Help give us the tools to challenge hate

This is set to be a crucial year.

Donald Trump has become President of the United States, Britain is beginning the process of leaving the European Union. Far-right politicians will be vying for power in crucial elections across the Continent.

Make no mistake: these are febrile times. Anxiety is growing across our communities and prejudice and fear is being whipped up by hate groups and demagogues.

That’s why there has never been a more important time for HOPE not hate.

Challenging hate in our communities, at the ballot box and on social media requires money. That’s why we are asking you, our supporters, to make a small but regular contribution to help us do that difficult job.

During 2016 we produced exposés on the largest KKK group in America, we pushed the biggest ever voter registration drive at young people and we engaged with thousands of people across communities across the UK to help heal divisions caused by Brexit and Jo Cox’s murder.

Your support can help us keep that effort going.

With the wider political landscape changing for the worse, HOPE rather than hate is needed more than ever.

You have always been there for us in the past. I hope I can count on your support again.

Thank you, Nick

Nick Lowles

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