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Qui Cum Canibus Concumbunt Cum Pulicibus Surgent.

posted by: Simon Cressy | on: Sunday, 28 September 2014, 12:18

Reckless With Claudia Bryan/Dalgleish

Reckless With Claudia Bryan/Dalgleish

No doubt a lot of the readers of this blog will be perplexed by the Latin title of this blog.

Qui Cum Canibus Concumbunt Cum Pulicibus Surgent is widely attributed to Benjamin Franklin's "Poor Richard's Almanack" a yearly best selling journal published by the noted American statesman.

Translated into English "He that lieth down with dogs shall rise up with fleas" meaning "You should be cautious of the company you keep. Associating with those of low reputation may not only lower your own but also lead you astray by the faulty assumptions, premises and data of the unscrupulous."

Franklin's statement can be applied to Mark Reckless MP who announced at UKIP's party conference in Doncaster yesterday that he was defecting from The Conservative Party to UKIP, resigning his seat and forcing a by election in his Rochester constituency.

By joining the xenophobes of UKIP, Reckless has displayed he has poor judgement with the company he keeps, however, this wouldn't be the first time.

Claudia with Nick Griffin

Claudia with Nick Griffin

Reckless has been seen keeping the company of South African adult model Claudia Bryan aka Dalgleish on a number of occasions. This is the same Claudia Bryan who was once one of Nick Griffin's close confidantes and was also the partner of London BNP Organiser, pornographer and supplier of date-rape drugs, Steve Squire.

The South African model hit the headlines in 2012 when she claimed that BNP leader Nick Griffin exposed himself to her in a car park of a Kent Indian restaurant.

Bryan/Dalgleish is also known for the occasional spot of anti Semitism as well.

Claudi: Anti Semitic

Claudi: Anti Semitic

Welcome to UKIP Mark Reckless, I'm sure your fleas will be very welcome.

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Gay UKIP MEP David Coburn calls Scottish Tory leader a ‘fat lesbian’

posted by: Nick Duffy | on: Friday, 26 September 2014, 16:15

Gay UKIP MEP David Coburn has labelled Ruth Davidson, the leader of the Scottish Conservative party, a “fat lesbian”.

Mr Coburn, who is UKIP’s most prominent gay politician but opposes same-sex marriage, managed to clinch the party’s first seat in Scotland during May’s European elections.

According to the Daily Record, he was overheard on a train ripping into other Scottish politicians, labelling Ms Davidson a “fat lesbian” and Scottish Labour leader Johann Lamont a “fish wife”.

He added: “Voting Green is a cult like Scientology or something.”

When challenged by the newspaper, he said: “I’m a fat Scotsman, there so. I don’t recall any of this.”

A UKIP spokesperson also brushed off the claims, adding: “David Coburn has no recollection of the alleged conversation.”

Mr Coburn is no stranger to controversial remarks, claiming earlier this month that the Scottish National Party’s electoral tactics are “fascist”, comparing Alex Salmond to Robert Mugabe.

He has previously claimed that “neo-right” activists are to blame for same-sex marriage, which he says“breeds” homophobia.

Ruth Davidson, the leader of the Conservative Party in Scotland, responded to homophobic comments on social media during an independence debate earlier this month.

She said: “While I am not overly affected by it, I think it is important that young LGBT people know that they don’t have to just accept the kind of hate words which are thrown about online and which are unacceptable.”

Mr Coburn, who was previously the party’s London regional chairman, declared that same-sex marriage was “unnecessary” while writing for PinkNews in 2012.

Pink News

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Nigel Farage accused of exploiting child abuse issue for political gain

posted by: Rajeev Syal | on: Friday, 26 September 2014, 09:49

The father of the main prosecution witness in Britain’s biggest child sex grooming scandal has accused Nigel Farage of exploiting the issue for political gain as the UK Independence party attempts to unseat Labour in a Manchester byelection.

The man, known as Tom, whose daughter’s testimony led to the prosecution of nine Asian men and an overhaul of Crown Prosecution Service rules, said that the anti-federalist party had resorted to British National party-style tactics while campaigning to win Heywood and Middleton in Greater Manchester.

The town of Heywood, where Tom lives, was at the centre of the Rochdale scandal, after a sex-trafficking gang of men of mainly Pakistani origin were found to have preyed on at least 47 girls, all of whom were white.

Statements issued by Farage and leaflets distributed by his party have blamed Labour’s “love affair” with “immigration, political correctness and multiculturalism” for the betrayal of “white working-class girls”.

The byelection, due to be held on 9 October, was triggered when the veteran Labour MP Jim Dobbin died this month. Labour figures are concerned that Ukip could overturn the party’s 5,500 majority.

Tom said Farage should stop adding to the distress of local families. “I find it abhorrent that Ukip are trying to make political gains from this and use it as a tool. It is not what my family wants.

“Ukip have rarely mentioned child abuse before they came here. It is obvious why they are mentioning it now. It’s for the game.”

Farage visited the constituency this month and told the media: “Just look at the local grooming scandal. This is a prime example of the local authority failing to protect vulnerable residents because the people in power were more afraid of being seen as racist.”

Two leaflets distributed by the party in the campaign have highlighted the grooming scandal as evidence of Labour’s “betrayal of the working classes because of political correctness”.

Tom was moved to speak to the Guardian about Ukip’s tactics after receiving the leaflets through this door. To heap blame on “political correctness” did not fully explain the many reasons why the abuse was allowed to continue, he said. “Its a complex issue about the police, the Crown Prosecution Service and social services, all turning a blind eye. It’s not all about political correctness, although it was a factor.”

Tom moved to an estate in Heywood during the credit crunch.

He first noticed that his eldest daughter, when she was 14, was becoming difficult and unruly. Over a matter of weeks, her behaviour declined as she began to swear and occasionally came home drunk.

In August of that year, Tom and his wife were told by police that their daughter had damaged a restaurant.

While being interviewed, she told detectives how she had been plied with drugs and drink and repeatedly raped by men of Pakistani origin.

She told the detectives that the perpetrators worked in the takeaway trade or as taxi drivers. The gang offered gifts to girls, won their trust and then forced them to have sex.

Some victims were driven between Rochdale, Oldham, Bradford and elsewhere to have sex with men for money.

The Crown Prosecution Service decided not to prosecute in 2009 despite DNA evidence linking the 56-year-old owner of a local kebab shop to the rape of Tom’s daughter. Prosecutors said at the time they doubted whether the girl would be a credible witness.

Distressed by the CPS’s decision, Tom felt drawn to the British National party. He was convinced that they could offer a valid explanation for his daughter’s abuse – that Pakistani men had been allowed to get away with this because of political correctness. However, he soon found he could no longer stomach their hatred of people based on race.

He said: “My mother suffered from Alzheimers but every time she went wandering off, it was Pakistani people who brought her home. You don’t forget that.”

The language that Tom heard used by the BNP was now being used by Farage, he said. “They are the same tactics. Farage doesn’t blame the race of people, he gives national attributes, he thinks that is okay. But there is a fine line.”

At the last election Ukip won just 1,200 votes in Heywood and Middleton, while the BNP received 3,000. With the collapse of the BNP as a party, Ukip can now expect to get most of the combined vote.

The Conservatives’ vote in 2010 was 27.2% of the electorate. Neither Labour nor Ukip expect the Tories to run a strong campaign, which could leave the way for a Ukip surge.

The party’s distinctive purple colour adorns its campaign headquarters on Heywood’s main street, a quarter of a mile from the kebab shop where Tom’s daughter was abused, and a mile from Tom’s home.

Ukip’s candidate, John Bickley, a businessman with historic connections to the area, acknowledged that the issue of grooming was an issue that regularly came up on the doorstep as he canvassed support for the party.

“It is an issue, but immigration and the fact that we are not part of the Westminster establishment are also big here,” he said, whilst pushing leaflets through the doors of houses.

A Survation poll commissioned by Ukip across the constituency has shown that immigration is the top political concern, their activists have claimed.

Labour insiders have grown increasingly concerned by the response they receive on the doorstep. Their candidate, Liz McInnes, a Unite member and NHS biochemist, is fighting her first byelection.

If Ukip’s tactics are successful, there are other seats linked to grooming in Rochdale, Derby, Manchester and Oxford, which would be seen vulnerable.

Toby Perkins, the MP for Chesterfield who successfully fought off a Ukip challenge from Bickley in a byelection in Wythenshawe this year, has taken charge of the campaign.

Simon Danczuk, the Labour MP for Rochdale who has campaigned for greater transparency around child sex abuse, has been drafted in to help.

“Ukip are a genuine threat and people across the party are working hard to fight them street by street,” said Danczuk.

Following pressure on the CPS at the dropped prosecution, Tom’s daughter gave evidence against the gang in 2012 as witness A. Her testimony led to nine men being jailed for up to 21 years each for charges relating to grooming and the abuse of children. About a dozen more grooming cases involving gangs across the UK are under investigation.

Tom said that he continued to wrestle with the truth of his daughter’s abuse and the knowledge that other abusers had not been caught. “It is hard to go into town and not know if the bloke standing in front of you in a queue has raped your daughter,” he said.

His eldest daughter has moved away to study at university, and they talk everyday. He is glad she is not in Heywood to witness the current Ukip campaign.

“She has hope. We are not giving up,” he said.

Tom’s name has been changed to protect his daughter’s identity

The Guardian

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Former UKIP Deputy Leader Calls For Sections Of Koran To Be Banned

posted by: Simon Cressy | on: Wednesday, 17 September 2014, 10:07

Former UKIP deputy leader Lord Christopher Monckton, has called upon the USA to ban certain sections of the Koran and to make reading them aloud illegal.

Monckton, who is UKIP's chief spokesperson on climate change wrote in his regular column for conspiracy website World Net Daily:

“Nearly all acts of terrorism perpetrated throughout the world in the past quarter of a century were carried out by Muslims in the name of Allah”

“One does not need to look any further than their “holy” book, the Koran.”

“Craven public authorities have failed to act against the circulation of the Koran in its present form because they fear a violent backlash” .

Mockton called for the authorities to ban the sections of the Koran that call for violence against nonbelievers.

Continuing he wrote:

“A bill should be brought before Congress identifying all passages in the Koran which, whether in isolation or taken together, constitute incitement to murder.”

He went on, “The bill should specify that anyone who reads any of these passages out loud is to be charged with that crime and, if convicted, subjected to the usual penalty for it –- a long prison term.”

"Censoring these passages of the Koran will neutralize the book’s radicalizing effects on young Muslims"

“The prominent part played by the Koran in the radicalization of young Muslims so that they become willing to murder their own fellow citizens demands that we act at once,”

"Before its dangerous influence incites the loss of any more innocent lives. The Koran as it now stands is illegal.”

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UKIP Supporter's View On Islam

posted by: Simon Cressy | on: Sunday, 14 September 2014, 20:24

Peter Barnes

Peter Barnes

Peter Barnes, a UKIP supporter from the Harrow area made this revolting post on a pro UKIP supporting Facebook page.

Is there any wonder why people label UKIP and their followers as racist ?

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Nigel Farage earns the Rupert Murdoch seal of approval in impromptu Manhattan meeting

posted by: Ian Burrell | on: Friday, 5 September 2014, 17:21

Rupert Murdoch’s long history of calculated meddling in British politics has taken a new turn with the media baron calling a snap meeting with Nigel Farage in Manhattan.

In a gesture that will give David Cameron something extra to think about as he attended the NATO summit in Wales, the News Corp boss summoned the Ukip leader to his office for a private discussion.

The talks, which have been confirmed by Ukip, took place after Mr Farage had finished recording interviews at Mr Murdoch’s Fox News television network.

According to website Breitbart London, the Ukip leader’s invitation to meet Mr Murdoch was passed on during an advertisement break by presenter Neil Cavuto with the words: “Sir, the boss wants to see you. The big boss.”

Only a month ago, Mr Murdoch took to Twitter to express disapproval of his daughter Elisabeth’s friendship with the Prime Minister. “Asked is my daughter friend of David Cameron? Don’t know, but hope not.”

The publicity value of the meeting for Mr Farage, will not be lost on either the Ukip leader or the News Corp boss. Alex Salmond, the SNP leader, acknowledged the continued importance of the media baron’s support in an interview with GQmagazine in April in which he described Mr Murdoch as “a remarkable man”. On Twitter, Rupert has cheered Mr Salmond on in his political jousting with the Prime Minister, describing the SNP leader as “clearly most brilliant politician in UK” and “Loved by Scots”.

Mr Farage is said to have held “lengthy talks” with Mr Murdoch in after going to the Fox studios in the middle of the day to prerecord interviews with both Mr Cavuto, who is a well known business news presenter, and Sean Hannity, one of America’s best-known right-wing talk show hosts.

Ukip sources confirmed Mr Farage had met the News Corp boss but said it was “a purely private conversation between the two”. Interest in Ukip has grown in the US following the defection to the party of Tory MP Douglas Carswell. Mr Farage is in America to learn more about the latest electioneering issues, including canvassing techniques. He has also built some media opportunities into his itinerary. Mr Hannity has been a supporter of the Tea Party, the conservative political movement with which Ukip shares a sense of being “overtaxed, overgoverned, not being listened to”, according to Mr Farage.

Mr Murdoch’s latest intervention in Westminster affairs, just ahead of the Scottish referendum vote and not long before a General Election, follows a tradition of his sounding out the merits of British politicians. Tony Blair, once greatly admired by Mr Murdoch, took up an invitation to address News Corp executives at a conference in Pebble Beach, California, in 2006 while still serving as Prime Minister. The pair later fell out after Mr Blair enjoyed secret weekends with the tycoon’s wife Wendi Deng at the Murdoch ranch.

The Murdoch press likes to think it has played a king-making role in previous UK elections, helping to propel Mr Blair to power in 1997 while thwarting the ambitions of Neil Kinnock in 1992 and Gordon Brown in 2010.

The Independent

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Farage & Fox News, A Marriage Made In Heaven

posted by: Simon Cressy | on: Thursday, 4 September 2014, 21:18

I've mentioned before that I am a news junkie, It goes with the job I suppose but I do try and keep a close watch on as many media outlets as possible.

Contrary to that fact however I am not a huge fan of the US channel Fox News. If I want accurate information I try to skip past that channel in favour of one of the many alternatives.

One criticism of Fox News is that they have a bias favoring the right wing and the Republican Party. So it should come as no real surprise that they are attempting to cosy up to UKIP leader Nigel Farage at the moment.

I was alerted to the fact that Nigel Farage was interviewed this week on the Neil Cavuto show, so with that in mind I begrudgingly found the video on Youtube, it was everything I expected it to be.

Neil Cavuto aside from being a news anchor for the channel is also the senior vice president and managing editor for both FOX News Channel and Fox Business Network.

Cavuto started the interview by playing up to Farage's huge ego by telling him that some people are saying Farage could be the next Prime Minister of the UK.

Who are these "people"? They obviously have little grasp on reality. Maybe Cavuto and his chums need reminding that Farage & UKIP have zero MP's at the moment.

The main subject of the interview revolved around The Islamic State, the self-proclaimed caliphate spanning large parts of Syria and Iraq.

Like Cavuto, Farage seems to be lacking when it comes to facts, with the UKIP leader telling the audience that the Syrian rebels whom the West have been supporting in their fight against the Assad regime have now become the very same people fighting in the ranks of ISIS.

Whilst it is true that some of the rebel groups are sympathetic to the Islamic State and have joined the ranks of ISIS, Farage fails to mention the large numbers of The Free Syrian Army along with the Syrian Kurds who are fighting both Assad and the extremists of ISIS at the same time.

Prompted by Cavuto, Farage talks about increased radicalisation in the UK, which he claims is self inflicted in his words "following four decades of state sponsored multi culturalism".

Worse was yet to come, when asked by Cavuto why the UK had raised the terror threat to the UK to “severe”, the second-highest level because of the growing activity of Islamist groups such as ISIS, Farage attempted to link the security alert to the recent defection of Tory MP Douglas Carswell to UKIP, insinuating that it could possibly be a diversionary tactic to deflect attention away from the right wing MP.

Cavuto ends the interview with another cringeworthy boost to Farage's ego, describing him as "Maggie Thatcher with a tie"...

Is that supposed to be a compliment ?

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