Report: Top German officials on terror suspects hit list

Investigations into a far-right terror plot in the Bundeswehr have led to another arrest, officials said. The soldier is suspected of working with Franco A….

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Latest scandal puts spotlight on possible extremist views in the Bundeswehr

An alleged far-right terror plot continues to rock the German military and pile pressure on the defense minister. Some are asking whether officials looked the…

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Emmanuel Macron becomes President of France with 66%. What next for Marine Le Pen?

Despite fears that the leader of the Front National (FN) could win, the figures bring us back to (the best of) reality. Marine Le Pen…

09/05/2017 - Jean-Yves Camus
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Analysis: The French Republic is alive, vive la République!

Read the original article here. The challenges are immense, and the task awaiting the new president looks laborious — the country is fractured, and the…

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