuesday, 10 September 2013, 16:24

Chris Pain

Chris Pain

Local UKIP leader Chris Pain has been suspended from his own party, the Echo can reveal.

The party’s national executive committee has taken the decision after Lincolnshire County Council’s UKIP leader Pain demoted Victoria Ayling and Robin Hunter-Clarke from their joint deputy leader roles in July.

The pair were replaced by Colin Mair.

Councillor Ayling told the Echo at the time there were “question marks” surrounding the decision and that she had complained to the NEC.

A disciplinary panel will now sit within the next 10 days before deciding on an outcome.

A UKIP statement said: “Chris Pain has been suspended under the emergency powers of the chairman of UKIP.

“A disciplinary committee will be sitting within the next 10 days.

“It would be wrong and unfair to say anything more about the case before the committee has heard the evidence against Mr Pain.”

Cllr Pain remains as leader of the party and official opposition at Lincolnshire County.

However, the Echo understands from a party source a letter is being written to Lincolnshire County Council by a cluster of its 16 UKIP councillors – stating they are not happy with councillor Pain as their leader.

It comes just a day after police dropped an investigation into racism against Cllr Pain and two of his county council colleagues, Tiggs Keywood-Wainwright and Alan Jesson.

Councillor Pain was unavailable for comment.

Lincolnshire Echo

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UKIP Minister For Transport ?

posted by: Simon Cressy | on: Tuesday, 10 September 2013, 16:02

Derek Clark

Derek Clark

UKIP believe they have an answer for all the woes of the world (Or so they would like you to believe).

One of the big topics of debate at the moment is the future of British railways and in particular HS2.

HS2 or High Speed 2 is a planned high-speed railway between London Euston and the Midlands, Northern England, and potentially the central belt of Scotland.

It is quite a contentious issue with much opposition, some of it very vocal.

One such opponent is the East Midlands UKIP MEP Derek Clark who is encouraging people to actively campaign against plans for the high speed network.

Clark believes he has solved the problem.

Speaking to the media Clark said "Yes, HS2 is quick, yes it is non-stop - so what? Our existing trains can be non-stop, just don't apply the brakes at every station."

Now why didn't we think of that ?

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Hugh Mennie: Cambridgeshire UKIP candidate admits 'forgery' charge

posted by: . | on: Monday, 9 September 2013, 21:07

He pleaded guilty to falsifying details at Cambridge Magistrates' Court.

Mennie was fined £110 plus costs and disqualified from the election process for five years.

He admitted one count of causing or permitting a false statement to appear in a nomination paper.

Mennie was one of five candidates to stand in the Arbury division of the local elections and came third with 246 votes.

A spokesman for UKIP said: "UKIP expects the highest standards from anyone who seeks to hold public office.

"When that does not happen we are fully supportive that the weight of the law should be upheld."


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Nigel Farage: Romanians want to move to a 'civilised country'

posted by: Adam Bienkov | on: Saturday, 7 September 2013, 20:58

People in Romania and Bulgaria are "living like animals" and will want to live in a "civilised country" like the UK instead, Nigel Farage said today.

"I went to the big Roma camp outside Sofia and there were 70,000 Roma people living there, no proper sanitation, no work. The whole thing was truly shocking, I mean living like animals."

He said the British government had underestimated the amount of Romanian and Bulgarian migrants who would want to come to a "civilised" country like the UK.

"What would you do? If an opportunity came up to come to a civilised country with a decent health service that will provide you with housing, give you a chance to get work, what would you do? I mean come on."

He said that discrimination against the Roma people meant "they find it virtually impossible to get work even if they want to go out and get it."

Farage also claimed that Britain would face a "Romanian crime wave epidemic", when the EU drops eastern European immigration restrictions next year.

"No-one dares to talk about this but in London we've now got a Romanian crime wave epidemic which is only going to get worse."

He also claimed that people from Eastern Europe are visiting the UK in "vast numbers" to take advantage of our health service.

Farage denied that Ukip are a racist party. "We in UKIP are not against anybody from any other part of the world or any religion or any race but it's about time we started putting the interests of British people first."

He also suggested that some of the racist comments reportedly made by Ukip councillors and activists had been "orchestrated" from outside the party.


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Assad is not as bad as his father, says Neil Craig

posted by: . | on: Thursday, 5 September 2013, 18:30

Neil Craig

Neil Craig

If Syrian President Bashar al-Assad thought he was running out of political allies, he may take succour from today’s letters page in The Spectator.

Neil Craig, Ukip secretary for Glasgow, writes: “Assad is not remotely as bad a man as his father... and he is not the sort of wastrel playboy the Gulf Arabs’ children so often are. He is what is needed to encourage the peaceful evolution of Syria into a nation governed by the rule of law.”

Now what does Ukip leader Nigel Farage think?

London Evening Standard

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UKIP Press Officer's Offensive Comments

posted by: Simon Cressy | on: Thursday, 5 September 2013, 09:28

Alexandra Phillips

Alexandra Phillips

There is a well known saying that claims there is no such thing as bad publicity.

UKIP have had their fair share of publicity this year, most of it being bad with countless indiscretions and gaffes being revealed in the national media on a daily basis.

It seems the busiest people in UKIP at the moment are their national press officers who have the unenviable task of having to deal with the nations media following yet another howler by one of the party's officials.

With their heavy workload in mind I found it a little surprising that one of their own press officers had been busy making countless indiscretions of their own.

Alexandra Phillips describes herself as Head of Media for Nigel Farage and UKIP on her Linkedin profile, she has also recently been described as UKIP's Head Of Press in an article by Channel 4 journalist Cathy Newman.

The 29 year old has previously worked for both the BBC and ITV along with a series of international newspapers and claims she was headhunted for the role with UKIP. Phillips also describes herself as a spin doctor and speechwriter, on her personal website she includes excerpts of speeches she has written for The European Parliament.

Alexandra Phillips is a frequent visitor to The European Parliament in Brussels where she works alongside UKIP's 11 MEP's. So when we checked her personal Facebook profile we were amazed at some of the offensive postings she has made over a number of years.

She frequently mocks the disabled, often referring to herself or others as "Spaz" or "Spasticated" Words that have thankfully dropped out of common usage as the majority of British society regard them as offensive. Phillips also refers to an online friend of hers as an "Autistic wanker".

Another posting she claims that "She is hungrier than a Biafran" a disgusting reference to the huge numbers of people who starved to death during the Nigerian–Biafran War in the 1960's.

Another posting by the young press officer claims that she "Is bored of being Anne Frank" a sick link to the tragic tale of the young Dutch girl who hid from the Nazis in World War 2 and was ultimately captured and died in Bergen-Belsen concentration camp.

If she wanted to know about Nazis maybe Alexandra Phillips could have asked Jean- Marie Le Pen, MEP and then leader of the Front National. In November 2009 she wrote" Is in the European Parliament and that charming Frenchman Jean-Marie Le Pen is in the office down the corridor. Maybe I should go and say hello".

It seems that when she visits the European Parliament she gives some of our continental cousins a wide berth, It appears she isn't keen on people from The Netherlands as she writes" Dutch people should come with a health warning."

She isn't that keen on the British either writing "English boys are shit" and "Sometimes just reading the papers and waking up in the UK is enough to make you feel suicidal by lunchtime".

Let's see how the self appointed UKIP "Spin Doctor" spins this mess.

Alexanda Phillips In The European Parliament

Alexanda Phillips In The European Parliament

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Good God Godders, youre not average

posted by: Colin Drury | on: Tuesday, 3 September 2013, 16:22

Vote Godders: less than five per cent of us did

Vote Godders: less than five per cent of us did

God bless Godfrey Bloom of the UK Independence Party. Now, here’s a man with his jib cut exactly the way I like it.

Some people – those liberals and lefties – may consider it distasteful to call an offensive, sexist, borderline bigot a national treasure. But, as the Yorkshire Euro MP himself might put it, those people are ‘fxxxxxg dingbats’.

Personally I don’t think you can knock a man who once walked into the European Parliament, half cut after an afternoon enjoying the Brussels hospitality, and part-shouted-part-slurred at the attendant members that they were “a Mickey Mouse assembly” before being, er, assisted out of the chamber by an intern. I’m also full of admiration for how he once dealt with accusations of groping a student: “I’m a tactile man,” he said. “But I’m not a groper. And if I was going to start I’d have chosen someone better than that.”

That’s before you even get onto this summer’s highlights. Demanding David Cameron cut aid to “Bongo Bongo Land” was a real pearler. As was his follow-up act of noting women have a predisposed talent for finding mustard in a pantry.


What a cad. What a card. What a lovable old right-wing rogue. He should bring out a Chairman Mao-like book of philosophy, offering wisdom on everything from David Cameron (“the sort of chap I used to beat up”) to female rights (“they don’t clean behind the fridge enough”).

My only issue, though, is when he says something like: ‘I’m just saying what the average man thinks’.

Woah there, Godders. W-o-a-h right there. I love you almost as much as I love Alan Partridge but, come now, you do not speak for the average man. You do not speak for me or the people I know. You barely even speak for your electorate – less than five per cent of us voted you in.

You – a retired London investment manager living in a seven-figure cottage – may think most men still guffaw at 19th century phrases like Bongo Bongo Land. But you underestimate us, down here in the real pubs and cricket clubs of Average Land. You do us a disservice.

For this is 2013, Godders, and people largely see you for what you are: a rather unpleasant chap who says ‘speaking common sense’ as code for ‘being offensive and pejorative’. A man who claims he is vilified when he is the vilifier – spreading small-minded views on everything from immigration (they take our jobs) to the NHS (charge for it). So, allow me to speak ‘common sense’ here: you’re a belting jester but, as politicians go, you’re a buffoon and an embarrassment to the average man.

Sheffield Star

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Hyndburn BNP candidate now a UKIP candidate

posted by: Graham Jones | on: Tuesday, 3 September 2013, 16:10

Andrew Eccles

Andrew Eccles

UKIP’s, just ‘The BNP in suits’? Here in Hyndburn extreme BNP activist Andrew Eccles was headhunted by a local UKIP chairman and has subsequently switched to UKIP.

Andrew Eccles stood for the BNP for a Hyndburn council seat in Clayton ward in 2010 against Tim O'Kane and also stood simultaneously in the for the BNP in the 2010 General Election against myself.

Oddly this pub landlord is now saying that it was "many years" since his involvement with the BNP.

However Mr Eccles has recently stood for UKIP in Tottington, Bury last year. Mr. Eccles is a former BNP activist as his Facebook page makes clear.

Not a pleasant character, Mr. Eccles once called for a national “Burn The Koran Day”. It would be interesting to see if UKIP candidate Mr Eccles supports Nick Griffins stance on not supporting the England football team because of all the black players in it or the comments that disabled babies should be aborted as UKIP candidate Geoffrey Clark stated or advocating cutting aid to 'Bongo Bongo Land'.

Of course UKIP’s own rules should mean that Mr Eccles could not even be a party member, let alone stand for it in the Tottington ward of Bury, Greater Manchester yet UKIP seem to publicly welcoming BNP members. Mr Eccles was recruited by Peter E Entwistle, chair of Bury UKIP.

UKIP are is disarray. A shambolic group of malcontents with policies that have been thought up through the bottom of an empty beer glass. I wrote about there position on opting out of EU policing allowing murders, rapists and paedophioles to escape justice, preventing prisoners from being deported, returning to the days of the Costa Del Crime and making Britain a safe haven for foreign criminals.

Graham Jones MP

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Nigel Farage Slams UKIP Founder, Brands Gay Marriage 'Illiberal'

posted by: Charlotte Meredith | on: Monday, 2 September 2013, 15:45

He's been accused of making the party all "about him" and now Nigel Farage has dismissed Ukip's founder because "no one cared who he was."

In a sensational interview, the UKIP leader slammed the founder and former leader of Ukip, Professor Alan Sked, branding him a "fully up paid member of the bitter and twisted club."

"Will anybody watching this video have ever heard of his name? When he was leading the party none cared who he was," he said in an interview with ChatPolitics.

Professor Sked has publicly denounced Farage's leadership, saying the party he launched in 1993 has become "extraordinarily right-wing" and is now devoted to "creating a fuss, via Islam and immigrants."

"They're not an intellectually serious party. Their views on immigrants and on [banning] the burqa are morally dodgy," he told HuffPost.

But Farage, who hasn't spoken to the party founder for 17 years, said the former leader's opinions are irrelevant.

"Who is he?" He questioned. "I don't respond to anything he says."

His comments follow Ukip's former chief executive accusing Farage of viewing the party as "being about him."

Will Gilpin, who quit after just eight months in the job, slammed Farage for stubbornly refusing to loosen his grip on power.

Ukip's failure to adopt a more professional management system means it will remain "a bunch of enthusiastic amateurs having a good time", he warned.

But Farage said the criticism was "unjust and invalid."

"It's better to be a one-man party than a no-man party," he said.

"At least people know who I am and what I stand for."

Moving onto the topic of gay marriage, the Ukip leader said his party "haven't discussed it," before adding they thought it could be "illiberal."

"We said that we felt that there was a great risk that if gay marriage went through it could prove to be profoundly illiberal," he said.

"There is very real legal risk that faith communities could be forced to conduct such ceremonies which would be illiberal because it would stop people pursuing some of their own beliefs," he added.

UKIP is opposed to the Government's proposals to legislate to extend the definition of marriage to include same-sex couples, with a statement from the party arguing civil partnerships are sufficient.

"Civil partnerships represent an entirely common sense way of allowing gay men and women in our country to register in a formal way their longterm commitment to one another," it reads.

"Gay marriage is an entirely different thing altogether."

Huffington Post

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UKIP at war as dumped MEP threatens to take on prat Farage

posted by: Jonathan Walker | on: Monday, 2 September 2013, 14:59

Mike Nattrass

Mike Nattrass

Civil war has broken out in UKIP as deselected West Midlands MEP Mike Nattrass branded leader Nigel Farage a ‘prat’ and threatened to spill the eurosceptic party’s secrets.

He also accused Mr Farage of rigging selection contests for next year’s European elections.

Senior party member Mr Nattrass, is a former UKIP deputy leader who has represented the West Midlands since 2004, hit out after he was barred from standing again in 2014.

He was told he had failed a selection process which was designed to weed out weaker candidates.

Speaking to the Birmingham Post, he said: “I am going to take on Nigel Farage. I’m not going to lie down on this, because it was a breach of democracy.”

But the MEP’s bid to take legal action to get the decision overturned has failed, after a judge in chambers concluded that it was not a matter for the courts.

UKIP insists the selection process was fair and candidates were selected or rejected on their merits.

Other West Midland hopefuls who failed to make the grade included Radio presenter Jon Gaunt, a UKIP member who was also rejected as a candidate.

Those who made it on to the candidates list included Bill Etheridge, who previously stood as the party’s candidate for police and crime commissioner in the West Midlands police force area.

He is a former Conservative council candidate who defected to UKIP in 2011 after being suspended from the Tory Party for posting a photo on Facebook which showed him posing with a golliwog doll. Mr Etheridge said the photo was intended as a protest against political correctness and censorship.

A total of seven candidates have been selected, as seven seats will be contested in the West Midlands region. UKIP activists will now be balloted to decide which order the candidates appear in on the ballot paper, with only those at the top having a realistic chance of becoming MEPs.

Mr Nattrass believes that potential candidates who were popular with rank and file members – such as himself – were deliberately excluded to ensure candidates favoured by Mr Farage came top of membership ballots.

UKIP succeeded in winning two West Midlands seats in the last European election in 2009. One went to Nikki Sinclaire, who is now an independent MEP after she fell out with Mr Farage.

Mr Nattrass remains a UKIP MEP but he too has turned his fire on the leader, claiming the party is becoming a one man band.

He said: “You’ve got to have a party which is represented by many people not just one.”

And he intended to reveal details of the party’s operation which would embarrass Mr Farage, he said.

“I’m not going to walk away just because some prat has decided that they don’t think my face fits.

“Well I’m sorry but I think we need more people like me whose faces don’t fit so we can have democracy and free speech.

“If there’s a vote and there are 20 people in the room and I say something that’s taken to be outrageous then obviously I’ll be voted down.

“But most of the time people come round and say actually that was a good point.

“So my points are not outrageous, it’s just that Nigel doesn’t like them. I’m a thorn in his side.”

Mr Nattrass, who was UKIP’s deputy leader from 2002 to 2006, publicly clashed with Mr Farage in 2010 over UKIP’s decision to join a controversial faction within the European Parliament called Europe of Freedom and Democracy. This includes Lega Nord, an Italian party sometimes known as Northern League in the UK, which advocates autonomy for the north of Italy.

He also expressed some support for Ms Sinclaire during her battles with the party.

But the selection process had been rigged to ensure the candidates picked were willing to do what they were told, he said.

“It doesn’t just impact on me, it impacts on a range of candidates who have been excluded because they take the focus off the chosen ones.

“The chosen ones are those selected by Mr Crowther the chairman, who denies Mr Farage is involved. But that seems strange to me because people have told me that Mr Farage told them they would be on the list of candidates, and lo and behold they were.”

The “chosen ones” were “people who are prepared to do service to Mr Farage,” he said.

Other candidates who might have won the support of party members – placing them high on the list of candidates presented to voters in the European elections – had been excluded, Mr Nattrass said.

“We have the chosen ones on the list and then gonks or people who have never been heard of.

“It is not good. I still support the principles of UKIP but this is not the way to run a political party. We are going in the wrong direction.”

Mr Nattrass said he was regularly asked to speak at UKIP events across the country, and was backed by party members in the hustings that formed part of the selection process.

“I went through hustings, which took place at Great Barr, I got a round of applause before I spoke – apparently I was the only one that got that. So I am popular, believe it or not.”

But he had been told by Mr Farage that he failed the interview portion of the selection.

“What Nigel Farage is saying is, he wrote to me when I complained and said I had failed the interview.”

“It was a stitch. The interview panel were sent to nobble me.”

Mr Nattrass, a chartered surveyor and businessman originally from Yorkshire, said he had a different lifestyle to Mr Farage, a broker from Kent whose father was also a broker.

“My habits are not similar to his. I’m not a drinker. I don’t go to the pub all the time. I’m prepared to go down there and have a meeting with people. But I’m not in his in crowd, I don’t do the things that he does.”

Warning that he planned to reveal more about the way Mr Farage ran the party, Mr Nattrass said: “I’m going to make sure that people know who he is.”

A UKIP source said all candidates were treated equally. Sitting MEPs had to go through the same process as everyone else and were not automatically re-selected.

A spokesman highlighted the failure of Mr Nattrass’ legal challenge, saying: “We are very pleased with the result.

“The judge made it perfectly clear that the system for all candidates was fair, and was designed to be fair.

“We now get on with the job of selecting the best candidates to represent UKIP and the country in the European Parliament.”

Birmingham Post

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UKIP councillor unrepentant over tweet in support of Assad regime

posted by: Adrian Rutherford | on: Monday, 2 September 2013, 14:41

Ukip councillor Henry Reilly

Ukip councillor Henry Reilly

A Northern Ireland councillor has defended his decision to tweet a message of support for Syrian president Bashar Al-Assad.

Ukip representative Henry Reilly wrote: "Support the war on terror – Support Assad – Stop Cameron."

The Kilkeel councillor posted the message at 10.18pm on Thursday as Parliament was debating UK involvement in military action against the regime.

The tweet was later deleted.

Mr Reilly told the Belfast Telegraph that he stood by what he said in the tweet.

Asked why he removed it from his Twitter profile, he replied: "I don't really know."

The UK's joint intelligence committee concluded it is "highly likely" that Assad's regime was responsible for the chemical weapons attacks in Syria which killed hundreds of people.

However, Mr Reilly said he had no regrets about tweeting his support for the dictator.

"No, none at all," he added.

"If you have to make a judgment of who's the best person there – Assad or al-Qaida – then clearly it's going to be Assad.

"I've no problem discussing it – it's not an issue.

"Between Assad and any of the beligerents out there, the obvious choice is Assad."

Yesterday, the tweet had been taken down.

Mr Reilly was unable to explain why he felt the need to remove the message if he stood by its contents.

"I went through the whole lot and I took down loads of stuff."

Mr Reilly also rejected suggestions that Syria's human rights record was a case for intervention.

"Well, if we're doing that then why don't we go in and take out (Zimbabwe's president Robert) Mugabe?" he added.

"You can't do that. If you're going to be responsible on an international basis you have to try the same criteria right across the globe.

"We are trading with China, we are doing all sorts of things with people who aren't particularly nice. That is the way of the world.

"Would you think Libya is better without Gadaffi, is Iraq better without Saddam?

"That's the way you have to look at things – what is best for people."

Mr Reilly is a member of Newry and Mourne District Council, and has served the area since 1989.

The Ukip representative caused controversy earlier this year after branding journalists as "Provos" during a council meeting.

Mr Reilly made the comments during a debate on strip-searching in prisons.

While speaking in the third person, he said: "The Press, looking at Reilly with disgust when he talks, they are Provos, too, probably."

In response to a request from fellow councillors he declined to fully withdraw the remarks, and Mr Reilly said: "I haven't called the Press ... any particular journalist a Provo. I will make generalised statements that some papers have a nationalist/republican bias.

"It is a commonly held perception among the unionist community."

Mr Reilly later said the remarks were not directed at any journalist present at the meeting.

Belfast Telegraph


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