Is UKIP embracing conspiratorial anti-Muslim prejudice on the doorstep?

UKIP literature bearing the troubling marks of anti-Muslim ‘counter-jihad’ (CJ) ideology has been pushed through doors in Medway, Kent, as the country is still raw and…

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UKIP unveils anti-Muslim manifesto

Despite all major parties postponing national campaigning until tomorrow, UKIP chose to launch its manifesto ahead of the minute’s silence at 11am this morning. And while…

25/05/2017 - David Lawrence
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Online alt-right to use facial recognition to track anti-fascists

The sub-forum “/pol/” on the anonymous image-sharing site 4Chan has become intimately associated with the so-called ‘alt-right’, along with its less extreme – although still…

22/05/2017 - Simon Murdoch
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The Times Square Tragedy: conspiratorial far right pushes anti-Islam narrative

Late yesterday afternoon a car drove into pedestrians in New York’s Times Square, killing an 18-year-old woman and leaving at least 22 injured. The suspected…

19/05/2017 - Simon Murdoch
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