The “alt-right” explained

With the rise of Donald Trump, the world’s news media turned its gaze towards a new far-right movement calling itself the alt-right. Despite having roots…

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Lucky Lawrence: His Facebook mates are even more racist

Lucky news for Lawrence Burns yesterday, when his four year sentence for inciting racial hatred was reduced at the Court of Appeal in London. Three judges…

08/09/2017 - Matthew Collins
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National Front boss complains we’re making them look silly

The leader of the National Front (NF) in Wales, has complained that HOPE not hate is making Britain’s fascists and Nazis look “silly”. Adam Lloyd,…

12/08/2017 - Matthew Collins
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Watching porn: How Collett uncovered a Jewish Conspiracy

Readers may recall Mark Collett. He’s a positively and fantastically (if not hilariously), famous British fascist. He’s also a font. Of all knowledge. It’s fair…

11/08/2017 - Matthew Collins
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