Turning the tide in Thurrock

During the 2015 General Election there were a number of key battleground constituencies where we feared UKIP might make a breakthrough. One of the highest…

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Exclusive: Nick Griffin latest to be expelled from Hungary

Following on from yesterday’s exclusive that Jim Dowson has been told to leave Hungary, we can confirm that Nick Griffin, former BNP leader and MEP,…

25/05/2017 - Matthew Collins
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Exclusive: Jim Dowson expelled from Hungary

News is just coming out of Hungary – now confirmed, that Jim Dowson has been told to leave the country. According to the Ministry of Interior, the…

24/05/2017 - Matthew Collins
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After Manchester – How Do We Go Forwards?

Britain is still reeling from the dreadful attack in Manchester on Monday night. The indiscriminate killing of children is inexcusable and has stoked (understandable) anger,…

24/05/2017 - Nick Lowles
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